v/spa v/form va href="../linux+v3.7.5/Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000"> vimg src="../.sta13c/gfx/right.png" alt=">>"> v/spa vspa class="lxr_search"> vinput typtiohidden" namtionavtarget" vinput typtiotext" namtiosearch" idiosearch"> vbutt.13typtiosubmit">Search Prefs v/a> v/spa v/div vform ac13" ="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;"> vinput typtiohidden" namtioajax_lookup" idioajax_lookup" v/form vdiv class="headingbott.m">
va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L1" idioL1" class="line" namtioL1"> 1v/a>Kernel driver ucd9000 va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L2" idioL2" class="line" namtioL2"> 2v/a>===================== va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L3" idioL3" class="line" namtioL3"> 3v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L4" idioL4" class="line" namtioL4"> 4v/a>Supported chips: va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L5" idioL5" class="line" namtioL5"> 5v/a> * TI UCD90120, UCD90124, UCD9090, and UCD90910 va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L6" idioL6" class="line" namtioL6"> 6v/a> Prefixes: 'ucd90120', 'ucd90124', 'ucd9090', 'ucd90910' va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L7" idioL7" class="line" namtioL7"> 7v/a> Addresses scanned: - va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L8" idioL8" class="line" namtioL8"> 8v/a> Datasheets: va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L9" idioL9" class="line" namtioL9"> 9v/a> va href="">> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L10" idioL10" class="line" namtioL10"> ue="a> va href="">> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L11" idioL11" class="line" namtioL11"> 11="a> va href="">> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L12" idioL12" class="line" namtioL12"> 12="a> va href="">> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L13" idioL13" class="line" namtioL13"> 13v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L14" idioL14" class="line" namtioL14"> 14v/a>Author: Guenter Roeck <> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L15" idioL15" class="line" namtioL15"> 15v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L16" idioL16" class="line" namtioL16"> 16v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L17" idioL17" class="line" namtioL17"> 17v/a>Descri.13" va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L18" idioL18" class="line" namtioL18"> 18v/a>----------- va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L19" idioL19" class="line" namtioL19"> 19v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L20" idioL20" class="line" namtioL20"> 2e="a>From datasheets: va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L21" idioL21" class="line" namtioL21"> 21v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L22" idioL22" class="line" namtioL22"> 22="a>The UCD90120 Power Supply Sequencer and System Health Monitor monitors and va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L23" idioL23" class="line" namtioL23"> 23v/a>sequences up to 12 independent voltage rails. The device integrates a 12-bit va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L24" idioL24" class="line" namtioL24"> 24v/a>ADC with a 2.5V internal reference for monitoring up to 13 power supply voltage, va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L25" idioL25" class="line" namtioL25"> 25v/a>current, or temperature inputs. va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L26" idioL26" class="line" namtioL26"> 26v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L27" idioL27" class="line" namtioL27"> 27="a>The UCD90124 is a 12-rail PMBus/I2C addressable power-supply sequencer and va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L28" idioL28" class="line" namtioL28"> 28v/a>system-health monitor. The device integrates a 12-bit ADC for monitoring up to va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L29" idioL29" class="line" namtioL29"> 29v/a>13 power-supply voltage, current, or temperature inputs. Twenty-six GPIO pins va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L30" idioL30" class="line" namtioL30"> 3e="a>can be used for power supply enables, power-on reset signals, external va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L31" idioL31" class="line" namtioL31"> 31v/a>interrupts, cascading, or other system func13" s. Twelve of these pins offer PWM va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L32" idioL32" class="line" namtioL32"> 32="a>func13" ality. Using these pins, the UCD90124 offers support for fa control, va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L33" idioL33" class="line" namtioL33"> 33v/a>margining, and general-purpose PWM func13" s. va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L34" idioL34" class="line" namtioL34"> 34v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L35" idioL35" class="line" namtioL35"> 35="a>The UCD9090 is a 10-rail PMBus/I2C addressable power-supply sequencer and va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L36" idioL36" class="line" namtioL36"> 36v/a>monitor. The device integrates a 12-bit ADC for monitoring up to 10 power-supply va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L37" idioL37" class="line" namtioL37"> 37="a>voltage inputs. Twenty-three GPIO pins can be used for power supply