1config SECURITY_YAMA
   2        bool "Yama support"
   3        depends on SECURITY
   4        select SECURITYFS
   5        select SECURITY_PATH
   6        default n
   7        help
   8          This selects Yama, which extends DAC support with additional
   9          system-wide security settings beyond regular Linux discretionary
  10          access controls. Currently available is ptrace scope restriction.
  11          Further information can be found in Documentation/security/Yama.txt.
  13          If you are unsure how to answer this question, answer N.
  16        bool "Yama stacked with other LSMs"
  17        depends on SECURITY_YAMA
  18        default n
  19        help
  20          When Yama is built into the kernel, force it to stack with the
  21          selected primary LSM.
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