opti4.1/spae=" 4.1/form=" 4.1a opti4. href="../linux+v3.7.2/drivers/Makefile">opti4.1img src="../.static/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">op1/spae="op1spae class="lxr_search">optiopti4.1input typ3.4hidden" nam3.4navtarget" v3.4">opti4.1input typ3.4text" nam3.4search" id.4search">opti4.1butt >typ3.4submit">Searchopti4.Prefs" 4.1/a>op1/spae="ti4. .1/div="ti4. .1form acalue="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">op1input typ3.4hidden" nam3.4ajax_lookup" id.4ajax_lookup" v3.4">oti4. .1/form="oti4. .1div class="headingbott m">" 1div id.4file_contents"=
. .11/a>#
. .21/a># Makefile for the Linux kernel device drivers.
. .31/a>#
. .41/a># 15 Sep 2000, Christoph Hellwig <>
. .51/a># Rewritten to use lists instead of if-statements.
. .61/a>#
. .71/a>o. .81/a>obj-y                           += irqchip/o. .91/a>obj-y                           += bus/o. tiona>o. 111/a># GPIO must come after pinctrl as gpios may need to mux pins etco. 121/a>obj-y                           += pinctrl/o. 131/a>obj-y                           += gpio/o. 141/a>obj-y                           += pwm/o. 151/a>obj-$(CONFIG_PCI)               += pci/o. 161/a>obj-$(CONFIG_PARISC)            += parisc/o. 171/a>obj-$(CONFIG_RAPIDIO)           += rapidio/o. 181/a>obj-y                           += video/o. 191/a>obj-y                           += idle/o. 2iona>o. 211/a># IPMI must come before ACPI in order to provide IPMI opreg	  >supporto. 221/a>obj-$(CONFIG_IPMI_HANDLER)      += char/ipmi/o. 23ona>o. 241/a>obj-$(CONFIG_ACPI)              += acpi/o. 251/a>obj-$(CONFIG_SFI)               += sfi/o. 261/a># PnP must come after ACPI since it will eventually need to check if acpio. 271/a># was used and do nothing if soo. 281/a>obj-$(CONFIG_PNP)               += pnp/o. 291/a>obj-y                           += amba/o. 301/a># Many drivers will want to use DMA so this has to be made availableo. 311/a># really early.
. 321/a>obj-$(CONFIG_DMA_ENGINE)        += dma/o. 33ona>o. 341/a>obj-$(CONFIG_VIRTIO)            += virtio/o. 351/a>obj-$(CONFIG_XEN)               += xen/o. 36ona>o. 371/a># regulators early, since some subsystems rely   >them to initializeo. 381/a>obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR)         += regulator/o. 39ona>o. 401/a># tty/ comes before char/ so that the VT console is the boot-timeo. 411/a># default.
. 421/a>obj-y                           += tty/
. 431/a>obj-y                           += char/
. 44ona>o. 451/a># gpu/ comes after char for AGP vs DRM startupo. 461/a>obj-y                           += gpu/o. 471/a>o. 481/a>obj-$(CONFIG_CONNECTOR)         += connector/o. 49ona>o. 501/a># i810fb and intelfb depend   >char/agp/o. 511/a>obj-$(CONFIG_FB_I810)           += video/i810/o. 521/a>obj-$(CONFIG_FB_INTEL)          += video/intelfb/o. 53ona>o. 541/a>obj-$(CONFIG_PARPORT)           += parport/o. 551/a>obj-y                           += base/ block/ misc/ mfd/ nfc/o. 561/a>obj-$(CONFIG_NUBUS)             += nubus/o. 