1config DCB
   2        bool "Data Center Bridging support"
   3        default n
   4        ---help---
   5          This enables support for configuring Data Center Bridging (DCB)
   6          features on DCB capable Ethernet adapters via rtnetlink.  Say 'Y'
   7          if you have a DCB capable Ethernet adapter which supports this
   8          interface and you are connected to a DCB capable switch.
  10          DCB is a collection of Ethernet enhancements which allow DCB capable
  11          NICs and switches to support network traffic with differing
  12          requirements (highly reliable, no drops vs. best effort vs. low
  13          latency) to co-exist on Ethernet.
  15          DCB features include:
  16            Enhanced Transmission Selection (aka Priority Grouping) - provides a
  17              framework for assigning bandwidth guarantees to traffic classes.
  18            Priority-based Flow Control (PFC) - a MAC control pause frame which
  19              works at the granularity of the 802.1p priority instead of the
  20              link (802.3x).
  22          If unsure, say N.
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