/opt2.6/spalue 2.6/formue 2.6a /opt2. href="../linux+v3.7.4/arch/mn10300/Kconfig.debug">/opt2.6img src="../.static/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">/o6/spalue/o6spal class="lxr_search">/opt/opt2.6input typ hidden" nam navtarget" > ">/opt2.6input typ text" nam search" id search">/opt2.6butt3" typ submit">Search/opt2.Prefse 2.6/a>/o6/spaluept2. .6/divuept2. .6form ac val="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">/o6input typ hidden" nam ajax_lookup" id ajax_lookup" > ">/pt2. .6/formue/pt2. .6div class="headingbott3m">e 6div id file_contents"u
. .16/a>menu "Kernel hacking"
. .26/a>/. .36/a>source "lib/Kconfig.debug"
. .46/a>/. .56/a>config DEBUG_STACKOVERFLOW/. .66/a>        bool "Check for stack overflows"
. .76/a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
. .86/a>/. .96/a>config DEBUG_DECOMPRESS_KERNEL
. on va>        bool "Using serial port during decompressing kernel"
. 116/a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
. 126/a>        default n
. 136/a>        help
. 146/a>          If you say Y here you will confirm the start and the end of
. 156/a>          decompressing Linux seeing "Uncompressing Linux... " and
. 166/a>          "Ok, booting the kernel.\n" on console.
. 176/a>/. 186/a>config TEST_MISALIGNMENT_HANDLER/. 19 va>        bool "Ru"
tests on the misalignment handler"
. 206/a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
. 216/a>        default n
. 226/a>        help
. 236/a>          If you say Y here the kernel will execute a list of misaligned memory
. 246/a>          accesses to make sure the misalignment handler deals them with
. 256/a>          correctly.  If it does not, the kernel will throw a BUG.
. 266/a>/. 276/a>config KPROBES/. 28 va>        bool "Kprobes"
. 296/a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
. 306/a>        help
. 316/a>          Kprobes allows you to trap at almost any kernel address and
. 326/a>          execute a callback func val.  register_kprobe() establishes
. 336/a>          a probepoint and specifies the callback.  Kprobes is useful
. 346/a>          for kernel debugging, non-intrusive instrumenta2.3"
and testing.
. 356/a>          If in doubt, say "N".
. 366/a>/. 376/a>config GDBSTUB/. 38 va>        bool "Remote GDB kernel debugging"
. 396/a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL && DEPRECATED
. 406/a>        select DEBUG_INFO
. 416/a>        select FRAME_POINTER/. 426/a>        help
. 436/a>          If you say Y here, it will be possible to remotely debug the kernel
. 446/a>          using gdb. This enlarges your kernel ELF image disk size by several
. 456/a>          megabytes and requires a machine with more than 16 MB, better 32 MB
. 466/a>          RAM to avoid excessive linking time. This is only useful for kernel
. 476/a>          hackers. If unsure, say N.
. 486/a>/. 496/a>          This is deprecated in favour of KGDB and will be removed in a later/. 506/a>          versval./. 516/a>/. 526/a>config GDBSTUB_IMMEDIATE/. 53 va>        bool "Break into GDB stub immediately"
. 546/a>        depends on GDBSTUB/. 556/a>        help
. 566/a>          If you say Y here, GDB stub will break into the program as so3"
. 576/a>          possible, leaving the program counter at the beginning of
. 586/a>          start_kernel() in init/main.c./. 596/a>/. 606/a>config GDBSTUB_ALLOW_SINGLE_STEP/. 61 va>        bool "Allow software single-stepping in GDB stub"
. 626/a>        depends on GDBSTUB && !SMP && !PREEMPT
. 636/a>        help
. 646/a>          Allow GDB stub to perform software single-stepping through the
. 656/a>          kernel.  This doesn't work very well on SMP or preemptible kernels
. 666/a>          it uses temporary breakpoints to emulate single-stepping./. 676/a>/. 686/a>config GDB_CONSOLE/. 69 va>        bool "Console output to GDB"
. 706/a>        depends on GDBSTUB/. 716/a>        help
. 726/a>          If you are using GDB for remote debugging over a serial port and
. 736/a>          would like kernel messages to be formatted into GDB $O packets so
. 746/a>          that GDB prints them as program output, say 'Y'./. 756/a>/. 766/a>config GDBSTUB_DEBUGGING/. 77 va>        bool "Debug GDB stub by messages to serial port"
. 786/a>        depends on GDBSTUB/. 796/a>        help
. 806/a>          This causes debugging messages to be displayed at various points
. 816/a>          during execut.3"
of the GDB stub routines. Such messages will be
. 826/a>          displayed on ttyS0 if that isn't the GDB stub's port, or ttySM0
. 836/a>          otherwise.
