tion4.1/spa="v 4.1/form"v 4.1a tion4. href="../linux+v3.7.2/Documentalue=/firmware_class/hotplug-script">tion4.1img src="../.staluc/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">ti1/spa="vti1spa= class="lxr_search">tiontion4.1input typ3.1hidden" nam3.1navtarget" v3.1">tion4.1input typ3.1text" nam3.1search" id.1search">tion4.1butt >typ3.1submit">Searchtion4.Prefsv 4.1/a>ti1/spa="von4. .1/div"von4. .1form aclue=="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">ti1input typ3.1hidden" nam3.1ajax_lookup" id.1ajax_lookup" v3.1">ton4. .1/form"vton4. .1div class="headingbott m">. .11/a>#!/bin/sh . .21/a>t. .31/a># Simple hotplug script sample:t. .41/a># t. .51/a># Both $DEVPATH and $FIRMWARE are already provided i >the environment.t. .61/a>t. .71/a>HOTPLUG_FW_DIR=/usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/t. .81/a>t. .91/a>if [ "$SUBSYSTEM" == "firmware" -a "$ACTION" == "add" ];>thent. ion a>. if [ -f $HOTPLUG_FW_DIR/$FIRMWARE ];>thent. 11n a>. echo 1 > /sys/$DEVPATH/loadingt. 12n a>. cat $HOTPLUG_FW_DIR/$FIRMWARE > /sys/$DEVPATH/datat. 13n a>. echo 0 > /sys/$DEVPATH/loadingt. 14n a>. elset. 15n a>. echo -1 > /sys/$DEVPATH/loadingt. 16n a>. fit. 171/a>fit. 181/a>the LXR community1/a>, this experimental vers >by>lxr@linux.no1/a>. 1/div"v1div class="subfooter"" kindly hosted by>Redpill Linpro AS1/a>, provider of Linux consulting and operalue=s services since 1995. 1/div"v 1/body"v1/html"vv