1config REISERFS_FS
   2        tristate "Reiserfs support"
   3        select CRC32
   4        help
   5          Stores not just filenames but the files themselves in a balanced
   6          tree.  Uses journalling.
   8          Balanced trees are more efficient than traditional file system
   9          architectural foundations.
  11          In general, ReiserFS is as fast as ext2, but is very efficient with
  12          large directories and small files.  Additional patches are needed
  13          for NFS and quotas, please see 
  14          <> for links.
  16          It is more easily extended to have features currently found in
  17          database and keyword search systems than block allocation based file
  18          systems are.  The next version will be so extended, and will support
  19          plugins consistent with our motto ``It takes more than a license to
  20          make source code open.''
  22          Read <> 
  23          to learn more about reiserfs.
  25          Sponsored by Threshold Networks,, and
  27          If you like it, you can pay us to add new features to it that you
  28          need, buy a support contract, or pay us to port it to another OS.
  31        bool "Enable reiserfs debug mode"
  32        depends on REISERFS_FS
  33        help
  34          If you set this to Y, then ReiserFS will perform every check it can
  35          possibly imagine of its internal consistency throughout its
  36          operation.  It will also go substantially slower.  More than once we
  37          have forgotten that this was on, and then gone despondent over the
  38          latest benchmarks.:-) Use of this option allows our team to go all
  39          out in checking for consistency when debugging without fear of its
  40          effect on end users.  If you are on the verge of sending in a bug
  41          report, say Y and you might get a useful error message.  Almost
  42          everyone should say N.
  45        bool "Stats in /proc/fs/reiserfs"
  46        depends on REISERFS_FS && PROC_FS
  47        help
  48          Create under /proc/fs/reiserfs a hierarchy of files, displaying
  49          various ReiserFS statistics and internal data at the expense of
  50          making your kernel or module slightly larger (+8 KB). This also
  51          increases the amount of kernel memory required for each mount.
  52          Almost everyone but ReiserFS developers and people fine-tuning
  53          reiserfs or tracing problems should say N.
  56        bool "ReiserFS extended attributes"
  57        depends on REISERFS_FS
  58        help
  59          Extended attributes are name:value pairs associated with inodes by
  60          the kernel or by users (see the attr(5) manual page, or visit
  61          <> for details).
  63          If unsure, say N.
  66        bool "ReiserFS POSIX Access Control Lists"
  67        depends on REISERFS_FS_XATTR
  68        select FS_POSIX_ACL
  69        help
  70          Posix Access Control Lists (ACLs) support permissions for users and
  71          groups beyond the owner/group/world scheme.
  73          To learn more about Access Control Lists, visit the Posix ACLs for
  74          Linux website <>.
  76          If you don't know what Access Control Lists are, say N
  79        bool "ReiserFS Security Labels"
  80        depends on REISERFS_FS_XATTR
  81        help
  82          Security labels support alternative access control models
  83          implemented by security modules like SELinux.  This option
  84          enables an extended attribute handler for file security
  85          labels in the ReiserFS filesystem.
  87          If you are not using a security module that requires using
  88          extended attributes for file security labels, say N.
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