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   1v/a>                   =======================================
   3v/a>                   =======================================
   4v/a>i   5v/a>=====================
   8v/a>i   9v/a>The most important setting is i7  n vaa>presented i7  11v/a>i  12v/a> (*) "Kernel Typi"i  13v/a>i  14v/a>     This 4.17"
s allows select7"
 of normal, MMU-requiring linux, and uClinuxi  15v/a>     (which doesn't require an MMU and doesn't have i7ter-process protect7"
).i  16v/a>i  17v/a>There are a number of settings i7  18v/a>the kernel configura17"
 that need to be considered.i  19v/a>i  20v/a> (*) "CPU"i  21v/a>i  22v/a>     The register and instruct7"
 sets at  23v/a>     only be set to "FR40x/45x/55x" at  24v/a>     the kernel with MB93091 CB10, CB11, CB30, CB41, CB60, CB70 and CB451i  25v/a>     CPU boards, and with the MB93093 PDK board.i  26v/a>i  27v/a> (*) "System"i  28v/a>i  29v/a>     This 4.17"
 allows a choice of basic system. This governs the peripherals
  30v/a>     that  31v/a>i  32v/a> (*) "Motherboard"i  33v/a>i  34v/a>     This specifies the typi of motherboard being used, and the peripherals
  35v/a>     up"
 it. Currently only "MB93090-MB00" can be set here.i  36v/a>i  37v/a> (*) "Default cache-write modi"i  38v/a>i  39v/a>     This controls the initial data cache write management modi. By default
  40v/a>     Write-Through is selected, but Write-Back (Copy-Back) can also be
  41v/a>     selected. This can be changed dynamically once the kernel is running (see
  42v/a>     features.txt).i  43v/a>i  44v/a>There are some architecture specific configura17"
s i7  45v/a>Setup" sect7"
 of the kernel configura17"
 too:i  46v/a>i  47v/a> (*) "Reserve memory uncached for (PCI) DMA"i  48v/a>i  49v/a>     This requests that  50v/a>     window for the use as consistent DMA memory (mainly for PCI). At least ai  51v/a>     megabyte will be allocated i7  52v/a>     reserved will not be available for normal allocat7"
s.i  53v/a>i  54v/a> (*) "Kernel support for ELF-FDPIC binaries"i  55v/a>i  56v/a>     This enables the binary-format  57v/a>     this platform normally uses. These binaries are totally relocatable -i  58v/a>     their separa1e sect7"
s can relocated i7depe7dently, allowing them to bei  59v/a>     shared on uClinux where possible. This should normally be enabled.i  60v/a>i  61v/a> (*) "Kernel image protect7"
"i  62v/a>i  63v/a>     This makes the protect7"
 register governing access to the core kerneli  64v/a>     image prohibit access by userspace programs. This 4.17"
 is available oni  65v/a>     uClinux only.i  66v/a>i  67v/a>There are also a number of settings i7  68v/a>kernel configura17"
 especially for debugging a kernel o7  69v/a>architecture. See  70v/a>i  71v/a>i  72v/a>======================
  75v/a>i  76v/a>The kernel sources include a number of example default configura17"
s:i  77v/a>i  78v/a> (*) defconfig-mb93091i  79v/a>i  80v/a>     Default configura17"
 for the MB93091-VDK with both CPU board andi  81v/a>     MB93090-MB00 motherboard running uClinux.i  82v/a>i  83v/a>i  84v/a> (*) defconfig-mb93091-fbi  85v/a>i  86v/a>     Default configura17"
 for the MB93091-VDK with CPU board,i  87v/a>     MB93090-MB00 motherboard, and DAV board running uClinux.i  88v/a>     Includes framebuffer driver.i  89v/a>i  90v/a>i  91v/a> (*) defconfig-mb93093i  92v/a>i  93v/a>     Default configura17"
 for the MB93093-PDK board running uClinux.i  94v/a>i  95v/a>i  96v/a> (*) defconfig-cb70-standalonei  97v/a>i  98v/a>     Default configura17"
 for the MB93091-VDK with only CB70 CPU boardi  99v/a>     running uClinux. This will use the CB70's DM9000 for network access.i 100v/a>i 101v/a>i 102v/a> (*) defconfig-mmui 103v/a>i 104v/a>     Default configura17"
 for the MB93091-VDK with both CB451 CPU board andi 105v/a>     MB93090-MB00 motherboard running MMU linux.i 106v/a>i 107v/a> (*) defconfig-mmu-audioi 108v/a>i 109v/a>     Default configura17"
 for the MB93091-VDK with CB451 CPU board, DAVi 110v/a>     board, and MB93090-MB00 motherboard running MMU linux. Includesi 111v/a>     audio driver.i 112v/a>i 113v/a> (*) defconfig-mmu-fbi 114v/a>i 115v/a>     Default configura17"
 for the MB93091-VDK with CB451 CPU board, DAVi 116v/a>     board, and MB93090-MB00 motherboard running MMU linux. Includesi 117v/a>     framebuffer driver.i 118v/a>i 119v/a> (*) defconfig-mmu-standalonei 120v/a>i 121v/a>     Default configura17"
 for the MB93091-VDK with only CB451 CPU boardi 122v/a>     running MMU linux.i 123v/a>i 124v/a>i 125v/a>i 126v/a>
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