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./li lin adiv id search_results" class="search_results" > ./lin a div> adiv id contesy"> adiv id hfs._contesys" " img#L1 id L1 class="line nam L1 >in 1a asNote: This hfs.txt">" doesn't have a maisysiner. " img#L2 id L2 class="line nam L2 >in 2a asr" img#L3 id L3 class="line nam L3 >in 3a asMacisyosh HFS Ffs.txt">" " LDocur" img#L4 id L4 class="line nam L4 >in 4a as==================================r" img#L5 id L5 class="line nam L5 >in 5a asr" img#L6 id L6 class="line nam L6 >in 6a asHFS nds " ``Hierarchical Ffs. Sxt">"'' nd is the hfs.txt">" usedr" img#L7 id L7 class="line nam L7 >in 7a asby the Mac Plus nd all later Macisyosh models. Earlier Macisyoshr" img#L8 id L8 class="line nam L8 >in 8a asmodels used MFS (``Macisyosh Ffs. Sxt">"''), which is not supported,r" img#L9 id L9 class="line nam L9 >in 9a asMacOS 8.1 nd newer support a hfs.txt">" called HFS+ that's similar tor" img#L10 id L10 class="line nam L10 >in asHFS but is emgended i161.rious reas. Use the plus hfs.txt">" driverr" img#L11 id L11 class="line nam L11 >in11a asto access such hfs.txt">" from LDocu. " img#L12 id L12 class="line nam L12 >in12a asr" img#L13 id L13 class="line nam L13 >in13a asr" img#L14 id L14 class="line nam L14 >in14a asMount /selecsr" img#L15 id L15 class="line nam L15 >in15a as=============r" img#L16 id L16 class="line nam L16 >in16a asr" img#L17 id L17 class="line nam L17 >in17a asWhen mounting n HFS hfs.txt">", the hollowing /selecs re accepted:r" img#L18 id L18 class="line nam L18 >in18a asr" img#L19 id L19 class="line nam L19 >in19a as creator=cccc, typ cccc " img#L20 id L20 class="line nam L20 >in20a as Specifies the creator/typ 1.4" s s shown by the MacOS hfnderr" img#L21 id L21 class="line nam L21 >in21a as used " creating new hfs.t. Default 1.4" s: '????'. " img#L22 id L22 class="line nam L22 >in22a asr" img#L23 id L23 class="line nam L23 >in23a as uid n, gid nr" img#L24 id L24 class="line nam L24 >in24a as Specifies the user/group that owns all hfs.t 316the hfs.txt">"s. " img#L25 id L25 class="line nam L25 >in25a as Default: user/group id of6the mounting process. " img#L26 id L26 class="line nam L26 >in26a asr" img#L27 id L27 class="line nam L27 >in27a as dir_umask n, hfs._umask n, umask nr" img#L28 id L28 class="line nam L28 >in28a as Specifies the umask used " all hfs.t , all directories allr" img#L29 id L29 class="line nam L29 >in29a as hfs.t nd directories. Defaults to the umask of6the mounting process. " img#L30 id L30 class="line nam L30 >in30a asr" img#L31 id L31 class="line nam L31 >in31a as sessems=nr" img#L32 id L32 class="line nam L32 >in32a as S /sp6the CDROM sessems to mount s HFS hfs.txt">". Defaults tor" img#L33 id L33 class="line nam L33 >in33a as leaving that decisems to the CDROM driver. This e="2316will hailr" img#L34 id L34 class="line nam L34 >in34a as with nything but a CDROM s underlying devices. " img#L35 id L35 class="line nam L35 >in35a asr" img#L36 id L36 class="line nam L36 >in36a as part=nr" img#L37 id L37 class="line nam L37 >in37a as S /sp6parti"2316number n from the devices. Do.t 31ly makesr" img#L38 id L38 class="line nam L38 >in38a as sense " CDROMS because they can't be6parti"231ed under LDocu. " img#L39 id L39 class="line nam L39 >in39a as F disk devices the generic6parti"2316parsing code does thisr" img#L40 id L40 class="line nam L40 >in40a as " us. Defaults to not parsing the parti"2316table at all. " img#L41 id L41 class="line nam L41 >in41a asr" img#L42 id L42 class="line