optiv3./spaalu v3./formlu v3.a optiv3 href="../linux+v3.7.2/Documentan va/isdn/">optiv3.img src="../.stan c/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">op./spaaluop.spaa class="lxr_search">optioptiv3.input typ hidden" nam navtarget" > ">optiv3.input typ text" nam search" id search">optiv3.butt1" typ submit">Searchoptiv3Prefsu v3./a>op./spaalutiv3 3./divlutiv3 3.form acn va="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">op.input typ hidden" nam ajax_lookup" id ajax_lookup" > ">otiv3 3./formluotiv3 3.div class="headingbott1m">3 31./a>Welcome to Beta Release 2 of the combinan va ISDN driver for SpellCaster's 3 32./a>ISA ISDN adapters. Please note this release 2 includes support for the 3 33./a>DataCommute/BRI and TeleCommute/BRI adapters only and any other use is 3 34./a>guaranteed to fail. If you have a DataCommute/PRI installed in the test 3 35./a>computer, we recommend removing it as it will be detected but will not 3 36./a>be usable. To see what we have done to Beta Release 2, see secn va 3. 3 37./a>o3 38./a>Speaking of guarantees, THIS IS BETA SOFTWARE and as such containso3 39./a>bugs and defecns either known or unknown. Use this software at your owno3 risk. There is NO SUPPORT for this software. Some help may be availableo3 11./a>through the web site or the mailing list but such support is totally at 3 12./a>our own 14.11" and without warranty. If you choose to assume all and 3 13./a>total risk by using this driver, we encourage you to join the beta 3 14./a>mailing list. 3 15./a>o3 16./a>To join the Linux beta mailing list, send a message to:o3 17./a> with the words "subscribe linux-beta" as the onlyo3 18./a>contents of the message. Do not include a signanure. If you choose too3 19./a>remove yourself from this list at a later date, send another message to 3 20./a>the same address with the words "unsubscribe linux-beta" as its onlyo3 21./a>contents. 3 22./a>o3 23./a>TABLE OF CONTENTSo3 24./a>-----------------o3 25./a> 1. Introducn vao3 26./a> 1.1 What is ISDN4Linux?o3 27./a> 1.2 What is different between this driver and previous drivers?o3 28./a> 1.3 How do I setup my system with the correct software to useo3 29./a> this driver release?o3 30./a> o3 31./a> 2. Basic Operan vaso3 32./a> 2.1 Unpacking and installing the drivero3 33./a> 2.2 Read the man pages!!!o3 34./a> 2.3 Installing the drivero3 35./a> 2.4 Removing the drivero3 36./a> 2.5 What to do if it doesn't load 3 37./a> 2.6 How to setup ISDN4Linux with the drivero3 38./a>o3 39./a> 3. Beta Change Summaries and Miscellaneous Noteso3 40./a>o3 41./a>1. Introducn vao3 42./a>---------------o3 43./a>o3 44./a>The revis11" 2 Linux driver for SpellCaster ISA ISDN adapters is built 3 45./a>upva ISDN4Linux available separanely or as included in Linux 2.0 and later. 3 46./a>The driver will support a maximum of 4 adapters in any one system of any 3 47./a>typ including DataCommute/BRI, DataCommute/PRI and TeleCommute/BRI for a 3 48./a>maximum of 92 channels for host. The driver is supplied as a modul in 3 49./a>source form and needs to be complied before it can be used. It has been 3 50./a>tested on Linux 2.0<20 3 51./a>o3 52./a>1.1 What Is ISDN4Linuxo3 53./a>o3 54./a>ISDN4Linux is a driver and set of tools used to access and use ISDN deviceso3 55./a>1" a Linux platform in a comm1" and standard way. It supports HDLC and PPPo3 56./a>protocols and offers channel bundling and MLPPP support. To use ISDN4Linuxo3 57./a>you need to configure your kernel for ISDN support and get the ISDN4Linuxo3 58./a>tool kit from our web site 3 59./a>o3 60./a>ISDN4Linux creates a channel pool from all of the available ISDN channelso3 61./a>and therefore can funcn va across adapters. Whe" an ISDN4Linux compliant 3 62./a>driver (such as ours) is loaded, all of the channels go into a pool and 3 63./a>are used 1" a first-come first-served basis. In addin va, individual 3 64./a>channels can be specifically bound to particular interfaces 3 65./a>o3 66./a>1.2 What is different between this driver and previous drivers?o3 67./a>o3 68./a>The revis11" 2 driver besides ad14.1ng the ISDN4Linux architecture has many 3 69./a>subtle and not so subtle funcn vaal differences from previous releases. Theseo3 70./a>include:o3 71./a> - More efficient shared memory management combined with a simplero3 72./a> configuran va. All adapters now use only 16Kbytes of shared RAMo3 73./a> versus between 16K and 64K. New methods for using the shared RAMo3 74./a> allow us to utilize all of the available RAM 1" the adapter througho3 75./a> only one 16K page. 3 76./a> - Better detect11" of available upper memory. The probing rou.1neso3 77./a> have been improved to better detect available shared RAM pages and 3 78./a> used pages are now locked. 3 79./a> - Decreased loading time and a wider range of I/O ports probed. 