. 846/a>/. 856/a>config GDBSTUB_DEBUG_ENTRY/. 866/a>        bool "Debug GDB stub entry"
. 876/a>        depends on GDBSTUB_DEBUGGING/. 886/a>        help
. 896/a>          This .22.3"
causes informat.3"
to be displayed about entry
to or exit/. 906/a>          from the main GDB stub routine.
. 916/a>/. 926/a>config GDBSTUB_DEBUG_PROTOCOL
. 93 va>        bool "Debug GDB stub protocol"
. 946/a>        depends on GDBSTUB_DEBUGGING/. 956/a>        help
. 966/a>          This .22.3"
causes informat.3"
to be displayed about the GDB remote
. 976/a>          protocol messages generated exchanged with GDB.
. 986/a>/. 996/a>config GDBSTUB_DEBUG_IO
.100 va>        bool "Debug GDB stub I/O"
.1016/a>        depends on GDBSTUB_DEBUGGING/.1026/a>        help
.1036/a>          This .22.3"
causes informat.3"
to be displayed about GDB stub's
.1046/a>          low-level I/O.
.1056/a>/.1066/a>config GDBSTUB_DEBUG_BREAKPOINT/.107 va>        bool "Debug GDB stub breakpoint management"
.1086/a>        depends on GDBSTUB_DEBUGGING/.1096/a>        help
.1106/a>          This .22.3"
causes informat.3"
to be displayed about GDB stub's
.1116/a>          breakpoint management.
.1146/a>        prompt "GDB stub port"
.1156/a>        default GDBSTUB_ON_TTYSM0
.1166/a>        depends on GDBSTUB/.1176/a>        help
.1186/a>          Select the serial port used for GDB-stub.
.1196/a>/.1206/a>config GDBSTUB_ON_TTYSM0
.121 va>        bool "/dev/ttySM0 [SIF0]"
.1226/a>        depends on MN10300_TTYSM0
.1236/a>        select GDBSTUB_ON_TTYSMx
.1246/a>/.1256/a>config GDBSTUB_ON_TTYSM1/.1266/a>        bool "/dev/ttySM1 [SIF1]"
.1276/a>        depends on MN10300_TTYSM1/.128 va>        select GDBSTUB_ON_TTYSMx
.1296/a>/.1306/a>config GDBSTUB_ON_TTYSM2/.131 va>        bool "/dev/ttySM2 [SIF2]"
.1326/a>        depends on MN10300_TTYSM2/.1336/a>        select GDBSTUB_ON_TTYSMx
.1346/a>/.1356/a>config GDBSTUB_ON_TTYS0
.1366/a>        bool "/dev/ttyS0"
.1376/a>        select GDBSTUB_ON_TTYSx
.1386/a>/.1396/a>config GDBSTUB_ON_TTYS1/.140 va>        bool "/dev/ttyS1"
.1416/a>        select GDBSTUB_ON_TTYSx
.1446/a>/.1456/a>config GDBSTUB_ON_TTYSMx
.1466/a>        bool
.1476/a>        depends on GDBSTUB_ON_TTYSM0 || GDBSTUB_ON_TTYSM1 || GDBSTUB_ON_TTYSM2/.1486/a>        default y
.1496/a>/.1506/a>config GDBSTUB_ON_TTYSx
.151 va>        bool
.1526/a>        depends on GDBSTUB_ON_TTYS0 || GDBSTUB_ON_TTYS1/.153 va>        default y
.1546/a>/.1556/a>endmenu/.1566/a>/.1576/a>config KERNEL_DEBUGGER/.1586/a>        def_bool y
.1596/a>        depends on GDBSTUB || KGDB
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