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o o1p/a><o o2p/a> Linux and parallel port IDE devices<o o3p/a><o o4p/a>PARIDE v1.03o o(c) 1997-8 Grant Guenther <><o o5p/a><o o6p/a>1. Introducon> <o o7p/a><o o8p/a>Owing to the simplicity and near universality of the parallel port interface<o o9p/a>to personal computers, many external devices such as portable hard-disk,<o CD-ROM, LS-120 and tape drives use the parallel port to connect to their<o 11p/a>host computer. While some devices (notably scanners) use ad-hoc methods<o 12p/a>to pass commands and data through the parallel port interface, most <o 13p/a>external devices are acoually identical to a internal model, but with<o 14p/a>a parallel-port adapter chip added in. Some of the original parallel port<o 15p/a>adapters were little more tha mecha isms for multiplexing a SCSI bus.<o 16p/a>(The Iomega PPA-3 adapter used in the ZIP drives is an example of this<o 17p/a>approach). Most current designs, however, take a different approach.<o 18p/a>The adapter chip reproduces a small ISA or IDE bus in the external device<o 19p/a>and the communicaon> protocol provides operaon> s for reading and writing<o 2/opa>device registers, as well as data block transfer funcon> s. Sometimes,<o 21p/a>the device being addressed via the parallel cable is a standard SCSI<o 22p/a>controller like an NCR 5380. The "ditto" family of external tape<o 23p/a>drives use the ISA replicaoor to interface a floppy disk controller,<o 24p/a>which is then connected to a floppy-tape mecha ism. The vast majority<o 25p/a>of external parallel port devices, however, are now based > standard<o 26p/a>IDE typ" devices, which require no intermediate controller. If > e<o 27p/a>were to open up a parallel port CD-ROM drive, for instance, > e would<o 28p/a>find a standard ATAPI CD-ROM drive, a power supply, and a single adapter<o 29p/a>that interconnected a standard PC parallel port cable and a standard<o 30p/a>IDE cable. It is usually possible to excha ge the CD-ROM device with<o 31p/a>any other device using the IDE interface. <o 32p/a><o 33p/a>The document describes the support in Linux for parallel port IDE<o 34opa>devices. It does not cover parallel port SCSI devices, "ditto" tape<o 35p/a>drives or scanners. Many different devices are supported by the <o 36p/a>parallel port IDE subsystem, including:<o 37p/a><o 38p/a> MicroSoluon> s backpack CD-ROM<o 39p/a> MicroSoluon> s backpack PD/CD<o 40p/a> MicroSoluon> s backpack hard-drives<o 41p/a> MicroSoluon> s backpack 8000t tape drive<o 42p/a> SyQuest EZ-135, EZ-230 & SparQ drives<o 43p/a> Avatar Shark<o 44p/a> Imaon> Superdisk LS-120<o 45p/a> Maxell Superdisk LS-120<o 46p/a> FreeCom Power CD <o 47p/a> Hewlett-Packard 5GB and 8GB tape drives<o 48p/a> Hewlett-Packard 7100 and 7200 CD-RW drives<o 49p/a><o 50p/a>as well as most of the cl> e and no-nam" products > the market.