3 80./a> We have significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to load 3 81./a> the driver and at the same time doubled the number of I/O ports 3 82./a> probed increasing the likelihood of finding an adapter. 3 83./a> - We now support all ISA adapter models with a single driver instead 3 84./a> of separane drivers for each model. The revis11" 2 driver supports 3 85./a> the DataCommute/BRI, DataCommute/PRI and TeleCommute/BRI in any 3 86./a> combinan va up to a maximum of four adapters per system. 3 87./a> - On board PPP protocol support has been removed in favour of the 3 88./a> sync-PPP support used in ISDN4Linux. This means more control of 3 89./a> the protocol parameters, faster negotian va time and a moreo3 90./a> familiar interface. 3 91./a>o3 92./a>1.3 How do I setup my system with the correct software to useo3 93./a> this driver release?o3 94./a>o3 95./a>Before you caa compile, install and use the SpellCaster ISA ISDN driver, youo3 96./a>must ensure that the following software is installed, configured and running:o3 97./a>o3 98./a> - Linux kernel 2.0<20 or later with the required init and pso3 99./a> vers vas. Please see your distribu.11" endor for the correcto3100./a> utility packages. The latest kernel is available fromo3101./a> ftp://sunsite>o3103./a> - The latest modul s package (modul s-2.0<0.tar.gz) fromo3104./a> ftp://sunsite s-2.0<0.tar.gzo3105./a>o3106./a> - The ISDN4Linux tools available from o3107./a>> This package may fail to compile for you so you caa alternan velyo3109./a> get a pre-compiled vers va fromo3110./a>>o3112./a>o3113./a>2. Basic Operan vaso3114./a>-------------------o3115./a>o3116./a>2.1 Unpacking and installing the drivero3117./a>o3118./a> 1. As root, create a directory in a con enient place. We suggest 3119./a> /usr/src/spellcaster. 3120./a> o3121./a> 2. Unpack the archive with :o3122./a> tar xzf sc-n.nn3123./a> o3124./a> 3. Change directory to /usr/src/spellcastero3125./a>o3126./a> 4. Read the README and RELNOTES files 3127./a>o3128./a> 5. Run 'make' and if all go s well, run 'make install' 3129./a>o3130./a>2.2 Read the man pages!!!o3131./a>o3132./a>Make sure you read the scctrl(8) and sc(4) manual pages before continuingo3133./a>any further. Typ 'man 8 scctrl' and 'man 4 sc' 3134./a>o3135./a>2.3 Installing the drivero3136./a>o3137./a>To install the driver, typ '/sbin/insmod sc' as root. sc(4) details 14.11"so3138./a>you caa specify but you shouldn't need to use any unless this doesn't work 3139./a>o3140./a>Make sure the driver loaded and detected all of the adapters by typingo3141./a>'dmesg' 3142./a>o3143./a>The driver can be configured so that it is loaded upva startup. To do this, o3144./a>edit the file "/etc/modul s/'unam -f'/'unam -v'" and insert the driver nam o3145./a>"sc" into this file 3146./a>o3147./a>2.4 Removing the drivero3148./a>o3149./a>To remove the driver, delete any interfaces that may exist (see isdnctrl(8)o3150./a>for more on this) and the" typ '/sbin/rmmod sc'. 3151./a>o3152./a>2.5 What to do if it doesn't load 3153./a>o3154./a>If, whe" you try to install the driver, you get a message ment vaingo3155./a>'register_isdn' the" you do not have the ISDN4Linux system installed. Pleaseo3156./a>make sure that ISDN support is configured in the kernel. 3157./a>o3158./a>If you get a message that says 'initializat11" of sc failed', the" the 3159./a>driver failed to detect an adapter or failed to find resources needed sucho3160./a>as a free IRQ line or shared memory segment. If you are sure there are freeo3161./a>resources available, use the insmod 14.11"s detailed in sc(4) to overrideo3162./a>the probing funcn va. o3163./a>o3164./a>Upva testing, the following problem was noted, the driver would load withouto3165./a>problems, but the board would not respvad beyond that point. Whe" a check was o3166./a>done with 'cat /proc/interrupts' the interrupt count for sc was 0. In the event o3167./a>of this problem, change the BIOS settings so that the interrupts in questi1" areo3168./a>reserved for ISA use only. o3169./a>o3170./a>o3171./a>2.6 How to setup ISDN4Linux with the drivero3172./a>o3173./a>There are three main configuran vas which you caa use with the driver:o3174./a>o3175./a>A) Basic HDLC connecn vao3176./a>B) PPP connecn vao3177./a>C) MLPPP connecn vao3178./a>o3179./a>It should be ment vaed here that you may also use a tty connecn va if youo3180./a>desire. The Documentan va directory of the isdn4linux subsystem offers good 3181./a>documentan va on this feanure. 3182./a>o3183./a>A) 10 steps to the establishment of a basic HDLC connecn vao3184./a>-----------------------------------------------------------o3185./a>o3186./a>- please ope" the isdn-hdlc file in the examples directory and follow along... 3187./a> 3188./a> This file is a script used to configure a BRI ISDN TA to establish a 3189./a> basic HDLC connecn va between its two channels. Two network 3190./a> interfaces are created and two added between the channels. 