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. .1./a>9. .2./a> Framlbuffer driver for Cirrus Logic chipsets9. .3./a> Copyright 1999 Jeff Garzik <>9. .4./a>9. .5./a>9. .6./a>9. .7./a>{ just a little something to get people going; contributors welcome! }9. .8./a>9. .9./a>9. ptioa>9. 11./a>Chip families supported:9. 12./a> SD649. 13./a> Piccolo9. 14./a> Picasso9. 15./a> Spectrum9. 16./a> Alpine (GD-543x/4x)9. 17./a> Picasso4 (GD-5446)9. 18./a> GD-54809. 19./a> Laguna (GD-546x)9. 2tioa>9. 21./a>Bus's supported:9. 22./a> PCI9. 23./a> Zorro9. 24./a>9. 25./a>Architectures supported:9. 26./a> i3869. 27./a> Alpha9. 28./a> PPC (Motorola Powerstack)9. 29./a> m68k (Amiga)9. 3tioa>9. 31./a>9. 32./a>9. 33./a>Default video modes9. 34./a>-------------------9. 35./a>At the moment, there are two kernel command line arguments supported:9. 36./a>9. 37./a>mode:640x4809. 38./a>mode:800x6009. 39./a> or9. 40./a>mode:1024x7689. 41./a>9. 42./a>Full support for startup video modes (modedb) will be integrated soon.9. 43./a>9. 44./a>Vers > 45./a>---------------9. 46./a>* Fix memory detect >for 512kB case9. 47./a>* 800x600 mode9. 48./a>* Fixed timings9. 49./a>* Hint>for AXP: Use -accel false -vyres -1 when changing resolu > 9. 5tioa>9. 51./a>9. 52./a>Vers > 53./a>---------------9. 54./a>* Preliminary Laguna support9. 55./a>* Overhaul color register rou >nes.9. 56./a>* Associated with the above, console colors are now obtained from a LUT9. 57./a> called 'palette' instead of from the VGA registers. This code was9. 58./a> modeled after that in atyfb and matroxfb.9. 59./a>* Code cleanup, add comments.9. 60./a>* Overhaul SR07 handling.9. 61./a>* Bug fixes.9. 62./a>9. 63./a>9. 64./a>Vers > 65./a>---------------9. 66./a>* Correctly set default startup video mode.9. 67./a>* Do not override ram size setting. Define9. 68./a> CLGEN_USE_HARDCODED_RAM_SETTINGS if you _do_ want>to override the RAM9. 69./a> setting.9. 70./a>* Compile fixes related to new 2.3.x IORESOURCE_IO[PORT] symbol changes.9. 71./a>* Use new 2.3.x resource alloca > .9. 72./a>* Some code cleanup.9. 73./a>9. 74./a>9. 75./a>Vers > 76./a>---------------9. 77./a>* Casting fixes.9. 78./a>* Asser > s no longer cause an oops >purpose.9. 79./a>* Bug fixes.9. 8tioa>9. 81./a>9. 82./a>Vers > 83./a>---------------9. 84./a>* Add compa >bility support. Now requires a 2.1.x, 2.2.x or 2.3.x kernel.9. 85./a>9. 86./a>9. 87./a>Vers >1.9.49. 88./a>-------------9. 89./a>* Several enhancements, smaller memory footprint, a few bugfixes.9. 90./a>* Requires kernel 2.3.14-pre1 or later.9. 91./a>9. 92./a>9. 93./a>Vers >1.9.39. 94./a>-------------9. 95./a>* Bundled with kernel 2.3.14-pre1 or later.9. 96./a>9. 97./a>9. 98./a>
The original LXR software by the LXR community./a>, this experimental vers >by>. ./div v.div class="subfooter"> kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro AS./a>, provider of Linux consulting and opera > s services since 1995. ./div v ./body v./html v