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" "1
" "2
/a>config INTEGRITY
" "3
/a>        def_bool y
" "4
/a>        depends on IMA || EVM
" "5
/a>o" "6
/a>        booleav "Digital signature verifica >
  using multiple keyrings"o" "8
/a>        depends on INTEGRITY && KEYSo" "9
/a>        default no" n vaa>        select SIGNATUREo" 11vaa>        helpo" 12vaa>          This 	  >
  enables digital signature verifica >
  supporto" 13vaa>          using multiple keyrings. It defines separate keyrings for eacho" 14vaa>          of the different use cases - evm, ima, and modules.o" 15vaa>          Different keyrings improves search performance, but also allowo" 16vaa>          to "lock" certain keyring to prevent adding new keys.o" 17vaa>          This is useful for evm and module keyrings, when keys areo" 18vaa>          usually only added from initramfs.o" 19
/a>o" 2 vaa>source security/integrity/ima/Kconfigo" 21vaa>source security/integrity/evm/Kconfigo" 22vaa>
.The original LXR software by the LXR communityvaa>, this experimental vers> by lxr@linux.novaa>. /div3. div class="subfooter"> kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro ASvaa>, provider of Linux con0.16j8y the " 2 vaa>source security/integrity/25" > v3.tion v-4.14