enables, va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L38" idioL38" class="line" namtioL38"> 38v/a>power-on reset signals, external interrupts, cascading, or other system va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L39" idioL39" class="line" namtioL39"> 39="a>func13" s. Ten of these pins offer PWM func13" ality. Using these pins, the va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L40" idioL40" class="line" namtioL40"> 4e="a>UCD9090 offers support for margining, and general-purpose PWM func13" s. va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L41" idioL41" class="line" namtioL41"> 41v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L42" idioL42" class="line" namtioL42"> 42="a>The UCD90910 is a ten-rail I2C / PMBus addressable power-supply sequencer and va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L43" idioL43" class="line" namtioL43"> 43v/a>system-health monitor. The device integrates a 12-bit ADC for monitoring up to va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L44" idioL44" class="line" namtioL44"> 44v/a>13 power-supply voltage, current, or temperature inputs. va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L45" idioL45" class="line" namtioL45"> 45v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L46" idioL46" class="line" namtioL46"> 46="a>This driver is a client driver to the core PMBus driver. Please see va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L47" idioL47" class="line" namtioL47"> 47v/a>Documenta13" /hwm" /pmbus for details on PMBus client drivers. va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L48" idioL48" class="line" namtioL48"> 48v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L49" idioL49" class="line" namtioL49"> 49v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L50" idioL50" class="line" namtioL50"> 5e="a>Usage Notes va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L51" idioL51" class="line" namtioL51"> 51v/a>----------- va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L52" idioL52" class="line" namtioL52"> 52v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L53" idioL53" class="line" namtioL53"> 53="a>This driver does not auto-detect devices. You will have to instantiate the va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L54" idioL54" class="line" namtioL54"> 54v/a>devices explicitly. Please see Documenta13" /i2c/instantiating-devices for va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L55" idioL55" class="line" namtioL55"> 55v/a>details. va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L56" idioL56" class="line" namtioL56"> 56v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L57" idioL57" class="line" namtioL57"> 57v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L58" idioL58" class="line" namtioL58"> 58v/a>Platform data support va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L59" idioL59" class="line" namtioL59"> 59v/a>--------------------- va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L60" idioL60" class="line" namtioL60"> 60v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L61" idioL61" class="line" namtioL61"> 61="a>The driver supports standard PMBus driver platform data. Please see va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L62" idioL62" class="line" namtioL62"> 62v/a>Documenta13" /hwm" /pmbus for details. va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L63" idioL63" class="line" namtioL63"> 63v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L64" idioL64" class="line" namtioL64"> 64v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L65" idioL65" class="line" namtioL65"> 65v/a>Sysfs entries va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L66" idioL66" class="line" namtioL66"> 66v/a>------------- va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L67" idioL67" class="line" namtioL67"> 67v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L68" idioL68" class="line" namtioL68"> 68="a>The following attributes are supported. Limits are read-write; all other va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L69" idioL69" class="line" namtioL69"> 69v/a>attributes are read-only. va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L70" idioL70" class="line" namtioL70"> 70v/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L71" idioL71" class="line" namtioL71"> 71v/a>in[1-12]_label "vout[1-12]". va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L72" idioL72" class="line" namtioL72"> 72v/a>in[1-12]_input Measured voltage. From READ_VOUT register. va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L73" idioL73" class="line" namtioL73"> 73v/a>in[1-12]_min Minimum Voltage. From VOUT_UV_WARN_LIMIT register. va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L74" idioL74" class="line" namtioL74"> 74v/a>in[1-12]_max Maximum voltage. From VOUT_OV_WARN_LIMIT register. va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L75" idioL75" class="line" namtioL75"> 75v/a>in[1-12]_lcrit Critical minimum Voltage. VOUT_UV_FAULT_LIMIT register. va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L76" idioL76" class="line" namtioL76"> 76v/a>in[1-12]_crit Critical maximum voltage. From VOUT_OV_FAULT_LIMIT register. va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L77" idioL77" class="line" namtioL77"> 77v/a>in[1-12]_min_alarm Voltage low alarm. From VOLTAGE_UV_WARNING status. va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L78" idioL78" class="line" namtioL78"> 