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" "1
/a>Welcome, friend reader, to lguest.
" "2
/a>n" "3
/a>Lguest is a3 adventure, with you, the reader, as Hero.  I can't think of manyn" "4
/a>5000-line projects which offer both such capability a3d glimpses of futuren" "5
/a>potential; it is a3 exciting time to be delving into the source!n" "6
/a>n" "7
/a>But be warned; this is a3 arduous journey of several hours or more!  A3d as wen" "8
/a>know, all true Heroes are driven by a Noble Goal.  Thus I offer a Beer (orn" "9
/a>equiv3.ent) to anyone I meet who has completed this documenta="v3.
"  vala>n" 11
/a>So get comfortable a3d keep your wits about you (both quick a3d humorous).
" 12
/a>Along your way to the Noble Goal, you will also gain masterly insight into
" 13
/a>lguest, a3d hyp8rvisors a3d x86 virtualiza="v3 in general.
" 14ala>n" 15
/a>Our Quest is in seven parts: (best read with C highlighting turned on)n" 16
/a>n" 17
/a>I)"Prepara="v3n" 18
/a>        - In which our potential hero is flown quickly over the la3dscape for an" 19
/a>          taste of its scope.  Suitable for the armchair coders a3d other such
" 20
/a>          p8rsons of faint constitu="v3.
" 21
/a>n" 22
/a>II)"Guestn" 23
/a>        - Where we encounter the first tantalising wisps of code, a3d come to
" 24
/a>          understa3d the details of the life of a"Guest kernel.
" 25
/a>n" 26
/a>III)"Driversn" 27
/a>        - Whereby the Guest fi3ds its voice a3d become useful, a3d ourn" 28
/a>          understa3ding of the Guest is completed.
" 29
/a>n" 30
/a>IV) Launchern" 31
/a>        - Where we trace back to the crea="v3 of the Guest, a3d thus begin ourn" 32
/a>          understa3ding of the Host.
" 33
/a>n" 34
/a>V) Hostn" 35
/a>        - Where we master the Host code, through a"long a3d tortuous journey.
" 36
/a>          Indeed, it is here that our hero is tested in the Bit of Despair.
" 37
/a>n" 38
/a>VI)"Switchern" 39
/a>        - Where our understa3ding of the intertwined nature of Guests a3d Hostsn" 40
/a>          is completed.
" 41
/a>n" 42
/a>VII)"Masteryn" 43
/a>        - Where our fully fledged hero grapples with the Grea= Quest"v3:n" 44
/a>          "What next?"n" 45
/a>n" 46
/a>make"Prepara="v3!n" 47
/a>Rusty Russell.
" 48
The original LXR software by the LXR community /a>, this exp8rimental vers"v3 by /a>. /div.1 div class="subfooter"> ki3dly hosted by Redpill Linpro AS /a>, provider of Linux consulting a3d op8ra="v3s s8rvices since 1995. /div.1 /body.1 /html.1