1The EtherWORKS 3  driver in this distribution is  designed to  work with all
   2kernels   >  1.1.33   (approx)  and  includes  tools   in  the  'ewrk3tools'
   3subdirectory   to  allow  set   up of   the   card,  similar  to  the  MSDOS
   4'NICSETUP.EXE' tools provided on  the DOS drivers  disk (type 'make' in that
   5subdirectory to make the tools).
   7The supported  cards are DE20 ,  DE204 class="line" name="L3">   3subdldL5">   5subdir246ll
	  desi3">   3NOTL7" id="L7" class="line" name="L7">   7The8support8d  cards are DE20 ,  D8204 c8"Docum name="L- d="si3twong/ewdepca.cng/ewr>
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   7The1nels   &1gt;  1.1.33   (approx) 1 and 12ass="linabilitnetwoload  all
   7The1director1y   to  allow  set   up1 of  1the  us="Ltypensrk liladurL7"g/ewraork wiatik lopass=ntao savng/eose olo7"greboo#L5" id="L5" class="line" name="L5">   5sub19;NICSET1UP.EXE' tools provi1ded o1  thesequencext# To "Dolise all
   5sub1director1y to make the tools).
<1a hre15txt#L7" id="L7" class="line" name="L7">   7The1 href="D1ocumentation/networking1/ewrk1.txt#_con0) havnga copy hre/ewrloadable modules code39;spall#39; iyour system#L6" id="L6" class="line" name="L6">   6

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   7The3director3y to make the tools).
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   7The4 href="D4ocumentation/networking4/ewrk4.txt#DaveL6" id="L6" class="line" name="L6">   6
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