1The additional fields in struct boot_params as a part of 32-bit boot
   2protocol of kernel. These should be filled by bootloader or 16-bit
   3real-mode setup code of the kernel. References/settings to it mainly
   4are in:
   6  arch/x86/include/asm/bootparam.h
   1<0/a>The additional field0cume="v2a>/Sizero-page.txt#L8g src=">
   1<The additional fieldds in116/zero-page.txt#L8g src=">
   21protocol of kernel.1 Thes1 shou000/040 ALL     screen_info     T>
	  Refeon/frref buf
   31real-mode setup cod1e of 13tparammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm(f 32-biscreen_info)ro-page.txt#L8g src=">
   41are in:
   61  arch/x86/include/1asm/b1otpar060/010 ALL     ist_info        Id1/l SpeedStep (IST) BIOS suppoumeinformc=">   71
   120/a>The additional fiel20cume2"v2a>0A0/010 ALL     sys_desc_tablf  System descri2.6.11tablf (f 32-bisys_desc_tablf)ro-page.txt#L8g src=">
   12The additional fiel2ds in216/ze0B0/010 ALL     olpc_ofw_v>
    2<protocol of kernel.  Thes2 shou140/080 ALL     edid_info       Video  References(f 32-biedid_info)ro-page.txt#L8g src=">
   32real-mode setup cod2e of 23tpar1C0/020 ALL     efi_info        EFIati informc=">   42are in:
   62  arch/x86/include/2asm/b26tion1E8/001 ALL     e820_ srries    Numbatiof  srries t oe820_maes(below)ro-page.txt#L8g src=">
   130/a>The additional fiel30cume3"v2a>290/040 ALL     edd_mbr_sig_buf
   13The additional fiel3ds in316/ze2D0/A00 ALL     e820_maes       E820n fmory maestablfro-page.txt#L8g src=">
   23protocol of kernel.3 Thes32tparammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm(arrayiof f 32-bie820 srry)ro-page.txt#L8g src=">
   3<real-mode setup codee of 33tparD00/1EC ALL     eddbufmmmmmmmmmmEDD datam(arrayiof f 32-biedd_info)ro-page.txt#L8g src=">
   43are in:

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