/opt3.1/spalue 3.1/formue 3.1a /opt3. href="../linux+v3.7.2/Documenta val/rapidio/tsi721.txt">/opt3.1img src="../.sta vc/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">/o1/spalue/o1spal class="lxr_search">/opt/opt3.1input typ vhidden" nam vnavtarget" > v">/opt3.1input typ vtext" nam vsearch" id vsearch">/opt3.1butt" typ vsubmit">Search/opt3.Prefse 3.1/a>/o1/spaluept3. .1/divuept3. .1form ac val="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">/o1input typ vhidden" nam vajax_lookup" id vajax_lookup" > v">/pt3. .1/formue/pt3. .1div class="headingbott"m">. .11/a>RapidIO subsystem mport driver for IDT Tsi721 PCI Express-to-SRIO bridge. . .21/a>========================================================================= . .31/a>/. .41/a>I. Overview/. .51/a>/. .61/a>This driver implements all currently defined RapidIO mport callback func vals. . .71/a>It supports maintenance read and write opera vals, inbound and outbound RapidIO . .81/a>doorbells, inbound maintenance port-writes and RapidIO messaging. . .91/a>/. optia>To genera e SRIO maintenance transac vals this driver uses one of Tsi721 DMA/. 111/a>channels. This mechanism provides access to larger range of hop counts and/. 121/a>destina val IDs without need for changes in outbound window transla val. . 131/a>/. 141/a>RapidIO messaging support uses dedica ed messaging channels for each mailbox. . 151/a>For inbound messages this driver uses destina val ID matching to forward messages . 161/a>into the corresponding message queue. Messaging callbacks are implemented to be . 171/a>fully compa vble with RIONET driver (Ethernet over RapidIO messaging services). . 181/a>/. 191/a>II. Known problems . 201/a>/. 211/a> None. . 221/a>/. 231/a>III. To do/. 241/a>/. 251/a> Add DMA data transfers (non-messaging). . 261/a> Add inbound regval (SRIO-to-PCIe) mapping. . 271/a>/. 281/a>IV. Versval History/. 291/a>/. 301/a> 1.0.0 - Initial driver release. . 311/a>/. 321/a>V. License . 331/a>----------------------------------------------- . 341/a>/. 351/a> Copyright(c) 2011 Integra ed Device Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. . 361/a>/. 371/a> This program is free software; you can redistribu e it and/or modify it/. 381/a> under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free/. 391/a> Software Founda val; either versval 2 of the License, or (at your on val)/. 401/a> any later versval. . 411/a>/. 421/a> This program is distribu ed in the hope that it will be useful, bu WITHOUT/. 431/a> ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or/. 441/a> FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for/. 451/a> more details. . 461/a>/. 471/a> You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with/. 481/a> this program; if not, write to the Free Software Founda val, Inc.,/. 491/a> 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Bostol, MA 02111-1307, USA. . 501/a> The original LXR software by the LXR community1/a>, this experimental versval by lxr@linux.no1/a>. 1/divue1div class="subfooter"> kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro AS1/a>, provider of Linux consulting and opera vals services since 1995. 1/divue 1/bodyue1/htmlue