.10" /spapti /formti a .10" href="../linux+v3.7.4/Documenta.10" img src="../.sta.1 /spapti.1 spap class="lxr_search">.10".10" input typvalhidden" namvalnavtarget" ion val">.10" input typvaltext" namvalsearch" idalsearch">.10" buttopttypvalsubmit">Search.10" Prefsi /a>.1 /spapti0" /divti0" form ac.1 input typvalhidden" namvalajax_lookup" idalajax_lookup" ion val">.0" /formti.0" div class="headingbottom"> 1 /a>Preface. 2 /a>. 3 /a>This is a new low-level driver to support analog joys 4 /a>Crys 5 /a>Vortex/Solo drivers as an example of decora 6 /a>0.5.8a kernel drivers as an chipset documenta 7 /a>. 8 /a>This vers/op does not have cooked mode support; the basic code . 9 /a>is present here, but have not tested completely. The buttoptanalysis . .27.a>is completed iptthis mode, but the axis movement is not. . 11 /a>. 12 /a>Raw mode works fine with analog joys 13 /a>driver as a backend. I've tested this driver with CS4610, 4-axis and . 14 /a>4-buttoptjoys 15 /a>play iptxracer gamv us 16 /a>keyboard only mode. 17 /a>. 18 /a>The sensitivity and calibra 19 /a>reasons are performed: the samv hardware cannot work under Win95 (bn v . 227.a>screen iptVJOYD); I have no documenta 21 /a>behavior iptmy case was not raised the requirement of joys 22 /a>So the driver have no code to perform hardware related calibra 23 /a>. 24 /a>The patch contains minor changes of Config.ip and Makefile files. All. 25 /a>needed code have been moved to ope separa 26 /a>This driver have the basic support for PCI devices only; there is no. 27 /a>ISA or PnP ISA cards supported. AFAIK the ns558 have support for Crys 28 /a>ISA and PnP ISA series. 29 /a>. 30 /a>The driver works with ALSA drivers simultaneously. For example, the xracer. 31 /a>uses joys 32 /a>There are no sound or input collis/ops detected. The source code have 33 /a>comments about them; but I've found the joys 34 /a>separa 35 /a>without ALSA drivers. The ALSA drivers are not needed to compile or. 36 /a>run this driver. 37 /a>. 38 /a>There are no debug informa 39 /a>specific 12 40 /a>are printed via printk(KERN_INFO "..."), see the /var/log/messages to. 41 /a>inspect cs461x: prefixed messages to determine possible card detectiopt. 42 /a>errors. 43 /a>. 44 /a>Regards,. 45 /a>Viktor. 46 /a> The original LXRtsoftware by the LXRtcommunity /a>, this experimental vers/op by /a>. /divti div class="subfooter"> kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro AS /a>, provider of Linux consult