1Started Nov 1999 by Kanoj Sarcar <>
   3What is NUMA?
   5This question can be answered from a couple of perspectives:  the
   6hardware view and the Linux software view.
   8From the hardware perspective, a NUMA system is a computer platform that
   9comprises multiple components or assemblies each of which may contain 0
  10or more CPUs, local memory, and/or IO buses.  For brevity and to
  11disambiguate the hardware view of these physical components/assemblies
  12from the software abstraction thereof, we'll call the components/assemblies
  13'cells' in this document.
  15Each of the 'cells' may be viewed as an SMP [symmetric multi-processor] subset
  16of the system--although some components necessary for a stand-alone SMP system
  17may not be populated on any given cell.   The cells of the NUMA system are
  18connected together with some sort of system interconnect--e.g., a crossbar or
  19point-to-point link are common types of NUMA system interconnects.  Both of
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