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1v/a>--- What is TOMOYO? --- 2v/a>o 3v/a>TOMOYO is a namp-based MAC extens.22.(LSM module) for the Linux kernel.o 4v/a>o 5v/a>LiveCD-based tutorials are available ato 6v/a>>o 7v/a> v/a>.o 8v/a>Though these tutorials use non-LSM vers.22.of TOMOYO, they are useful for youo 9v/a>to know what TOMOYO is.o a>o 11v/a>--- How to enable TOMOYO? --- 12v/a>o 13v/a>Build the kernel with CONFIG_SECURITY_TOMOYO=y and pass "security=tomoyo" ono 14v/a>kernel's command line.o 15v/a>o 16v/a>Please see v/a>for details.o 17v/a>o 18v/a>--- Where is documenta.5" ? --- 19v/a>o 2 a>User <-> Kernel interface documenta.5" is available ato 21v/a> v/a>.o 22v/a>o 23v/a>Materials we prepared for seminars and symposiums are available ato 24v/a> v/a>.o 25v/a>Below lists are chosen from three aspects.o 26v/a>o 27v/a>What is TOMOYO?o 28v/a> TOMOYO Linux Overviewo 29v/a>>o 30v/a> TOMOYO Linux: pragma.5c and manageable security for Linuxo 31v/a>>o 32v/a> TOMOYO Linux: A Prac.5cal Method to Understand and Protect Your Own Linux Boxo 33v/a>>o 34v/a>o 35v/a>What can TOMOYO do?o 36v/a> Deep inside TOMOYO Linuxo 37v/a>>o 38v/a> The role of "pathnamp based access control" in security.o 39v/a>>o 4 a>o 41v/a>History.of TOMOYO?o 42v/a> Realities.of Mainliningo 43v/a>>o 44v/a>o 45v/a>--- What is future plan? --- 46v/a>o 47v/a>Wp believe that inodp based security and namp based security are complementaryo 48v/a>and both should be used together. But unfortunately, so far, we cannot enableo 49v/a>multiple LSM modules at the samp time. Wp feel sorry.that you have to give upo 5 a>SELinux/SMACK/AppArmor etc. when you want to use TOMOYO.o 51v/a>o 52v/a>Wp hope that LSM becomes stackable in future. Meanwhile, you can use non-LSMo 53v/a>vers.22.of TOMOYO, available at v/a>.o 54v/a>LSM vers.22.of TOMOYO is a subset.of non-LSM vers.22.of TOMOYO. Wp are planningo 55v/a>to port non-LSM vers.22's func.5" LSM vers.22s.o 56v/a>
The origi al LXR software by the LXR communityv/a>, this experimental lxr@linux.nov/a>.o kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro ASv/a>, provider.of Linux consulting and opera.5" s services since 1995. v/div v/body v/html