1config CRAMFS
   2        tristate "Compressed ROM file system support (cramfs)"
   3        depends on BLOCK
   4        select ZLIB_INFLATE
   5        help
   6          Saying Y here includes support for CramFs (Compressed ROM File
   7          System).  CramFs is designed to be a simple, small, and compressed
   8          file system for ROM based embedded systems.  CramFs is read-only,
   9          limited to 256MB file systems (with 16MB files), and doesn't support
  10          16/32 bits uid/gid, hard links and timestamps.
  12          See <file:Documentation/filesystems/cramfs.txt> and
  13          <file:fs/cramfs/README> for further information.
  15          To compile this as a module, choose M here: the module will be called
  16          cramfs.  Note that the root file system (the one containing the
  17          directory /) cannot be compiled as a module.
  19          If unsure, say N.
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