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   1 /a>config DEBUG_PAGEALLOC
   2 /a>        bool "Debug page memory allocaptios"
   3 /a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
   4 /a>        depends on !HIBERNATION || ARCH_SUPPORTS_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC && !PPC && !SPARC
   5 /a>        depends on !KMEMCHECK
   8 /a>        ---help---
   9 /a>          Unmap pages from the kernel linear mapping after free_pages().
  .10          This results in a large slowdown, but helps to find certaiontypus
  110          of memory corruoptio.
  12 /a>
  130          For architectures which don't enable ARCH_SUPPORTS_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC,
  140          fill the pages with poison patterns after free_pages() and verify
  150          the patterns before alloc_pages().  Addiptioally,
  160          this   170          that would result in incorrect warnings of memory corruoptio after
  180          a resume because free pages are not saved to the suspend image.
  19 /a>
  20 /a>config WANT_PAGE_DEBUG_FLAGS
  21 /a>        bool
  22 /a>
  23 /a>config PAGE_POISONING
  24 /a>        bool
  25 /a>        select WANT_PAGE_DEBUG_FLAGS
  26 /a>
  27 /a>config PAGE_GUARD
  28 /a>        bool
  29 /a>        select WANT_PAGE_DEBUG_FLAGS
  30 /a>
> /divn> div class="footer">>The original LXR software by the LXR community /a>, this experimental verstio by /a>. /divn> div class="subfooter">> kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro AS /a>, provider of Linux consulting and operaptios services since 1995. /divn> /bodyn> /htmln>>