2 TODO
   4Please pick something while reading :)
   6- Convert interrupt handler to per-ep-thread-irq
   8  As it turns out some DWC3-commands ~1ms to complete. Currently we spin
   9  until the command completes which is bad.
  11  Implementation idea:
  12  - dwc core implements a demultiplexing irq chip for interrupts per
  13    endpoint. The interrupt numbers are allocated during probe and belong
  14    to the device. If MSI provides per-endpoint interrupt this dummy
  15    interrupt chip can be replaced with "real" interrupts.
  16  - interrupts are requested / allocated on usb_ep_enable() and removed on
  17    usb_ep_disable(). Worst case are 32 interrupts, the lower limit is two
  18    for ep0/1.
  19  - dwc3_send_gadget_ep_cmd() will sleep in wait_for_completion_timeout()
  20    until the command completes.
  21  - the interrupt handler is split into the following pieces:
  22    - primary handler of the device
  23      goes through every event and calls generic_handle_irq() for event
  24      it. On return from generic_handle_irq() in acknowledges the event
  25      counter so interrupt goes away (eventually).
  27    - threaded handler of the device
  28      none
  30    - primary handler of the EP-interrupt
  31      reads the event and tries to process it. Everything that requires
  32      sleeping is handed over to the Thread. The event is saved in an
  33      per-endpoint data-structure.
  34      We probably have to pay attention not to process events once we
  35      handed something to thread so we don't process event X prio Y
  36      where X > Y.
  38    - threaded handler of the EP-interrupt
  39      handles the remaining EP work which might sleep such as waiting
  40      for command completion.
  42  Latency:
  43   There should be no increase in latency since the interrupt-thread has a
  44   high priority and will be run before an average task in user land
  45   (except the user changed priorities).
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