1AdvanSys (Advanced System Products, Inc.) manufactures the following
   2RISC-based, Bus-Mastering, Fast (10 Mhz) and Ultra (20 Mhz) Narrow
   3(8-bit transfer) SCSI Host Adapters for the ISA, EISA, VL, and PCI
   4buses and RISC-based, Bus-Mastering, Ultra (20 Mhz) Wide (16-bit
   5transfer) SCSI Host Adapters for the PCI bus.
   7The CDB counts below indicate the number of SCSI CDB (Command
   8Descriptor Block) requests that can be stored in the RISC chip
   9cache and board LRAM. A CDB is a single SCSI command. The driver
  10detect routine will display the number of CDBs available for each
  11adapter detected. The number of CDBs used by the driver can be
  12lowered in the BIOS by changing the 'Host Queue Size' adapter setting.
  14Laptop Products:
  15   ABP-480 - Bus-Master CardBus (16 CDB)
  17Connectivity Products:
  18   ABP510/5150 - Bus-Master ISA (240 CDB)
  19   ABP5140 - Bus-Master ISA PnP (16 CDB)
  20   ABP5142 - Bus-Master ISA PnP with floppy (16 CDB)
  21   ABP902/3902 - Bus-Master PCI (16 CDB)
  22   ABP3905 - Bus-Master PCI (16 CDB)
  23   ABP915 - Bus-Master PCI (16 CDB)
  24   ABP920 - Bus-Master PCI (16 CDB)
  25   ABP3922 - Bus-Master PCI (16 CDB)
  26   ABP3925 - Bus-Master PCI (16 CDB)
  27   ABP930 - Bus-Master PCI (16 CDB)
  28   ABP930U - Bus-Master PCI Ultra (16 CDB)
  29   ABP930UA - Bus-Master PCI Ultra (16 CDB)
  30   ABP960 - Bus-Master PCI MAC/PC (16 CDB)
  31   ABP960U - Bus-Master PCI MAC/PC Ultra (16 CDB)
  33Single Channel Products:
  34   ABP542 - Bus-Master ISA with floppy (240 CDB)
  35   ABP742 - Bus-Master EISA (240 CDB)
  36   ABP842 - Bus-Master VL (240 CDB)
  37   ABP940 - Bus-Master PCI (240 CDB)
  38   ABP940U - Bus-Master PCI Ultra (240 CDB)
  39   ABP940UA/3940UA - Bus-Master PCI Ultra (240 CDB)
  40   ABP970 - Bus-Master PCI MAC/PC (240 CDB)
  41   ABP970U - Bus-Master PCI MAC/PC Ultra (240 CDB)
  42   ABP3960UA - Bus-Master PCI MAC/PC Ultra (240 CDB)
  43   ABP940UW/3940UW - Bus-Master PCI Ultra-Wide (253 CDB)
  44   ABP970UW - Bus-Master PCI MAC/PC Ultra-Wide (253 CDB)
  45   ABP3940U2W - Bus-Master PCI LVD/Ultra2-Wide (253 CDB)
  47Multi-Channel Products:
  48   ABP752 - Dual Channel Bus-Master EISA (240 CDB Per Channel)
  49   ABP852 - Dual Channel Bus-Master VL (240 CDB Per Channel)
  50   ABP950 - Dual Channel Bus-Master PCI (240 CDB Per Channel)
  51   ABP950UW - Dual Channel Bus-Master PCI Ultra-Wide (253 CDB Per Channel)
  52   ABP980 - Four Channel Bus-Master PCI (240 CDB Per Channel)
  53   ABP980U - Four Channel Bus-Master PCI Ultra (240 CDB Per Channel)
  54   ABP980UA/3980UA - Four Channel Bus-Master PCI Ultra (16 CDB Per Chan.)
  55   ABP3950U2W - Bus-Master PCI LVD/Ultra2-Wide and Ultra-Wide (253 CDB)
  56   ABP3950U3W - Bus-Master PCI Dual LVD2/Ultra3-Wide (253 CDB)
  58Driver Compile Time Options and Debugging
  60The following constants can be defined in the source file.