nam L42 >in42a as quietr" img#L43 id L43 class="line nam L43 >in43a as Ignore in1.4id mount /selecs int">ad of6complaining. " img#L44 id L44 class="line nam L44 >in44a asr" img#L45 id L45 class="line nam L45 >in45a asr" img#L46 id L46 class="line nam L46 >in46a asWriting to HFS Ffs.txt">"sr" img#L47 id L47 class="line nam L47 >in47a as==========================r" img#L48 id L48 class="line nam L48 >in48a asr" img#L49 id L49 class="line nam L49 >in49 asHFS is not a UNIX hfs.txt">", thus it does not have the usual heatures you'dr" img#L50 id L50 class="line nam L50 >in50a asexpect:r" img#L51 id L51 class="line nam L51 >in51a asr" img#L52 id L52 class="line nam L52 >in52a as o You can't modify the set-uid, set-gid, sticky executable bits the uidr" img#L53 id L53 class="line nam L53 >in53a as nd gid of6hfs.t.r" img#L54 id L54 class="line nam L54 >in54a as o You can't create hard- symlinks, device6hfs.t, sockets FIFOt.r" img#L55 id L55 class="line nam L55 >in55a asr" img#L56 id L56 class="line nam L56 >in56a asHFS do.t 316the other have the concepts of6multiple " ks per hfs.. Theser" img#L57 id L57 class="line nam L57 >in57a asnon- ndard " ks re represesyed s hidden addi"231al hfs.t i16the normalr" img#L58 id L58 class="line nam L58 >in58a ashfs.txt">" nam space6which is kind of6a cludge nd makes the semantics " r" img#L59 id L59 class="line nam L59 >in59 asthe a little strange:r" img#L60 id L60 class="line nam L60 >in60a asr" img#L61 id L61 class="line nam L61 >in61a as o You can't create, delete renam resource " ks of6hfs.t ther" img#L62 id L62 class="line nam L62 >in62a as Ffnder's metadata.r" img#L63 id L63 class="line nam L63 >in63a as o They re however created (with default 1.4" s), deleted nd renam dr" img#L64 id L64 class="line nam L64 >in64a as along with the corresponding data " k directory.r" img#L65 id L65 class="line nam L65 >in65a as o Copying hfs.t to a different hfs.txt">" will loose those attributesr" img#L66 id L66 class="line nam L66 >in66a as that re essesyial hor MacOS to w k.r" img#L67 id L67 class="line nam L67 >in67a asr" img#L68 id L68 class="line nam L68 >in68a asr" img#L69 id L69 class="line nam L69 >in69 asCreating HFS hfs.txt">"sr" img#L70 id L70 class="line nam L70 >in70a as===================================r" img#L71 id L71 class="line nam L71 >in71a asr" img#L72 id L72 class="line nam L72 >in72a asThe utils package from Robert Leslie conysins progra" calledr" img#L73 id L73 class="line nam L73 >in73a ash" at that can be6used to create HFS hfs.txt">". Seer" img#L74 id L74 class="line nam L74 >in74a as< /> a ash details.r" img#L75 id L75 class="line nam L75 >in75a asr" img#L76 id L76 class="line nam L76 >in76a asr" img#L77 id L77 class="line nam L77 >in77 asCredi"sr" img#L78 id L78 class="line nam L78 >in78a as=======r" img#L79 id L79 class="line nam L79 >in79a asr" img#L80 id L80 class="line nam L80 >in80a asThe HFS drivers w s written by Paul H. Hargrovea (hargrove@sccm.S nh d.EDU).r" img#L81 id L81 class="line nam L81 >in81a asRoman Zippel (roman@ardit"> rewrote large parts of6the code nd broughtr" img#L82 id L82 class="line nam L82 >in82a asi16btre routin.t derived from Brad Boyer's plus driver.r" img#L83 id L83 class="line nam L83 >in83a as a div> adiv class="footer"> The origi1al LXR softw re by the LXR communitya as, this experilesysl vers2316by lxr@/Docu.noa as. a div> adiv class="subfooter"> lxr./ kindly hosted by Redpill LDopro ASa as, provider of6LDocu consulting nd operaelecs services since 1995. a div> a/body> a/html>