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   1 /a> spat class="comment">/* /spatio   2 /a> spat class="comment"> * Copyright (c) 2006 Oracle.  All rights reserved. /spatio   3 /a> spat class="comment"> * /spatio   4 /a> spat class="comment"> * This software is available to you under a choice of one of two /spatio   5 /a> spat class="comment"> * licenses.  You may choose to be licensed under the terms of the GNU /spatio   6 /a> spat class="comment"> * General Public License (GPL) Verstion2, available from the file /spatio   7 /a> spat class="comment"> * COPYING in the main directory of this source tree, or the /spatio   8 /a> spat class="comment"> * BSD license below: /spatio   9 /a> spat class="comment"> * /spatio  5 spat class="comment"> *     Redistributtionand use in source and binary forms, with or /spatio  11 /a> spat class="comment"> *     without modificattio, are permitted provided that the following /spatio  12 /a> spat class="comment"> *     condittios are met: /spatio  13 /a> spat class="comment"> * /spatio  14 /a> spat class="comment"> *      - Redistributtios of source code must retain the above /spatio  15 /a> spat class="comment"> *        copyright notice, this list of condittios and the following /spatio  16 /a> spat class="comment"> *        disclaimer. /spatio  17 /a> spat class="comment"> * /spatio  18 /a> spat class="comment"> *      - Redistributtios in binary form must reproduce the above /spatio  19 /a> spat class="comment"> *        copyright notice, this list of condittios and the following /spatio  2 spat class="comment"> *        disclaimer in the documentattionand/or other materials /spatio  21 /a> spat class="comment"> *        provided with the distributtio. /spatio  22 /a> spat class="comment"> * /spatio  23 /a> spat class="comment"> * THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, /spatio  24 /a> spat class="comment"> * EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF /spatio  25 /a> spat class="comment"> * MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND /spatio  26 /a> spat class="comment"> * NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS /spatio  27 /a> spat class="comment"> * BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN /spatio  28 /a> spat class="comment"> * ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN /spatio  29 /a> spat class="comment"> * CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE /spatio  3 spat class="comment"> * SOFTWARE. /spatio  31 /a> spat class="comment"> * /spatio  32 /a> spat class="comment"> */ /spatio  33 /a>#include <linux/percpu.h /a>>o  34 /a>#include <linux/seq_file.h /a>>o  35 /a>#include <linux/proc_fs.h /a>>o  36 /a>o  37 /a>#include "rds.h /a>"o  38 /a>#include "tcp.h /a>"o  39 /a>o  4 a href="+code=DEFINE_PER_CPU" class="sref">DEFINE_PER_CPU/oa>(struct  a href="+code=rds_tcp_statistics" class="sref">rds_tcp_statistics/oa>,  a href="+code=rds_tcp_stats" class="sref">rds_tcp_stats/oa>)o  41 /a>         a href="+code=____cacheline_aligned" class="sref">____cacheline_aligned /a>;o  42 /a>o  43 /a>static const char * const  a href="+code=rds_tcp_stat_namus" class="sref">rds_tcp_stat_namus /a>8'.10d 
    45a hre50="net/rds/tcp_stats.c#L43" ide=L43"5class="l5ne" namue=L41">  41 /a>5     5  a hunsa hre incode=rds_tcp_stat_namus" class_info_ticef">rds_tcp_stats/oa>)ords_tcp_stats/oainfo_iteratortion>*de=rds_tcp_statiterf">rds_tcp_statiterf="+ct/rds/tcp_stats.c#L43" ide=L43"5class="l5ne" namue=L42">  42 /a>5
  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<rds_tcp_statom thf="net/rds/tcp_stats.c#L41" ide=L41"5class="l5ne" namue=L43">  43 /a>5tatic5constrdg1x61op>d 
5 rds_tcp_statuinc64_ttion>*de=rds_tcp_statsumf">rds_tcp_stataumf="net/rds/tcp_stats.c#L42" ide=L42"5class="l5ne" namue=L37">  37 /a>5inclu57 a href="+code=____cachelinsize_tf">rds_tcp_statsize_tf="+ode=rds_tcp_statif">rds_tcp_statif="net/rds/tcp_stats.c#L42" ide=L42"5class="l5ne" namue=L38">  38 /a>5inclu58tion>
  rds_tcp_stat;o  39 /a>5  46a hre60tion>
  rds_tcp_statom thf="n="incode=rds_tcp_stat /spY_SIZEf">rds_tcp_stat /spY_SIZE a hrde=rds_tcp_stat_namus" class="sref">rds_tcp_stat_namus /a>8'.10  41 /a>6     61tion>
  <<<<<<<<rds_tcp_statoutf="net/rds/tcp_stats.c#L42" ide=L42"6class="l6ne" namue=L42">  42 /a>6  43 /a>6tatic63 a href="+code=____cachelinfor_egne_on /a>;;ords_tcp_statfor_egne_on /a>;;o< a hrde=rds_tcp_stat;ords_tcp_stat;od 
6 rds_tcp_stat;o   5 /a> 6inclu65tion>
  <<<<<<<<rds_tcp_stataumf="n9"frde=rds_tcp_statuinc64_tf">rds_tcp_statuinc64_ttion>*)&de=rds_tcp_stat="sref">rds_tcp_stata href="net/rds/tcp_stats.c#L42" ide=L42"6lass="linne" namue=L6">   6 /a> s
  <<<<<<<<rds_tcp_statif="n9"f0code=rds_tcp_statif">rds_tcp_statif="n9"incosizeofrde=rds_tcp_stat="sref">rds_tcp_stata href="n) /osizeofrde=rds_tcp_statuinc64_tf">rds_tcp_statuinc64_ttion)code=rds_tcp_statif">rds_tcp_statif="n++et/rds/tcp_stats.c#L41" ide=L41"6class="l6ne" namue=L37">  37 /a>6inclu67tion>
  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<*rde=rds_tcp_stat=umf">rds_tcp_stataumf="n++e +=<*rde=rds_tcp_stat=rcf">rds_tcp_statarcf="n++eet/rds/tcp_stats.c#L42" ide=L42"6class="l6ne" namue=L38">  38 /a>6inclu68tion>
  <}t/rds/tcp_stats.c#L42" ide=L42"6class="l6ne" namue=L39">  39 /a>6  47a hre70 a href="+code=____cachelins/oaclass_info_ticef">rds_tcp_stats/oaa hre_info_tice a hrde=rds_tcp_statiterf">rds_tcp_statiterf="+cfrde=rds_tcp_statuinc64_tf">rds_tcp_statuinc64_ttion>*)&de=rds_tcp_stat="sref">rds_tcp_stata href="ncode=rds_tcp_stats" class="srs="sref">rds_tcp_stat_namus /a>8'.10  41 /a>7     71tion>
  <<<<<<<<rds_tcp_stat /spY_SIZE a hrde=rds_tcp_stat_namus" class="sref">rds_tcp_stat_namus /a>8'.10  42 /a>7rds_tcp_statoutf="n:t/rds/tcp_stats.c#L42" ide=L42"7class="l7ne" namue=L43">  43 /a>7tatic73 a href="+co;">1" ide=rds_tcp_stat /spY_SIZEf">rds_tcp_stat /spY_SIZE a hrde=rds_tcp_stat_namus" class="sref">rds_tcp_stat_namus /a>8'.10