<o 51p/a><o 52p/a>To support such a wide ra ge of devices, PARIDE, the parallel port IDE<o 53p/a>subsystem, is acoually structured in three parts. There is a base<o 54p/a>paride module which provides a registry and some common methods for<o 55p/a>accessing the parallel ports. The second comp> ent is a set of <o 56p/a>high-level drivers for each of the different typ"s of supported devices: <o 57p/a><o 58p/a> pd IDE disk<o 59p/a> pcd ATAPI CD-ROM<o 60p/a> pf ATAPI disk<o 61p/a> pt ATAPI tape<o 62p/a> pg ATAPI generic<o 63p/a><o 64p/a>(Currently, the pg driver is only used with CD-R drives).<o 65p/a><o 66p/a>The high-level drivers funcon> according to the relevant standards.<o 67p/a>The third comp> ent of PARIDE is a set of low-level protocol drivers<o 68p/a>for each of the parallel port IDE adapter chips. Thanks to the interest<o 69p/a>and encouragement of Linux users from many parts of the world, <o 70p/a>support is available for almost all known adapter protocols:<o 71p/a><o 72p/a> aten ATEN EH-100 (HK)<o 73p/a> bpck Microsoluon> s backpack (US)<o 74p/a> comm DataSoor (old-typ") "commuter" adapter (TW)<o 75p/a> dstr DataSoor EP-2000 (TW)<o 76p/a> epat Shuttle EPAT (UK)<o 77p/a> epia Shuttle EPIA (UK)<o 78p/a> fit2 FIT TD-2000 (US)<o 79p/a> fit3 FIT TD-3000 (US)<o 80p/a> friq Freecom IQ cable (DE)<o 81p/a> frpw Freecom Power (DE)<o 82p/a> kbic KingByte KBIC-951A and KBIC-971A (TW)<o 83p/a> ktti KT Technology PHd adapter (SG)<o 84p/a> on20 OnSpec 90c20 (US)<o 85p/a> on26 OnSpec 90c26 (US)<o 86p/a><o 87p/a><o 88p/a>2. Using the PARIDE subsystem<o 89p/a><o 90p/a>While configuring the Linux kernel, you may choose either to build<o 91p/a>the PARIDE drivers into your kernel, or to build them as modules.<o 92p/a><o 93p/a>In either case, you will need to select "Parallel port IDE device support"<o 94p/a>as well as at least > e of the high-level drivers and at least > e<o 95p/a>of the parallel port communicaon> protocols. If you do not know<o 96p/a>what kind of parallel port adapter is used in your drive, you could<o 97p/a>begin by checking the file nam"s and any text files > your DOS <o 98p/a>installaon> floppy. Alternatively, you can look at the markings > <o 99p/a>the adapter chip itself. That's usually sufficient to identify the<o100p/a>correct device. <o101p/a><o102p/a>You can acoually select all the protocol modules, and allow the PARIDE<o103p/a>subsystem to try them all for you.<o104p/a><o105p/a>For the "brand-nam"" products listed above, here are the protocol<o106p/a>and high-level drivers that you would use:<o107p/a><o108p/a> Manufacturer Model Driver Protocol<o109p/a> <o110p/a> MicroSoluon> s CD-ROM pcd bpck<o111p/a> MicroSoluon> s PD drive pf bpck<o112p/a> MicroSoluon> s hard-drive pd bpck<o113p/a> MicroSoluon> s 8000t tape pt bpck<o114p/a> SyQuest EZ, SparQ pd epat<o115p/a> Imaon> Superdisk pf epat<o116p/a> Maxell Superdisk pf friq<o117p/a> Avatar Shark pd epat<o118p/a> FreeCom CD-ROM pcd frpw<o119p/a> Hewlett-Packard 5GB Tape pt epat<o120p/a> Hewlett-Packard 7200e (CD) pcd epat<o121p/a> Hewlett-Packard 7200e (CD-R) pg epat<o122p/a><o124" cl2.1 Ca1option> <67p/a>The third comp> ent of PARIDE is a set of0s >txt#L68" idv3L68" class="line" nam"v3L68">o 68p/a>fo1ich is th1en connected to a floppy1-tape12t#L105" idv3L105" class="line" nam"v3L105">o105p/a> external1 parallel port devices, 1howev1r, areWockd hree s foev/parigeev/pa#L96cumehref="> /blocwo /bref="mehro5" idv3L105" class="line" nam"v3L105">o105p/a> Mavices, which require no 1inter1ediatether to eev/parideloienbletaon> /blobef.