571/a>obj-y                           += macintosh/o. 581/a>obj-$(CONFIG_IDE)               += ide/o. 591/a>obj-$(CONFIG_SCSI)              += scsi/o. 601/a>obj-$(CONFIG_ATA)               += ata/o. 611/a>obj-$(CONFIG_TARGET_CORE)       += target/o. 621/a>obj-$(CONFIG_MTD)               += mtd/o. 631/a>obj-$(CONFIG_SPI)               += spi/o. 641/a>obj-y                           += hsi/o. 651/a>obj-y                           += net/o. 661/a>obj-$(CONFIG_ATM)               += atm/o. 671/a>obj-$(CONFIG_FUSION)            += message/o. 681/a>obj-y                           += firewire/o. 691/a>obj-$(CONFIG_UIO)               += uio/o. 701/a>obj-$(CONFIG_VFIO)              += vfio/o. 711/a>obj-y                           += cdrom/o. 721/a>obj-y                           += auxdisplay/
. 17s/Makefile#L57" id.4L5717s/Makele#L54" id.4L54" c9 17s/Makefile#L57" id.4L5717s/Makele#L">. 6w-De#L68" id.4L68" pcmci"line" nam3.4L61">. 611/a>obj-7        7                  += hs7/o. 181/a>obj-7        7                  += ne7/o. 571/a>obj-7(CONFIG_7TM)               += at7/o. 181/a>obj-7f="driverrs/Makefile#L8" id.4L8" sage/7. 581/a>obj-7        7                  += fi7ewire7ref="drivers/Makefile_OVER_ETH3" id.4L23L56" iao"line" nam3.4L69">. 691/a>obj-7(CONFIG_7IO)               += ui7/o. 591/a>obj-8(CONFIG_8FIO)              += vf8o/o. 561/a>obj-8        8                  += cd8om/o<8a href="drivers/MaUWB#L70" id.4L70" classw"line" nam3.4L53">. 53ona>o. 53ona>oUSB#L70" id.4L70" classs"line" nam3.4L53">. 53ona>o. 53ona>o. 53ona>o. 181/a>obj-8f="drive8rs/Makefile#L8" id.4L8"8sage/8. 551/a>obj-8                          += irqcewire8ref="drivers/MakefiNPUT#L70" id.4L70"lassokup/ine" nam3.4L55">. 551/a>obj-8(CONFIG_8IO)               += ui8/o. 681/a>obj-9(CONFIG_9FIO)              += vf9o/o. 561/a>obj-9        9                  += cd9om/o<9 href="drivers/Makefile#L72" id.4L72" cli256" edi"line" nam3.4L61">. 611/a>obj-9        9                  += au9displ9ref="drivers/MakefPPe#L57" id.4L57"c68" pp"line" nam3.4L57">. 571/a>obj-9#L54" id94L54" c9 17s/Makefile#L97" id94L5717s/Makele#L">.TP_1588_CLOCK)7"c68" ptine" nam3.4L9">. .91/a>obj-y           9                  += hs9/o. .91/a>obj-y           9                  += ne9/o. 49ona>o. 36ona>o. 131/a>obj-9        9                 += irq9ewire9ref="drivers/MakefWATCHDOG#L55" id.4Llaswatchdogline" nam3.4L13">. 131/a>obj-9                          += bus//o. 631/a>obj-10ref="driveers/Makefile#L11" id.4L11o/o<11oef="drivers/MakefBT#L63" id.4L63" cclasbluetoot"line" nam3.4L58">. 581/a>obj-10O must co0me after pinctrl as gpio01/o<11a href="drivers/MaACCESSIBILITY#L57" lasacclasibili="line" nam3.4L43">. 431/a>obj-10         0                  += pin02/o<11/o. 36ona>oEDAC#L63" id.4L63"  cleda"line" nam3.4L17">. 171/a>obj-$0         0                  += pwm04/o<11. 611/a>obj-10(CONFIG_P0CI)               += pci05/o<11ref="drivers/Makefile#L66" id.4L66" claslguesp/ine" nam3.4L55">. 