  621. ADVANSYS_ASSERT - Enable driver assertions (Def: Enabled)
  64   Enabling this option adds assertion logic statements to the
  65   driver. If an assertion fails a message will be displayed to
  66   the console, but the system will continue to operate. Any
  67   assertions encountered should be reported to the person
  68   responsible for the driver. Assertion statements may proactively
  69   detect problems with the driver and facilitate fixing these
  70   problems. Enabling assertions will add a small overhead to the
  71   execution of the driver.
  732. ADVANSYS_DEBUG - Enable driver debugging (Def: Disabled)
  75   Enabling this option adds tracing functions to the driver and the
  76   ability to set a driver tracing level at boot time.  This option is
  77   very useful for debugging the driver, but it will add to the size
  78   of the driver execution image and add overhead to the execution of
  79   the driver.
  81   The amount of debugging output can be controlled with the global
  82   variable 'asc_dbglvl'. The higher the number the more output. By
  83   default the debug level is 0.
  85   If the driver is loaded at boot time and the LILO Driver Option
  86   is included in the system, the debug level can be changed by
  87   specifying a 5th (ASC_NUM_IOPORT_PROBE + 1) I/O Port. The
  88   first three hex digits of the pseudo I/O Port must be set to
  89   'deb' and the fourth hex digit specifies the debug level: 0 - F.
  90   The following command line will look for an adapter at 0x330
  91   and set the debug level to 2.
  93      linux advansys=0x330,0,0,0,0xdeb2
  95   If the driver is built as a loadable module this variable can be
  96   defined when the driver is loaded. The following insmod command
  97   will set the debug level to one.
  99      insmod advansys.o asc_dbglvl=1
 101   Debugging Message Levels:
 102      0:3Erroro Oyref="Documentation/scsi/advansys.txt#L9>   Debugging ML13"0 class="line" name="L13"03 102      li1: Hher-vels: Tcing l"Documentation/scsi/advansys.txt#L9>   Debugg id="L14"0 class="line" name="L14"04 102<4a>      li2-N: Verbose Tcing l"Documentation/scsi/advansys.txt#L9>   Debugg id="L15"0 class="line" name="L15"05 102<5a>
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   fia.ystem Prd sekerl Buloing Meis eble dd (s.tloid, kloid runng M)     b. Kerl Bussage wa lrehutin to thnsole, utput. ByChecka href="Documentation/scsi/advansys.txt#L11"  id="L100" class="line" name="L10"">  1110a>      li/etc/s.tloi.nsofor an adtatry similaro the i
> 1011/a>
  111/a>      0::::::kerl.*                  /dev/nsole, a href="Documentation/scsi/advansys.txt#L621"ing ML13"" class="line" name="L13"">  11
  1114a>     c. kloid is staed toth the glappropablte -c pare="t
  11   ABBBB(e.g. kloid -c 8  11
  1117a>   The iwill adcause pabntk()ussage wa  th se displayed toonhe
  11   ABcurrtathnsole, . Refero the exkloid(8and Uls.tloidd Ulnd
 pat8 102
  vfption value="v2.6.16.46"
  v2.6.11   fia.ystem Prd sekerl Buloing Meis ebl/option>

ABP5142 - Bus-Master1 ISA 12dvansys.txt#L101" id="L101" class="line" name="L1"> 21 ABP902/3902 - Bus-Ma1ster 1CI (16 CDBlansnaadvans you/advalease md toonhe ocumentatioa href=nsys.txt#L77" id="L77" class="line" name="L7712> 12llowered in the BIOS by ch 16 CDB)
11 ABP915 - Bus-Master 1PCI (16 CDB)
