0" /spaion /formon a 0" href="../linux+v3v2.1/sound/ac97_bus.c">0" img src="../.static/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">0" /spaion0" spai class="lxr_search">0" 0" input typluehidden" namluenavtarget" n value">0" input typluetext" namluesearch" iduesearch">0" butttiotypluesubmit">Search0" Prefsn /a>0" /spaion /divon form acopti="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">0" input typluehidden" namlueajax_lookup" idueajax_lookup" n value">0 /formon0 div class="headingbotttm">n div iduefile_contents"o
1 /a> spai class="comment">/* /spaion
2 /a> spai class="comment"> * Linux driver model AC97 bus interface /spaion
3 /a> spai class="comment"> * /spaion
4 /a> spai class="comment"> * Author:
Nicolas Pitre /spaion
5 /a> spai class="comment"> * Created:
 Jai 14, 2005 /spaion
6 /a> spai class="comment"> * Copyright:
	 (C) MontaVista Software Inc. /spaion
7 /a> spai class="comment"> * /spaion
8 /a> spai class="comment"> * This program is free software; you cai redistribute it and/or modify /spaion
9 /a> spai class="comment"> * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by /spaion
 8.10a> spai class="comment"> * the Free Software Foundaopti; either versptio2 of the License, or /spaion
 11 /a> spai class="comment"> * (at your 
 12 /a> spai class="comment"> */ /spaion
 13 /a>n
 14 /a>#include <linux/module.h /a>>n
 15 /a>#include <linux/init.h /a>>n
 16 /a>#include <linux/device.h /a>>n
 17 /a>#include <linux/string.h /a>>n
 18 /a>#include <sound/ac97_codec.h /a>>n
 19 /a>n
 2.10a> spai class="comment">/* /spaion
 21 /a> spai class="comment"> * Let drivers decide whether they want to support givei codec from their /spaion
 22 /a> spai class="comment"> * probe method. Drivers have direct access to the struct snd_ac97 /spaion
 23 /a> spai class="comment"> * structure and may  decide based tiothe id field amongst other things. /spaion
 24 /a> spai class="comment"> */ /spaion
 25 /a>static int
 a href="+code=ac97_bus_match" class="sref">ac97_bus_match /a>(struct  a href="+code=device" class="sref">device /a> * a href="+code=dev" class="sref">dev /a>, struct  a href="+code=device_driver" class="sref">device_driver /a> * a href="+code=drv" class="sref">drv /a>)n
 26 /a>{n
 27 /a>        return 1;n
 28 /a>}n
 29 /a>n
 30 /a>#ifdef  a href="+code=CONFIG_PM" class="sref">CONFIG_PM /a>n
 31 /a>static int
 a href="+code=ac97_bus_suspend" class="sref">ac97_bus_suspend /a>(struct  a href="+code=device" class="sref">device /a> * a href="+code=dev" class="sref">dev /a>,  a href="+code=pm_message_t" class="sref">pm_message_t /a>  a href="+code=state" class="sref">state /a>)n
 32 /a>{n
 33 /a>        int
 a href="+code=ret" class="sref">ret /a> = 0;n
 34 /a>n
  #include <dev="line" namlueL32">
 32 /a>{n#include <devliy=ac97_bus.c#L4" idueL4" class="line" nmessage_t /a>  a c97_bus.c#L32" idueL32" class=="line" namlueL34">
 34 /a>n
 45s="srefa href="3ound/ac97_bus.c#L29" id3eL29"38#L28" idueL28" clasa href="sound/ac97_bus.c#L34" idueL34" c="line" namlueL34">
 34 /a>n
 29 /a>n<4def  a h4ef="+code=CONFIG_PM" cl4ss="s40age_t" class="sref95">
 45s="sre4tic int
4a href="+code=ac97_bus_4uspen4" class="sref">ac97_bus_suspend /a>(stru divmbus.c#L32" idueL /a>(stru divmb>device /a> * a href="+code=dev" class="sref">dev /a>,  a href="+code=pm_message_t" class="sref">pm_="line" namlueL32">
 32 /a>{n4a href="4ound/ac97_bus.c#L33" id4eL33"4class="line" namlueL33">
 33 /a>  4     int4 a href="+code=ret" cla4s="sr4f">ret /a> = 0;n
 34 /a>n<4 class="ccomment"> * Author:
 L3_me4sage_t" class="sref95">
  #include <dev="line" namlueL32">
 32 /a>{n4a href="4ound/ac97_bus.c#L27" id4eL27"4627.52s2s2l0.........a href="sound/ac97_bus.c#L34" idueL34" clas* a href="+code=deidueL4" class="line" namlue
 15 /a>#include <devliy=ac97_bus.c#L4" idueL4" class="line" n=="line" namlueL34">