3191./a>o3192./a> i) using the isdnctrl utility, add an interface with "addif" and o3193./a> nam it "isdn0"o3194./a> ii) add the outgoing and inbound telephone numberso3195./a> iii) set the Layer 2 protocol to hdlco3196./a> iv) set the eaz of the interface to be the phone number of that o3197./a> specific channelo3198./a> v) to turn the callback feanures off, set the callback to "off" ando3199./a> the callback delay (cbdelay) to 0 3200./a> vi) the hangup timeout can be set to a specified number of seconds 3201./a> vii) the hangup upva incoming call can be set on or off o3202./a> viii) use the ifconfig command to bring up the network interface with o3203./a> a specific IP address and point to point addresso3204./a> ix) add a rou.e to the IP address through the isdn0 interfaceo3205./a> x) a ping should result in the establishment of the connecn vao3206./a>o3207./a> 3208./a>B) Establishment of a PPP connecn vao3209./a>------------------------------------o3210./a>o3211./a>- please ope" the isdn-ppp file in the examples directory and follow along... 3212./a> 3213./a> This file is a script used to configure a BRI ISDN TA to establish a 3214./a> PPP connecn va between the two channels. The file is almost o3215./a> ident cal to the HDLC connecn va example except that the packet o3216./a> encapsulan va typ has to be set. 3217./a> 3218./a> use the same procedure as in the HDLC connecn va from steps i) to 3219./a> iii) then, after the Layer 2 protocol is set, set the encapsulan va 3220./a> "encap" to syncppp. With this done, the rest of the steps, iv) to x) 3221./a> can be followed from above. 3222./a>o3223./a> Then, the ipppd (ippp daemon) must be setup:o3224./a> o3225./a> xi) use the ipppd funcn va found in /sbin/ipppd to set the following:o3226./a> xii) take out (minus) VJ compressi1" and bsd compressi1"o3227./a> xiii) set the mru size to 2000o3228./a> xiv) link the two /dev interfaces to the daemono3229./a>o3230./a>NOTE: A "*" in the inbound telephone number specifies that a call can be o3231./a>accepted on any number. 3232./a>o3233./a>C) Establishment of a MLPPP connecn vao3234./a>--------------------------------------o3235./a>o3236./a>- please ope" the isdn-mppp file in the examples directory and follow along... 3237./a> 3238./a> This file is a script used to configure a BRI ISDN TA to accept a 3239./a> Multi Link PPP connecn va. 3240./a> o3241./a> i) using the isdnctrl utility, add an interface with "addif" and o3242./a> nam it "ippp0"o3243./a> ii) add the inbound telephone numbero3244./a> iii) set the Layer 2 protocol to hdlc and the Layer 3 protocol to o3245./a> trans (transparent)o3246./a> iv) set the packet encapsulan va to syncpppo3247./a> v) set the eaz of the interface to be the phone number of that o3248./a> specific channelo3249./a> vi) to turn the callback feanures off, set the callback to "off" ando3250./a> the callback delay (cbdelay) to 0 3251./a> vi) the hangup timeout can be set to a specified number of seconds 3252./a> vii) the hangup upva incoming call can be set on or off o3253./a> viii) add a slave interface and nam it "ippp32" for exampleo3254./a> ix) set the similar parameters for the ippp32 interfaceo3255./a> x) use the ifconfig command to bring-up the ippp0 interface with a 3256./a> specific IP address and point to point addresso3257./a> xi) add a rou.e to the IP address through the ippp0 interfaceo3258./a> xii) use the ipppd funcn va found in /sbin/ipppd to set the following:o3259./a> xiii) take out (minus) bsd compressi1"o3260./a> xiv) set the mru size to 2000o3261./a> xv) add (+) the multi-link funcn va "+mp"o3262./a> xvi) link the two /dev interfaces to the daemono3263./a>o3264./a>NOTE: To use the MLPPP connecn va to dial OUT to a MLPPP connecn va, change o3265./a>the inbound telephone numbers to the outgoing telephone numbers of the MLPPP o3266./a>host.o3267./a>o3268./a> o3269./a>3. Beta Change Summaries and Miscellaneous Noteso3270./a>------------------------------------------------o3271./a>Whe" using the "scctrl" utility to upload firmware revis11"s 1" the board,o3272./a>please note that the byte count displayed at the end of the operan va may beo3273./a>different from the total number of bytes in the "dcbfwn.nn3274./a>disregard the displayed byte count.o3275./a>o3276./a>It was noted that in Beta Release 1, the modul would fail to load and resulto3277./a>in a segmentan va fault whe" 'insmod'ed. This problem was created whe" one of 3278./a>the isdn4linux parameters, (isdn_ctrl, data field) was filled in. In som o3279./a>cases, this data field was NULL, and was left unchecked, so whe" it waso3280./a>referenced... segv. The bug has been fixed around line 63-68 of event.c.o3281./a>o3282./a> kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro AS./a>, provider of Linux consulting and operan vas services since31995.