1config NFS_FS
   2        tristate "NFS client support"
   3        depends on INET && FILE_LOCKING
   4        select LOCKD
   5        select SUNRPC
   6        select NFS_ACL_SUPPORT if NFS_V3_ACL
   7        help
   8          Choose Y here if you want to access files residing on other
   9          computers using Sun's Network File System protocol.  To compile
  10          this file system support as a module, choose M here: the module
  11          will be called nfs.
  13          To mount file systems exported by NFS servers, you also need to
  14          install the user space mount.nfs command which can be found in
  15          the Linux nfs-utils package, available from
  16          Information about using the mount command is available in the
  17          mount(8) man page.  More detail about the Linux NFS client
  18          implementation is available via the nfs(5) man page.
  20          Below you can choose which versions of the NFS protocol are
  21          available in the kernel to mount NFS servers.  Support for NFS
  22          version 2 (RFC 1094) is always available when NFS_FS is selected.
  24          To configure a system which mounts its root file system via NFS
  25          at boot time, say Y here, select "Kernel level IP
  26          autoconfiguration" in the NETWORK menu, and select "Root file
  27          system on NFS" below.  You cannot compile this file system as a
  28          module in this case.
  30          If unsure, say N.
  32config NFS_V2
  33        tristate "NFS client support for NFS version 2"
  34        depends on NFS_FS
  35        default y
  36        help
  37          This option enables support for version 2 of the NFS protocol
  38          (RFC 1094) in the kernel's NFS client.
  40          If unsure, say Y.
  42config NFS_V3
  43        tristate "NFS client support for NFS version 3"
  44        depends on NFS_FS
  45        default y
  46        help
  47          This option enables support for version 3 of the NFS protocol
  48          (RFC 1813) in the kernel's NFS client.
  50          If unsure, say Y.
  52config NFS_V3_ACL
  53        bool "NFS client support for the NFSv3 ACL protocol extension"
  54        depends on NFS_V3
  55        help
  56          Some NFS servers support an auxiliary NFSv3 ACL protocol that
  57          Sun added to Solaris but never became an official part of the
  58          NFS version 3 protocol.  This protocol extension allows
  59          applications on NFS clients to manipulate POSIX Access Control
  60          Lists on files residing on NFS servers.  NFS servers enforce
  61          ACLs on local files whether this protocol is available or not.
  63          Choose Y here if your NFS server supports the Solaris NFSv3 ACL
  64          protocol extension and you want your NFS client to allow
  65          applications to access and modify ACLs on files on the server.
  67          Most NFS servers don't support the Solaris NFSv3 ACL protocol
  68          extension.  You can choose N here or specify the "noacl" mount
  69          option to prevent your NFS client from trying to use the NFSv3
  70          ACL protocol.
  72          If unsure, say N.
  74config NFS_V4
  75        tristate "NFS client support for NFS version 4"
  76        depends on NFS_FS
  77        select SUNRPC_GSS
  78        select KEYS
  79        help
  80          This option enables support for version 4 of the NFS protocol
  81          (RFC 3530) in the kernel's NFS client.
  83          To mount NFS servers using NFSv4, you also need to install user
  84          space programs which can be found in the Linux nfs-utils package,
  85          available from
  87          If unsure, say Y.
  89config NFS_SWAP
  90        bool "Provide swap over NFS support"
  91        default n
  92        depends on NFS_FS
  93        select SUNRPC_SWAP
  94        help
  95          This option enables swapon to work on files located on NFS mounts.
  97config NFS_V4_1
  98        bool "NFS client support for NFSv4.1"
  99        depends on NFS_V4
 100        select SUNRPC_BACKCHANNEL
 101        help
 102          This option enables support for minor version 1 of the NFSv4 protocol
 103          (RFC 5661) in the kernel's NFS client.
 105          If unsure, say N.
 108        tristate
 109        depends on NFS_V4_1
 110        default m
 112config PNFS_BLOCK
 113        tristate
 114        depends on NFS_V4_1 && BLK_DEV_DM
 115        default m
 118        tristate
 119        depends on NFS_V4_1 && SCSI_OSD_ULD
 120        default m
 123        string "NFSv4.1 Implementation ID Domain"
 124        depends on NFS_V4_1
 125        default ""
 126        help
 127          This option defines the domain portion of the implementation ID that
 128          may be sent in the NFS exchange_id operation.  The value must be in
 129          the format of a DNS domain name and should be set to the DNS domain
 130          name of the distribution.
 131          If the NFS client is unchanged from the upstream kernel, this
 132          option should be set to the default "".
 134config ROOT_NFS
 135        bool "Root file system on NFS"
 136        depends on NFS_FS=y && IP_PNP
 137        help
 138          If you want your system to mount its root file system via NFS,
 139          choose Y here.  This is common practice for managing systems
 140          without local permanent storage.  For details, read
 141          <file:Documentation/filesystems/nfs/nfsroot.txt>.
 143          Most people say N here.
 145config NFS_FSCACHE
 146        bool "Provide NFS client caching support"
 147        depends on NFS_FS=m && FSCACHE || NFS_FS=y && FSCACHE=y
 148        help
 149          Say Y here if you want NFS data to be cached locally on disc through
 150          the general filesystem cache manager
 153        bool "Use the legacy NFS DNS resolver"
 154        depends on NFS_V4
 155        help
 156          The kernel now provides a method for translating a host name into an
 157          IP address.  Select Y here if you would rather use your own DNS
 158          resolver script.
 160          If unsure, say N
 163        bool
 164        depends on NFS_V4 && !NFS_USE_LEGACY_DNS
 165        select DNS_RESOLVER
 166        default y
 168config NFS_DEBUG
 169        bool
 170        depends on NFS_FS && SUNRPC_DEBUG
 171        select CRC32
 172        default y
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