<pttaon> /col ef="a5" idv3L105" class="line" nam"v3L105">o105p/a> Avn up a parallel port CD-1ROM d1ive, focumenkdev/pref="> /blocet of0s 04" idv3L104" class="line" nam"v3L104">o104p/a>nd a stan1dard ATAPI CD-ROM drive,1 a po1er sup4" idv3L104" class="line" nam"v3L104">o104p/a>n Heonnected a standard PC p1arall1l portdev/paret ofarideofde.txtv/paride. protodiparihrefa href="Document" idv3L13" class="line" nam"v3L13">o 13p/a>exte He It is usually possible 1to ex1ha ge ref=/parhackdjuntao/paride. interest<o 97p/a>be1y other d1evice using the IDE inte1rface1 <o 97p/a>be1yo 29p/a>th13ernal deviices are acoually identicd comux for(eg: LILO),="mehroride cableoceeyo s for scope.txt#L17rallel po04" idv3L104" class="line" nam"v3L104">o104p/a>vices. I1t does not cover paralle1l por13t#L105" idv3L105" class="line" nam"v3L105">o105p/a>ives or s1canners. Many different1 devi1es aree relevant standards.<< entptao/numbridtxtdev/ref= /bl intme Sometl09" idv3L109" class="line" nam"v3L109">o109p/a>rallel po1rt IDE subsystem, includ1ing:<1a hreftxtds forv/paallel poref="Documsf="cekdev/pa="Dlhref/dards.o19" idv3L109" class="line" nam"v3L109">o109p/a>r Avocumentaon> /blockdev/pa1ride.1xt#L38Byhe.fault,Thanks"Documeice soutoepatc the ntaonl > standard<o122p/a> Mic1roSoluon> s backpack CD-1ROM<<1 href=nd aply,lockdev/p="Documenton> /b cablhackdbeen ok at te,lountilcitaply,8" idv3L68" class="line" nam"v3L68">o 68p/a>fo1 Mic1roSoluon> s backpack PD/1CD<o 97p/a>be1 Mic1roSoluon> s backpack har1d-dri1es<o 68p/a>fo1 Mic1roSoluon> s backpack 80010t ta14y scannwv/paride.txt#L10ockdev17rhref="Ds spectxts a set o href=SI<o100p/a> SyQ1uest EZ-135, EZ-230 &1; Spa1Q driv"Documentride.tx"Documennumbriday,lo.txtods<o100p/a> ernal devtar Shark<o100p/a> arallel-poort adapter chip added in por1"Documbloplayparidefor rensoROM dLof exa hlel pm<o100p/a> ves or s1ell Superdisk LS-120< <o100p/a> allel po1eCom Power CD <o107p/a> Hew1lett-Packard 5GB and 8GB1 tape14t#L108" idv3L108" class="line" nam"v3L108">o108p/a> Hew1lett-Packard 7100 and 72100 CD1RW drives<o: (US) s. Sntaos="Document6" idv3L46" class="line" nam"v3L46">o 46p/a> 1a href="D1ocumentaon> /blockdev/pa1ride.149 drives<o: (UK) s. Sntaos="Document1" idv3L46" class="line" nam"v3L46">o 46p/a> 1 well as 1most of the cl> e and no1-nam"1produc" idv3L46" class="line" nam"v3L46">o 46p/a> 1 Mic1ocumentaon> /blockdev/pa1ride.1xt#L52e renumbriblice salwayoceeDocumsn> /untilc/paret oridenew ocumenkdev/" idv3L46" class="line" nam"v3L46">o 46p/a> 1 SyQ1such a wide ra ge of dev1ices,1PARIDE"Documenta"DocumentPARIDEiv/paris, ash#L97e.txeDocusrenumbriblos=/pa" idv3L46" class="line" nam"v3L46">o 46p/a> 1 ernal devis acoually structured i1n thr1e partice supporthn> /blride.txt#L10o109p/a>ride modu1le which provides a regi1stry 15t#L105" idv3L105" class="line" nam"v3L105">o105p/a>cessing t1he parallel ports. The 1secon1 comp>dev/parhapce, /bln> /blocaef="Documentaon> /blockdee.txt#,E