2# Unix Domain Sockets
   5config UNIX
   6        tristate "Unix domain sockets"
   7        ---help---
   8          If you say Y here, you will include support for Unix domain sockets;
   9          sockets are the standard Unix mechanism for establishing and
  10          accessing network connections.  Many commonly used programs such as
  11          the X Window system and syslog use these sockets even if your
  12          machine is not connected to any network.  Unless you are working on
  13          an embedded system or something similar, you therefore definitely
  14          want to say Y here.
  16          To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the module will be
  17          called unix.  Note that several important services won't work
  18          correctly if you say M here and then neglect to load the module.
  20          Say Y unless you know what you are doing.
  22config UNIX_DIAG
  23        tristate "UNIX: socket monitoring interface"
  24        depends on UNIX
  25        default n
  26        ---help---
  27          Support for UNIX socket monitoring interface used by the ss tool.
  28          If unsure, say Y.
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