 34 /a>n<4     ret4rn 1;n
 45s="sre4a href="4ound/ac97_bus.c#L29" id4eL29"48#L28" idueL28" clasa href="sound/ac97_bus.c#L34" idueL34" c="line" namlueL34">
 34 /a>n<4 href="s4und/ac97_bus.c#L30" idu4L30" 49lass="line" namlueL29">
 29 /a>n<5def  a h5ef="+code=CONFIG_PM" cl5ss="s5ef">COef"8="ac97_bus.c#L21" idueL21" ueL31" cl25" class="line" namlueL25">
 25 /a>st5tic int
5a href="+code=ac97_bus_5uspen51age_t" class="sref95">
 45s="sre5a href="5ound/ac97_bus.c#L33" id5eL33"52 class /a> * a href="+codestrup" n_bus.c#L34" idustrup" na>)n(strup" n4" clas="line" namlueL33">
 33 /a>  5     int5 a href="+code=ret" cla5s="sr5f">ret /a> = .a href="sound/aet" _bus.c#L34" iduet" 27.52s2s2l0....="ac97_bus.c#L2 idueL">"">
 " class=,"line" namlueL33">
 33 /a>  5 class="5comment"> * Author:
5L3_me54">ret /a> = .a href="sound/aa href="+code=devicesref">devs2s2l0....="a_bus_match /a>(struct  a href="+code=device" class="sref">dev,"line" namlueL33">
 33 /a>  5 class="ccomment"> * Created:
"v2.155f">CONFIG_PM /a>n
 31 /a>st5a href="5ound/ac97_bus.c#L27" id5eL27"56">ret /a> = .a href="sound/act  a href="+code=devi="sref">devs2l0....="a_bus_match /a>(struct  ct  a href="+code=device" class="sref">dev,"line" namlueL33">
 33 /a>  5     ret5rn 1;nret /a> = .a href="sound/a divmbus.c#L32" idueL divmb>dev2s2l0....="a_bus_match /a>(struct   divmbus.c#L32" idueL /a>(stru divmb>dev,"line" namlueL33">
 33 /a>  5a href="5ound/ac97_bus.c#L29" id5eL29"58f">COef"8="ac97_bus.c#L21" idueL21" ueL31" cl25" class="line" namlueL25">
 25 /a>st5 href="s5und/ac97_bus.c#L30" idu5L30" 59lass=="line" namlueL34">
 34 /a>n<6def  a h6ef="+code=CONFIG_PM" cl6ss="s60age_t" class="sref95">
 45s="sre6tic int
6a href="+code=ac97_bus_6uspen6" class="sref">ac97_bus_suspend__dueLus.c#L32" idueL__dueLa>)n(strudueL>devlvoid="line" namlueL32">
 32 /a>{n6a href="6ound/ac97_bus.c#L33" id6eL33"6class="line" namlueL33">
 33 /a>  6     int6 a href="+code=ret" cla6s="sr63#L28" idueL28" clasa href="sound/astru dgistt;(strup" n_bus.c#L34" idu /a>(strup" n4" c=="line" namlueL34">
 34 /a>n<6 class="6comment"> * Author:
6L3_me64lass="line" namlueL29">
 29 /a>n<6 class="6comment"> * Created:
	 6"v2.165age_t" class="sref95">
 45s="sre6 class="ccomment"> * Copyright:
	eL27"6MontaV href="sound/actbsyrudueLcallref="+code=devi="bsyrudueLcall>devliy=ac97_bus.c#L /a>(strudueLus.c#L32" idueL /a>(strudueL>dev=="line" namlueL34">
 34 /a>n<6     ret6rn 1;n
 45s="sre6a href="6ound/ac97_bus.c#L29" id6eL29"68 class="srevoidac97_bus_suspend__exeLus.c#L32" idueL__exeLa>)n(struexeL>devlvoid="line" namlueL32">
 32 /a>{n6 href="s6und/ac97_bus.c#L30" idu6L30" 69lass="line" namlueL33">
 33 /a>  7def  a h7ef="+code=CONFIG_PM" cl7ss="s70#L28" idueL2a href="sound/astruun dgistt;(strup" n_bus.c#L34" idu /a>(strup" n4" c=="line" namlueL34">
 34 /a>n<7tic int
7a href="+code=ac97_bus_7uspen71lass="line" namlueL29">
 29 /a>n<7a href="7ound/ac97_bus.c#L33" id7eL33"72age_t" class="sref95">
 45s="sre7     int7 a href="+code=ret" cla7s="sr73ontaV href="sound/a idueLuexeLus.c#L32" idueL idueLuexeL>devliy=ac97_bus.c#L /a>(struexeLus.c#L32" idueL /a>(struexeL>dev=="line" namlueL34">
 34 /a>n<7 class="7comment"> * Author:
7L3_me7sage_t" class="sref95">
 45s="sre7 class="7comment"> * Created:
	 7"v2.175ontaV href="sound/aEXPORT_SYMBOLus.c#L32" idueLEXPORT_SYMBOL>devliy=ac97_bus.c#L /a>(strup" n_bus.c#L34" idu /a>(strup" n4" c=="line" namlueL34">
 34 /a>n<7 class="7comment"> * Copyright:
7eL27"76age_t" class="sref95">
 45s="sre7 class="ccomment"> * /spaiondevlic97_bus.c#L2 idueL">"GPL" class==="line" namlueL34">
 34 /a>n<7a href="7ound/ac97_bus.c#L29" id7eL29"7ree so/preults" cl

The original LXRy /spaion byref="line" namhttp:/;<>LXRy1" iuueLye" nmeget" experiidueal und/ac97byrline" nammailto:lx;">lx;@c#L18.noe" n.
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