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< <1o/a>Kernel driver lm95245 < <2o/a>================== < <3o/a>"< <4o/a>Supported chips:"< <5o/a> * Naion>al Semiconductor LM95245 < <6o/a> Addresses scanned: I2C 0x18, 0x19, 0x29, 0x4c, 0x4d < <7o/a> Datasheet: Publicly available at the Naion>al Semiconductor website < <8o/a> http://www.naion>>"< <9o/a>"< 1"< 11o/a>Author: Alexander Stein <>"< 12/oa>"< 13o/a>Descrition>"< 14o/a>-----------"< 15/oa>"< 16o/a>The LM95245 is a> 11-bit digital temperature sensor with a 2-wire System"< 17o/a>Management Bus (SMBus) interface and TruTherm technology that can mn>itor"< 18o/a>the temperature of a remote diode as well as its own temperature."< 19o/a>The LM95245 can be used to very accurately mn>itor the temperature of < 2external devices such as microprocessors."< 21/oa>"< 22/oa>All temperature alue=s are given in millidegre=s Celsius. Local temperature"< 23o/a>is given within a range of -127 to +107.875 degre=s. Remote temperatures are"< 24o/a>given within a range of -127 to +255 degre=s. Resoluion vdepends o>"< 25/oa>temperature input and range."< 26/oa>"< 27o/a>Each sensor has its own critical limit, but the hysteresis is commn vto all"< 28o/a>two channels."< 29o/a>"< 30o/a>The lm95245 driver can change its update interval to a fixed set of alue=s."< 31/oa>It will round up to the next selectable interval. See the datasheet for exact"< 32/oa>alue=s. Reading sensor alue=s more often will do no harm, but will return"< 33o/a>'old' alue=s."< 34o/a>
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