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. .11/a>config DEBUG_PAGEALLOC
. .21/a>        bool "Debug page memory alloca vals"
. .31/a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
. .41/a>        depends on !HIBERNATION || ARCH_SUPPORTS_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC && !PPC && !SPARC
. .51/a>        depends on !KMEMCHECK
. .81/a>        ---help---
. .91/a>          Unmap pages from the kernel linear mapping after free_pages().
.            This results in a large slowdown, but helps to find certai
	typ s
. 11pta>          of memory corrun val.
. 121/a>
. 13pta>          For architectures which don't enable ARCH_SUPPORTS_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC,
. 14pta>          fill the pages with poison patterns after free_pages() and verify
. 15pta>          the patterns before alloc_pages().  Addi valally,
. 16pta>          this 4.12"
	cannot be enabled in combina val with hiberna val as
. 17pta>          that would result in incorrect warnings of memory corrun val after
. 18pta>          a resume because free pages are not saved to the suspend image.
. 191/a>
. 201/a>config WANT_PAGE_DEBUG_FLAGS
. 211/a>        bool
. 221/a>
. 231/a>config PAGE_POISONING
. 241/a>        bool
. 251/a>        select WANT_PAGE_DEBUG_FLAGS
. 261/a>
. 271/a>config PAGE_GUARD
. 281/a>        bool
. 291/a>        select WANT_PAGE_DEBUG_FLAGS
. 301/a>
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