2#  Quota configuration
   5config QUOTA
   6        bool "Quota support"
   7        select QUOTACTL
   8        help
   9          If you say Y here, you will be able to set per user limits for disk
  10          usage (also called disk quotas). Currently, it works for the
  11          ext2, ext3, and reiserfs file system. ext3 also supports journalled
  12          quotas for which you don't need to run quotacheck(8) after an unclean
  13          shutdown.
  14          For further details, read the Quota mini-HOWTO, available from
  15          <>, or the documentation provided
  16          with the quota tools. Probably the quota support is only useful for
  17          multi user systems. If unsure, say N.
  20        bool "Report quota messages through netlink interface"
  21        depends on QUOTACTL && NET
  22        help
  23          If you say Y here, quota warnings (about exceeding softlimit, reaching
  24          hardlimit, etc.) will be reported through netlink interface. If unsure,
  25          say Y.
  28        bool "Print quota warnings to console (OBSOLETE)"
  29        depends on QUOTA
  30        default y
  31        help
  32          If you say Y here, quota warnings (about exceeding softlimit, reaching
  33          hardlimit, etc.) will be printed to the process' controlling terminal.
  34          Note that this behavior is currently deprecated and may go away in
  35          future. Please use notification via netlink socket instead.
  37config QUOTA_DEBUG
  38        bool "Additional quota sanity checks"
  39        depends on QUOTA
  40        default n
  41        help
  42          If you say Y here, quota subsystem will perform some additional
  43          sanity checks of quota internal structures. If unsure, say N.
  45# Generic support for tree structured quota files. Selected when needed.
  46config QUOTA_TREE
  47         tristate
  49config QFMT_V1
  50        tristate "Old quota format support"
  51        depends on QUOTA
  52        help
  53          This quota format was (is) used by kernels earlier than 2.4.22. If
  54          you have quota working and you don't want to convert to new quota
  55          format say Y here.
  57config QFMT_V2
  58        tristate "Quota format vfsv0 and vfsv1 support"
  59        depends on QUOTA
  60        select QUOTA_TREE
  61        help
  62          This config option enables kernel support for vfsv0 and vfsv1 quota
  63          formats. Both these formats support 32-bit UIDs/GIDs and vfsv1 format
  64          also supports 64-bit inode and block quota limits. If you need this
  65          functionality say Y here.
  67config QUOTACTL
  68        bool
  69        default n
  72        bool
  73        depends on QUOTACTL && COMPAT_FOR_U64_ALIGNMENT
  74        default y
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