78v/a>in[1-12]_max_alarm Voltage high alarm. From VOLTAGE_/a>in[1-12]_max_alarm Voltage high alarm. From VOLTAGE_/a>in[1-12]_max_alarm Voltage high alarm. From VOLTAGE_/a>in[1-12]_max_alarm Voltage high alarm. From VOLTAGE_/a>in[6612]_max_alarm Voltage high alarm. Fross="line" namtio62#L71" idioL71" class="line" namtioL71"> 79ritical maximum voVoltage hi alarm. cOLTAGE_U2]_max_alarm Voltage hument Voltage high alarm. Fross="line" namtio62#8ta13" /h8m" /ucd9000#L72" idioL78" cla80 Voltage low aVoltage hig alarm. cOLTAGE_UFrom VOLTAGE_/a>in[6612]_maxument Voltage high alarm. Fross="line" namtio62#8 M8asured voltage. From RE8D_VOU8m" /ucd9000#L43" idioL43" class="line" namti8a>in[1-18]_min Minimu8 Volt827"> 27=er. va href="Documen00#L73im" /ucd9000#L73" idioL73" class="line" namtioL73"> 73v8"> 74v/8>in[1-12]_max 8 Maxi837"> 27=er. va UV_WARN_LIMITegister. 46="a>="Documenta1I" /hwm" /ucd9000#L74" idioL74" class="line" namtioL78"> 75v/8>in[1-12]_lcrit 8 Crit847"> 27=er. va ltage. VOUT_UFAULT_LI 46="a>="DocumIef="DC="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L76" idioL76" class="line" nam8ioL76"> 876v/a>in[1-12]_crit 8 857"> 27=er. va how alarm. Frm VOUT_OV_FAULT_Lm" _WAR 46="a>="DocumIef="UCcumenta13" //ucd9000#L76" idioL76" class="line" nam8 namtioL87"> 77v/a>in[1-12]_min8alarm8canned: ---------------------3" /hwm" /ucd9000#L76" idioL76" class="line" nam8"> 78v/8>in[1-12]_max_alarm 8 Volt877"> 27=er. va ow alarm. FroVOLTAGE_UV_WARNIN 46="a>="DocumIef="DC=umenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L78" idioL78" class="line" namtioL78d90120.pddf">[1-1887"> 27=er. va ltaVoltage hiC46="a>UFrom VOLTAGE_/a>iIef="DC="Docrm Voltage high alarm. Fross="line" namtio62#871" idio871" class="line" namtio871"> 897"> 27=er. va ow aVoltage hC46="a>UcOLTAGE_UFrom VOLTAGE_/a>iIef="DC=ument Voltage high alarm. Fross="line" namtio62#9ta13" /h9m" /ucd9000#L72" idioL79" cla9s="line" namtioL72"> 72v/a>in[1-12]_input 9 M9asured voltage. From RE9D_VOU91anned: ---------------------Fumeeachhwm" /ucd9up tox, ei /hwm interruume 46="a> iDocumenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L68" idioL689a>in[1-19]_min Minimu9 Volt92anned: ---------------------3"idioL7, ucdnstanb70v. Ifm interruume 46="a> iDocumenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L68" idioL689"> 74v/9>in[1-12]_max 9 Maxi93anned: ---------------------3"idioL7 to 13 a> vaumenthipass=figur/ucd9ltage high alarm. Fross="line" namtio62#9"> 75v/9>in[1-12]_lcrit 9 Crit9------- va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd90009ioL76"> 976v/a>in[1-12]_crit 9 957"> driver.UT_UV_WARN_LIMIT egister. driver is as="Documenta1TEMPERATURE_1m" /ucd9000#L44" idioL44" class="line" namt9 namtioL97"> 77v/a>in[1-12]_min9alarm9canned: ---------------------enta1TEMPERATURE_2hwm" /ucdoltage high alarm. Fross="line" namtio62#9"> 78v/9>in[1-12]_max_alarm 9 Volt977"> driver.UT_ltage. VOUT_UVFAULT_LIdriver is a="DocumOT="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L76" idioL76" class="line" nam9d90120.p9df">http://focus.ti.com9n[1-1987"> driver.UT_m voltage. From VOUT_OVFrom driver is a="DocumOT=umenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L78" idioL78" class="line" namtioL799000#L10"" idioL10" class="line" 71"> 997"> driver.UT_ltaVoltage higTriver is a From VOLTAG4.pdfv/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /uccd9000#L111" idioL11" class="line" " cl" "7"> driver.UT_m voVoltage hiTriver is a cOLTAGE_UFrom VOLTAG4.pdfv/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /uc9000#L12"0 idioL12" class="line" n01 cl" m" /ucd9000#L43" idioL43" class="line" namti10cd9000#L103" idioL13" class="line"02 cl" pose Paolta4T_UV_WARN_LIMIT rFan RPMG4.pdfv/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /uc="Documen0ta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L1503 cl" 3ose Paolta4T_oltage highIT rFan VOLTAG4.pdfv/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /uc="Documen0ta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L1604 cl" 4ose Paolta4T_faulARN_LIMIT rFan faulAG4.pdfv/a> va href="Documenta13" /hwm" /uc namtioL107"> 17v/a>Descri.13" v05 cl" ="Documenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L18" idioL18" c0lass="lin0e" namtioL18"> 18v/a>--06 cl" canned: ---------------------Fan Vin[1-12]_label availo va valine"70" idioingumenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L18" idioL18" c0 idioL19"0 class="line" namtioL19"07 cl" 7anned: --------------------- class="lin (d90910' va h10). Am" /ucd9uef="_labeumenta13" /hwm" /ucd9000#L18" idioL18" c0lass="lin0e" namtioL20"> 2e="a>Fr08 cl" 8anned: ---------------------creaoL7 cume/ucd90d- cloltage high alarm. Fross="line" namtio62#1021" class0="line" namtioL21"> 21v09 cl" 9anned: ---------------------="Doaumat evevaumouom ntegratesmenta13" ocumenta1 clo0#L39" idioL39" class="line" namtioL39">1ucd9000#L111" idioL11" class="line"" nam1ioL11"> 11="aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ocumenfou4" cl_label 46="a>ment" idioL70#L39" idioL39" class="line" namtioL39">1u9000#L12" idioL12" class="line" na1 cl"L12"> 1v/a>KerioL12" fo"Dor"> ocumorigipinsLXR softwabelbyaumen> va href="">LXR community2"> cd90id9000eri clasl 13" ">bya> va">lxr@eturn.no2"> . "> 1va>KerioL12" subfo"Dor"> kp tmenhosoL7 bya> va href="">Rr.pill Ltupro AS2"> cdprovidhwmof Ltuuxass=s="l" /hwn7 ver ien-r serf="Docsi /uc1995. "> 1v/a/body1va/html37