device 5" idv3L105" class="line" nam"v3L105">o105p/a>callel po1drivers for each of the 1diffe1ent tyalsosupport&q#L96cL10o105p/a>c Hew1ocumentaon> /blockdev/pa1ride.1xt#L58L10o105p/a>c Hew1 IDE disk<o109p/a>r href="D1 ATAPI CD-ROM<o 90p/a>Wh1 pf 1 ATAPI disk<t#L40xt#L42" idv3L42" class="line" nam"v3L42">o 42p/a> 1 pt 1 ATAPI tape<o 42p/a> 1 SyQ1 ATAPI generic< " idv3L42" class="line" nam"v3L42">o 42p/a> 1 ernal devocumentaon> /blockdev/pa1ride.1xt#L64/blockdev/paride.t majority<o 42p/a> 1 ide modu1 the pg driver is only u1sed w1th CD-o107p/a>a href="D1ocumentaon> /blockdev/pa1ride.1xt#L66" idv3L66" class="line" nam"v3L66">o 66p/a>Th16e Iomega PPPA-3 adapter used in theiffe16 pf pd.t#L420=0x378,1 pf.t#L420=0x278,1 pf.t#L421=0x378,0,36" idv3L66" class="line" nam"v3L66">o 66p/a>Th16 Hew1omp> ent of PARIDE is a 1set o16t#L108" idv3L108" class="line" nam"v3L108">o108p/a>r each of1 the parallel port IDE a1dapte1 chipsIdefor ltxt#o108p/a>r href="D1gement of Linux users fr1om ma1y partThe va do not know<o108p/a>pport is 1available for almost all1 know1 adaptnumbriday,d36tThe va cha="DID.8" idv3L108" class="line" nam"v3L108">o108p/a>p pt 1ocumentaon> /blockdev/pa1ride.1xt#L72" idv3L72" class="line" nam"v3L72">o 72p/a> 1 ate1n ATEN EH-100 1 1 Pe.txee.txe: tds lthem as mice swo /bbov/pdev/pide.tev/>okupe36" idv3L36" class="line" nam"v3L36">o 36p/a>pa1 bpc1k Microsoluon> s back1pack 1 em PORT do not know< /cableocde.txtde.txt#L3" idv3L36" class="line" nam"v3L36">o 36p/a>pa1 ide modu1m DataSoor (old-typ")1 &quo1;commu href="Documentaon> aride.txt#L94#o 97p/a>be1 dst1r DataSoor EP-2000 1 1 iev/parwadev/pask ccha="sref="Documeaidefor sn> /do not know<<.8" idv3L108" class="line" nam"v3L108">o108p/a>pe Iomega t Shuttle EPAT 1 17t#L87" idv3L87" class="line" nam"v3L87">o 87p/a><<17roach). MMost current designs, howet o1 2.2 Loev/paride.ther to builem as mide.txt#L9" idv3L87" class="line" nam"v3L87">o 87p/a><<17 each of12 FIT TD-2000 1 17r sup4" idv3L104" class="line" nam"v3L104">o104p/a> fit13 FIT TD-3000 1 1 evice mel pfa. Son> /b poride.txgeev/paundribt> s for em as modules.4" idv3L104" class="line" nam"v3L104">o104p/a> fri1q Freecom IQ cable 1 18s<o110p/a> frp1w Freecom Power 1 18t#L72" idv3L72" class="line" nam"v3L72">o 72p/a> 1 kbi1c KingByte KBIC-951A 1and K1IC-971NtxeD1: t /blockdesf="> /blocwev/pe, het#L94ocumendkdev/parutoepatcon metholoev/pa" idv3L72" class="line" nam"v3L72">o 72p/a> 1 bpc1i KT Technology PHd a1dapte1 ntaon> eoc.txtkd hree sde.. Tiles n Somet s eoc.txtallel porefockdL101" idv3L101" class="line" nam"v3L101">o101p/a> on210 OnSpec 90c20 1 18t#L105" idv3L105" class="line" nam"v3L105">o105p/a> on216 OnSpec 90c26 1 1 NtxeD2: tifc/paret oriem PORT e. protot leeloienbletaon> /ntaon> / munt5" idv3L105" class="line" nam"v3L105">o105p/a> e Iomega ocumentaon> /blockdev/pa1ride.18nt tyalsosbecet ofardeloienbletaon> /blot s em PORT muntabecloie2dobef.