551/a>obj-10(CONFIG_P0ARISC)            += par06/o<11ref="drivers/MakefCPU_FREQ#L55" id.4Llascpufreq/ine" nam3.4L55">. 551/a>obj-10(CONFIG_R0APIDIO)           += rap07/o<11. 2iona>o. 171/a>obj-$0         0                  += idl09/o<11ref="drivers/MakefMEMSTICK)7"c6 id.4L69"memsti" iine" nam3.4L11">. 111/a># GPIOref="drivvers/Makefile#L11" id.4L111" c110ef="drivers/Makefile#L66" id.4L66" clasled"line" nam3.4L10">. tiona>o. 631/a>obj-1y                            += pinnctrl11/o. 36ona>o. 691/a>obj-1y                            += pwmm/o. 191/a>obj-y$(CONFIG_PPCI)               += pcii/o. 581/a>obj-1$(CONFIG_PPARISC)            += parrisc/1. 581/a>obj-1$(CONFIG_RRAPIDIO)           += rappidio1o. 581/a>obj-1$                            += viddeo/o1a href="drivers/Makefile#L19" id.4L19" clc56" sourc"line" nam3.4L69">. 691/a>obj-1y                            += idlle/o<1 href=endifine" nam3.4L12">. 121/a>obj-y ref="drivvers/Makefile#L21" id.4L121" c12oef="drivers/MakefDCe#L61" id.4L61" clasdc"line" nam3.4L61">. 611/a>obj-1MI must c1ome before ACPI in order1 to p12a href="drivers/MaHIe#L63" id.4L63" clashi"line" nam3.4L63">. 631/a>obj-12                            += pincctrl1i/o. 631/a>obj-12         vers/Makefile#L24" id.4L124" c124L5717s/Makele#L">OF#L63" id.4L63" cclasofline" nam3.4L63">. 631/a>obj-12         ACPI)              += ac1pi/o<1 href="drivers/MakeSSB#L70" id.4L70" classs"line" nam3.4L53">. 53ona>o. 33ona>o. 551/a>obj-1s used an1d do nothing if soo. 551/a>obj-1$(CONFIG_1PNP)               += pn1p/o. 131/a>obj-1y        1                   += am1ba/o<1 href="drivers/Makefile#L30" id.4L30" claplat4.. 131/a>obj-y ref="drivs will want to use DMA s1o thi1 has tocomm51" lk codline" nam3.4L41">. 411/a># de1ally earl1y.
. 111/a># GPI$(CONFIG_1DMA_ENGINE)        += dm1a/o. 111/a># GPI$                            += gpio4" c134L5717s/Makele#L">HWSPINLOCK)7"c6L72" clhwspin56" iine" nam3.4L11">. 111/a># GPI$         VIRTIO)            += vi1rtio/1. 561/a>obj-1$(CONFIG_1XEN)               += xe1n/o. 471/a>o. 561/a>obj-1$ used an1early, since some subsys1tems 13. 131/a>obj-1$(CONFIG_1REGULATOR)         += re1gulat1r/o. 131/a>obj-1$        1vers/Makefile#L40" id.4L140" c1ass="l# Virefiliza/sele4L13">.ine" nam3.4L14">. 141/a>obj-y ref="drivbefore char/ so that the1 VT c14href="drivers/MakefIRT_DRIVERe#L57" i" classline" nam3.4L14">. 141/a>obj-y lly earl1 href="drivers/Makefile#1L42" 14a href="drivers/MaHYPERVe#L68" id.4L68" hvline" nam3.4L14">. 141/a>obj-y (CONFIG_1                   += tt1y/
. 111/a># GPIy        1                   += ch1ar/
<144L5717s/Makele#L">.M_DEVFREQ#L55" id.lasdevfreq/ine" nam3.4L55">. 551/a>obj-14                            += pwm/tio/14. 36ona>o. 431/a>obj-1y        1                   += gp1u/o. 141/a>obj-y  used an1vers/Makefile#L48" id.4L148" c14. 691/a>obj-1$(CONFIG_1CONNECTOR)         += co1nnect1r/o
The original LXR softwa=" by4L41"ne" nam3.http://sourc"4.LXR communityo.seleby4ne"">lxr@lfile.noo kindly hospedeby4ne" nam3.">Redpillkefipro ASo