1114> ABP920 - Bus-Master 1PCI (12dvansys.txt#L95" id="L95" class="line" name="L951"> 25 ABP3922 - Bus-Master1 PCI 12f="Documenmain(sys.txt#L19"" id="L16"" class="line" name="L1"> 26 ABP3925 - Bus-Master1 PCI 116 CDB) < {ys.txt#L19"" id="L16"" class="line" name="L1"""> 1117> ABP930 - Bus-Master 1PCI (16 CDB) 11 ABP930U - Bus-Master1 PCI 1ltra (16 }ys.txt#L19"" id="L16"" class="line" name="L1" fia.yste> ABP930UA - Bus-Maste1r PCI12dvansys.txt#L60" id="L60" class="line" name="L601"> 30 ABP960 - Bus-Master 1PCI M1C/PC (16 Increntnng LOG_BUF_LEN be d, klo/d toon.coot toe;">n is iksys.txt#L761" id="L18"" class="line" name="L1"> 31 ABP960U - Bus-Master1 PCI 1AC/PC Ult40) 12> 34 ABP542 - Bus-Master 1ISA w1th flo3bugging (DeSTATSsabled) 35 ABP742 - Bus-Master 1EISA 13dvansys.txt#L101" id="L16"0 class="line" name="L1"> 36 ABP842 - Bus-Master 1VL (210 CDB) 1117> ABP940 - Bus-Master 1PCI (140 CDB) 11 ABP940U - Bus-Master1 PCI 1ltra (240monitoa hrion/scsi/advscsici/advtom"ancoidIumentation/scsi/ays.txt#L101" id="L16"0 class="line" name="L1" fia.yste> ABP940UA/3940UA - Bu1s-Mas1er PCI Ulvansadd overhead to the execution of > 30 ABP970 - Bus-Master 1PCI M1C/PC (240tion/scsi/advans/scsi/advansys.txt#L80" id="L80" class="line" name="L801"> 41 ABP970U - Bus-Master1 PCI 14dvansys.txt#L621" id="L12"" class="line" name="L1"> 42 ABP3960UA - Bus-Mast1er PC1 MAC/PC US> 13> ABP940UW/3940UW - Bu1s-Mas1er PCI Ulpoind Ua="Docuntatthe d PCI bulvansaocuntattka main8sensisys.txt#L80" id="L80" class="line" name="L801"> 14LLaptop Products: 45 ABP3940U2W - Bus-Mas1ter P1I LVD/Ultscsv1.3.0 36 47Multi-Channel Products:1 hreoduc tom"a/sys.txt#L102" id="L11" class="line" name="L1"> 48 ABP752 - Dual Channe1l Bus14dvansys.txt#L99" id="L99" class="line" name="L991"> 49 ABP852 - Dual Channe1l Bus14glvl=1 50 ABP950 - Dual Channe1l Bus15dvansys.txt#L101" id="L101" class="line" name="L1"> 51 ABP950UW - Dual Chan1nel B15put can beg levtom"a/adva> 42 ABP980 - Four Channe1l Bus15dvansys.txt#L93" id="L93" class="line" name="L931"> 53 ABP980U - Four Chann1el Bu15Documentaticath/d ocass="line" nam/sys.txt#L91" id="L91" class="line" name="L911"> 54 ABP980UA/3980UA - Fo1ur Ch15dvansys.txt#L95" id="L95" class="line" name="L951"> 55 ABP3950U2W - Bus-Mas1ter P1I LVD/UltWwinggging (DeSTATSstatnottThe folln/scane" SysD/d ocudvans oxt#L9> Debugging ML13"0 class="line" name="L1"> 56 ABP3950U3W - Bus-Mas1ter P1I Dual LV"Docsenation/scsiadvscsici/ 57 58Driver Compile Time Opt1ions 1nd Debugging tatioadvansys.txt#L86" id="L86" class="line" name="L861"> 59 60The following constants1 can 1e defiIfanvit/main.coistiodef="d candbe stb;Host Queure ouDiref="Docui/adAddxt#L9> Debugg id="L15"0 class="line" name="L1"> 61 421. ADVANSYS_ASSERT - En1able 1river refognansaQueure ou"line" nre ou tatioer at 0x330 63 1"> 64 Enabling this option1 adds1asserts 65 driver. If an assert1ion f1ils a i/advommah se distitationdiv idcumef="Dodby the driver/scsi/advaoxt#L9> Debugging ML13"0 class="line" name="L16> 16 57 assertions encounter1ed sh16dvansys.txt#L58" id="L58" class="line" name="L581"> 68 responsible for the 1drive1. AsseExamplensys.txt#L102" id="L11" class="line" name="L1"> 69 detect problems with1 the 1river an1. Elimnntioncumeenta s 70 problems. Enabling a1ssert17adtatry simon 61 execution of the dri1ver. 1a href="DDDDDDDl ys.txt#L101" id="L16"0 class="line" name="L1"> 72 732. 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