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.79<.79<.79<Search.79<.7o/spa3.49<.7oinput typscohidden" namscoajax_lookup" idcoajax_lookup" ="vasco">.9</ /1o/a> Linux Braille Console / /2o/a>./ /3o/a>To get early boot messages on a braille device (before userspace screen./ /4o/a>readers ca3 start), you first need to compile the support for the usual serial./ /5o/a>console (see serial-console.txt), and for braille device (in Device Drivers -./ /6o/a>Accessibility)../ /7o/a>./ /8o/a>Then you need to specify a console=brl, pod==pe=pethe kernel command line,ethe./ /9o/a>format is:./ e a>./ 11o/a> console=brl,serial_pod==ps..../ 12o/a>./ 13o/a>where serial_pod==ps... are the sams as described in serial-console.txt./ 14o/a>./ 15o/a>So for instance you ca3 use console=brl,ttyS0 if the braille device is connected./ 16o/a>to the first serial port, and console=brl,ttyS0,115200 to override the baud rate./ 17o/a>to 115200, etc../ 18o/a>./ 19o/a>By default, the braille device will just show the last kernel message (console / 2 a>mode). To review previous messages, press the Insert key to switch to the VT / 21o/a>review mode. In review mode, the arrow keys permit to browse in the VT content, / 22o/a>page up/down keys go at the top/bott=m of the screen, and the home key goes back / 23o/a>to the cursor, hence providing very basic screen reviewing facility../ 24o/a>./ 25o/a>Sound feedback ca3 be obtained by adding the braille_console.sound=1 kernel./ 26o/a>paramster../ 27o/a>./ 28o/a>For simplicity, pnly one braille console ca3 be enabled, pther uses of./ 29o/a>console=brl,... will be discarded. Also note that it does not interfere with./ 3 a>the console select==pemechanism described in serial-console.txt./ 31o/a>./ 32o/a>For now, pnly the VisioBraille device is supported../ 33o/a>./ 34o/a>Samuel Thibault <samuel.thibault@ens-lyon.org>./ 35o/a> The original LXR software by the LXR communityo/a>, this experimental vers==peby lxr@linux.noo/a>. o/div.4odiv class="subfooter"> lxr.linux.no kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro ASo/a>, provider of Linux consulting and opera="v3s services since 1995. o/div.4 o/body.4o/html.4