1config PSTORE
   2        bool "Persistent store support"
   3        default n
   4        help
   5           This option enables generic access to platform level
   6           persistent storage via "pstore" filesystem that can
   7           be mounted as /dev/pstore.  Only useful if you have
   8           a platform level driver that registers with pstore to
   9           provide the data, so you probably should just go say "Y"
  10           (or "M") to a platform specific persistent store driver
  11           (e.g. ACPI_APEI on X86) which will select this for you.
  12           If you don't have a platform persistent store driver,
  13           say N.
  16        bool "Log kernel console messages"
  17        depends on PSTORE
  18        help
  19          When the option is enabled, pstore will log all kernel
  20          messages, even if no oops or panic happened.
  22config PSTORE_FTRACE
  23        bool "Persistent function tracer"
  24        depends on PSTORE
  25        depends on FUNCTION_TRACER
  26        depends on DEBUG_FS
  27        help
  28          With this option kernel traces function calls into a persistent
  29          ram buffer that can be decoded and dumped after reboot through
  30          pstore filesystem. It can be used to determine what function
  31          was last called before a reset or panic.
  33          If unsure, say N.
  35config PSTORE_RAM
  36        tristate "Log panic/oops to a RAM buffer"
  37        depends on PSTORE
  38        depends on HAS_IOMEM
  39        depends on HAVE_MEMBLOCK
  40        select REED_SOLOMON
  41        select REED_SOLOMON_ENC8
  42        select REED_SOLOMON_DEC8
  43        help
  44          This enables panic and oops messages to be logged to a circular
  45          buffer in RAM where it can be read back at some later point.
  47          Note that for historical reasons, the module will be named
  48          "ramoops.ko".
  50          For more information, see Documentation/ramoops.txt.
  51 kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro AS, provider of Linux consulting and operations services since 1995.