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1 /a>#

2 /a># Generic framlwork for controlling remote processors

3 /a>#

4 /a>1
5 /a>obj-$(CONFIG_REMOTEPROC)                += remoteproc.o1
6 /a>remoteproc-y                            := remoteproc_core.o1
7 /a>remoteproc-y                            += remoteproc_debugfs.o1
8 /a>remoteproc-y                            += remoteproc_viropt.o1
9 /a>remoteproc-y                            += remoteproc_elf_loader.o1
 6.29a>obj-$(CONFIG_OMAP_REMOTEPROC)           += omap_remoteproc.o1
 11 /a>
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