2# SCTP configuration
   5menuconfig IP_SCTP
   6        tristate "The SCTP Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL)"
   7        depends on INET && EXPERIMENTAL
   8        depends on IPV6 || IPV6=n
   9        select CRYPTO
  10        select CRYPTO_HMAC
  11        select CRYPTO_SHA1
  12        select CRYPTO_MD5 if SCTP_HMAC_MD5
  13        select LIBCRC32C
  14        ---help---
  15          Stream Control Transmission Protocol
  17          From RFC 2960 <>.
  19          "SCTP is a reliable transport protocol operating on top of a
  20          connectionless packet network such as IP.  It offers the following
  21          services to its users:
  23          -- acknowledged error-free non-duplicated transfer of user data,
  24          -- data fragmentation to conform to discovered path MTU size,
  25          -- sequenced delivery of user messages within multiple streams,
  26          with an option for order-of-arrival delivery of individual user
  27          messages,
  28          -- optional bundling of multiple user messages into a single SCTP
  29          packet, and
  30          -- network-level fault tolerance through supporting of multi-
  31          homing at either or both ends of an association."
  33          To compile this protocol support as a module, choose M here: the
  34          module will be called sctp.
  36          If in doubt, say N.
  38if IP_SCTP
  40config NET_SCTPPROBE
  41        tristate "SCTP: Association probing"
  42        depends on PROC_FS && KPROBES
  43        ---help---
  44        This module allows for capturing the changes to SCTP association
  45        state in response to incoming packets. It is used for debugging
  46        SCTP congestion control algorithms. If you don't understand
  47        what was just said, you don't need it: say N.
  49        To compile this code as a module, choose M here: the
  50        module will be called sctp_probe.
  52config SCTP_DBG_MSG
  53        bool "SCTP: Debug messages"
  54        help
  55          If you say Y, this will enable verbose debugging messages. 
  57          If unsure, say N.  However, if you are running into problems, use 
  58          this option to gather detailed trace information
  60config SCTP_DBG_OBJCNT
  61        bool "SCTP: Debug object counts"
  62        depends on PROC_FS
  63        help
  64          If you say Y, this will enable debugging support for counting the 
  65          type of objects that are currently allocated.  This is useful for 
  66          identifying memory leaks. This debug information can be viewed by
  67          'cat /proc/net/sctp/sctp_dbg_objcnt'
  69          If unsure, say N
  72        prompt "SCTP: Cookie HMAC Algorithm"
  73        default SCTP_HMAC_MD5
  74        help
  75          HMAC algorithm to be used during association initialization.  It
  76          is strongly recommended to use HMAC-SHA1 or HMAC-MD5.  See 
  77          configuration for Cryptographic API and enable those algorithms
  78          to make usable by SCTP. 
  80config SCTP_HMAC_NONE
  81        bool "None"
  82        help 
  83          Choosing this disables the use of an HMAC during association 
  84          establishment.  It is advised to use either HMAC-MD5 or HMAC-SHA1.
  86config SCTP_HMAC_SHA1
  87        bool "HMAC-SHA1"
  88        help 
  89          Enable the use of HMAC-SHA1 during association establishment.  It 
  90          is advised to use either HMAC-MD5 or HMAC-SHA1.
  92config SCTP_HMAC_MD5
  93        bool "HMAC-MD5"
  94        help
  95          Enable the use of HMAC-MD5 during association establishment.  It is 
  96          advised to use either HMAC-MD5 or HMAC-SHA1.
 100endif # IP_SCTP
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