2# DECnet configuration
   4config DECNET
   5        tristate "DECnet Support"
   6        ---help---
   7          The DECnet networking protocol was used in many products made by
   8          Digital (now Compaq).  It provides reliable stream and sequenced
   9          packet communications over which run a variety of services similar
  10          to those which run over TCP/IP.
  12          To find some tools to use with the kernel layer support, please
  13          look at Patrick Caulfield's web site:
  14          <>.
  16          More detailed documentation is available in
  17          <file:Documentation/networking/decnet.txt>.
  19          Be sure to say Y to "/proc file system support" and "Sysctl support"
  20          below when using DECnet, since you will need sysctl support to aid
  21          in configuration at run time.
  23          The DECnet code is also available as a module ( = code which can be
  24          inserted in and removed from the running kernel whenever you want).
  25          The module is called decnet.
  27config DECNET_ROUTER
  28        bool "DECnet: router support (EXPERIMENTAL)"
  29        depends on DECNET && EXPERIMENTAL
  30        select FIB_RULES
  31        ---help---
  32          Add support for turning your DECnet Endnode into a level 1 or 2
  33          router.  This is an experimental, but functional option.  If you
  34          do say Y here, then make sure that you also say Y to "Kernel/User
  35          network link driver", "Routing messages" and "Network packet
  36          filtering".  The first two are required to allow configuration via
  37          rtnetlink (you will need Alexey Kuznetsov's iproute2 package
  38          from <>). The "Network packet
  39          filtering" option will be required for the forthcoming routing daemon
  40          to work.
  42          See <file:Documentation/networking/decnet.txt> for more information.
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