lue= /spapti /formti a lue= href="../linux+v3.7.4/Documentalue= img src="../.stalu /spaptilu spap class="lxr_search">lue=lue= input typvalhidden" namvalnavtarget" ion val">lue= input typvaltext" namvalsearch" idalsearch">lue= buttopttypvalsubmit">Searchlue= Prefsi /a>lu /spaptie= /divtie= form aclu input typvalhidden" namvalajax_lookup" idalajax_lookup" ion val">le= /formtile= div class="headingbottom"> 1 /a>This is the 6pack-mini-HOWTO, written by 2 /a>l 3 /a>Andreas Könsgen DG3KQl 4 /a>Internet: ajk@comnets.uni-bremen.del 5 /a>AMPR-net: dg3kq@db0pra.ampr.orgl 6 /a>AX.25: dg3kq@db0ach.#nrw.deu.eul 7 /a>l 8 /a>Last update: April 7, 1998l 9 /a>l v3a>1. What is 6pack, and what are the advantages to KISS?l 11 /a>l 12 /a>6pack is a transmiss 13 /a>the TNC over a serial line. It cap be used as ap alterna 14 /a>l 15 /a>6pack has two major advantages:l 16 /a>- The PC is g/ven full control over the radiol 17 /a> channel. Special control data is exchanged between the PC and the TNC sol 18 /a> that the PC knows at any time if the TNC is receiving data, if a TNCl 19 /a> buffer underrun or overrun has occurred, if the PTT is 20 /a> set and so on. This control data is processed at a higher priority than 21 /a> normal data, so a data stream cap be interrupted at any time to issue an 22 /a> important event. This helps to improve the channel access and timing 23 /a> algorithms as everything is computed in the PC. It would even be possible 24 /a> to experiment with something completely different from the known CSMA and 25 /a> DAMA channel access methods.l 26 /a> This kind of real-time control is especially important to supply severall 27 /a> TNCs that are connected between each other and the PC by a daisy chain 28 /a> (however, this feature is not supported yet by the Linux 6pack dr/ver).l 29 /a>l 30 /a>- Each packet transferred over the serial line is supplied with a checksum,l 31 /a> so it is easy to detect errors due to problems on the serial line.l 32 /a> Received packets that are corrupt are not passed on to the AX.25 layer.l 33 /a> Damaged packets that the TNC has received from the PC are not transmitted.l 34 /a>l 35 /a>More details about 6pack are described in the file that is locatedl 36 /a>in the doc directory of the AX.25 utilities package.l 37 /a>l 38 /a>2. Who has developed the 6packtprotocol?l 39 /a>l 40 /a>The 6packtprotocol has been developed by Ekki Plicht DF4OR, Henning Rechl 41 /a>DF9IC and Gunter Jost DK7WJ. A dr/ver for 6pack, written by Gunter Jost andl 42 /a>Matthias Welwarsky DG2FEF, comes along with the PC vers 43 /a>They have also written a firmware for TNCs to perform the 6packl 44 /a>protocol (see sec 45 /a>l 46 /a>3. Where cap I get the latest vers 47 /a>l 48 /a>At the moment, the 6packtstuff cap obtained via anonymous ftp froml 49 /a>db0bm.automa 50 /a>there is a file namvd 6pack.tgz.l 51 /a>l 52 /a>4. Preparing the TNC for 6pack opera 53 /a>l 54 /a>To be able to use 6pack, a special firmware for the TNC is needed. The EPROMl 55 /a>of a newly bought TNC does not contain 6pack, so you will have tol 56 /a>program ap EPROM yourself. The image file for 6pack EPROMs should bel 57 /a>available optany packet radio box where PC/FlexNet cap be found. The namvtofl 58 /a>the file is 6pack.bin. This file is copyrighted and maintained by the FlexNetl 59 /a>team. It cap be used under the terms of the license that comes alongl 60 /a>with PC/FlexNet. Please do not ask me about the internals of this file as Il 61 /a>don't knowtanything about it. I used a textual descri 62 /a>protocol to program the Linux dr/ver.l 63 /a>l 64 /a>TNCs contain a 64kByte EPROM, the lower halftof which is used forl 65 /a>the firmware/KISS. The upper halftis either empty or is sometimesl 66 /a>programmed with software called TAPR. In the latter case, the TNCl 67 /a>is supplied with a DIP switch so you cap easily change between thel 68 /a>two systems. When programming a new EPROM, onetof the systems is replacedl 69 /a>by 6pack. It is useful to replace TAPR, as this software is rarely usedl 70 /a>nowadays. If your TNC is not equipped with the switch ment/oped above, youl 71 /a>cap build in onetyourself that switches over the highest address pin 72 /a>of the EPROM between HIGH and LOW level. After having inserted the new EPROM 73 /a>and switched to 6pack, apply power to the TNC for a first test. The connect 74 /a>and the sta 75 /a>the TNC correctly.l 76 /a>l 77 /a>5. Building and installing the 6pack dr/verl 78 /a>l 79 /a>The dr/ver has been tested with kernel vers 80 /a>kernels may lead to a compila 81 /a>func 82 /a>l 83 /a>Howtto turn on 6packtsupport:l 84 /a>l 85 /a>- In the linux kernel configura 86 /a> 16 87 /a>l 88 /a>- Select the amateur radio support menu and turn on the serial port 6packl 89 /a> dr/ver.l 90 /a>l 91 /a>- Compile and install the kernel and the modules.l 88 /working/6pack.txt#L91" idalL91" class=7 22 /a> important event. This helps 3" class9"line" namvalL83"> 83 9a>How93 able tnterfacea hrefl important event. This helps 4" class9"line" namvalL84"> 84 9a>l 85 9a>- I9href="Documenta 86 9a> 19e PC isDla 87 9a>l 88 9a>- S9href="Documenta 9 /aa> d9/ver.l<#ifndef N_6PACK"Documenta v3aa>l<3aaver.l<#defppliN_6PACK (N_AX25+1)"Documenta 11 /01>l<3a it is #en if"Documenta 12 /02>l<3aalL91" class=7 22 /a> important event. This helps103" class=0"line" namvalL13"> 13 /03>l<3a3s kind oontridules.lvalL" class=7 22 /a> important event. This helps104" class=0"line" namvalL14"> 14 /04>l<3a experi="Documenta 15 /05>l<3aMA chanis.l 16 /06>l<3ahref="Documenta 17 /07>l<3aCs thatodulAPR, as N_AX25lexNN_6PACK="Documenta 18 /08>l<3ahref="Documenta 19 /09>l<3a9 PC isRecd instakisse, t t.sRea hreily sevpe, t trell v33a>1.11href="Documenta 11 /a1>l<3 href=I the 6pack dr/a href="Documenta 12 //a>6p11alL91" class=7 22 /a> important event. This helps113" class=="line" namvalL13"> 13 //a>th1 TNC oisDla n the important event. 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