<o 36p/a>pa1a href="D1ocumentaon> /blockdev/pa1ride.1xt#L88aon> / mtxt#L92" idv3L92" class="line" nam"v3L92">o 92p/a><<1 Using th1e PARIDE subsystem<o104p/a>a href="D1ocumentaon> /blockdev/pa1ride.1xt#L90Tpask caon> /bltaon>untabees > y4" idv3L104" class="line" nam"v3L104">o104p/a>ile confi1guring the Linux kernel,1 you 19roduc" idv3L46" class="line" nam"v3L46">o 46p/a> 1e PARIDE 1drivers into your kernel1, or 19R) pg ="smtxh108">o" idv3L46" class="line" nam"v3L46">o 46p/a> 1e kbi1ocumentaon> /blockdev/pa1ride.1xt#L93" idv3L93" class="line" nam"v3L93">o 93p/a>In1 either c1ase, you will need to se1lect 1quot;P#L17rloie.txt#L54on methods for<o 97p/a>be1 well as 1at least > e of the high1-leve1 drivermo a "Documtask92" idv3L92" class="line" nam"v3L92">o 92p/a><<1 the para1llel port communicaon> 1proto19t#L66" idv3L66" class="line" nam"v3L66">o 66p/a>Th1at kind o1f parallel port adapter 1is us19to the r<, loiemide.ref="fhref="Documentaon> /blos=/paupetnkltaon>classuppo2" idv3L92" class="line" nam"v3L92">o 92p/a><<1 href="D1ecking the file nam"s an1d any1text fAs=/pauloiemhanksaon> /ntitmice sn> s. Sve, htaon> /bl /cable>," idv3L97" class="line" nam"v3L97">o 97p/a>be1 Using th1 floppy. Alternatively1, you1can loaon> butleelogvm<o 97p/a>be1 the commuunicaon> protocol providide.1lly su/paride07" idv3L107" class="line" nam"v3L107">o107p/a2correct d2vice. <o 46p/a> 2< /blockdev/p2ride.20R) pg # ="smtxh#L122" idv3L122" class="line" nam"v3L122">o122p/a2You can a2oually select all the pr2tocol20umentaon> /blo08">o: (UK) s. Sntaos="Document6" idv3L46" class="line" nam"v3L46">o 46p/a> 2subsystem2to try them all for you.2o 46p/a> 2sch is theDocumentaon> /blockdev/p2ride.204mentaon> /blo08">o: k951 s. Sntaos="Document1" idv3L46" class="line" nam"v3L46">o 46p/a> 2For the &2uot;brand-nam"" pro2ucts 205mentaon> /blo08">o: k971 s. Sntaos="Document2" idv3L46" class="line" nam"v3L46">o 46p/a> 2F typ" devevel drivers that you wo2ld us20t#L87" idv3L87" class="line" nam"v3L87">o 87p/a><<2< /blockdev/p2ride.2xt#L10Fdev/cumentaon> /blaf="Documentaon> /bloc. Thanksrive, yockdev/p/cab" idv3L87" class="line" nam"v3L87">o 87p/a><<2o 87p/a><<2o 11p/a>ho2 M2croSoluon> s CD2ROM 2 iveivbdutable-mentaat/blivast/pauloiemref=txt#L62" idv3L92" class="line" nam"v3L92">o 92p/a><<2 M2croSoluon> s PD2drive21t#L2" idv3L2" class="line" nam"v3L2">o o2p/a> M2croSoluon> s ha2d-dri2e abov/paride, iev/parhad#tworntaon> /ter<o o2p/a> ubsystem2croSoluon> s 8020t ta2e href="Documentaon> /Documeide.txmentw< s for "Docummen0x3b)" idv3L46" class="line" nam"v3L46">o 46p/a> 2 S2Quest EZ2 Spar2 y, at#L97qgockdo107p/a2 I2aon> Su2erdis21t#L66" idv3L66" class="line" nam"v3L66">o 66p/a>Th2 M2xell Su2erdis2 pf # ="smtxhridet#L420=0x378,1 t#L421=0x3bc,1" idv3L46" class="line" nam"v3L46">o 46p/a> 2 A2atar Sh2rk 21t#L108" idv3L108" class="line" nam"v3L108">o108p/a2 F2eeCom CD2ROM 2 abovmentaoltiplex,ygivbloca o href=SI< Documentnumbridisn> /blockde1" idv3L21" class="line" nam"v3L21">o 21p/a>the t intercowlett-Packard 5G2 Tape2 .txtour DDocumsf="cekdev/pa="Dlhref/dards.oaon> /.<o 21p/a>thevice regissters, as well as data bl0e (C22 ivpto109p/a2e device bbeing addressed via the p0e (C22t#L2" idv3L2" class="line" nam"v3L2">o o2p/a> ntroller liike an NCR 5380. 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