2# PCI configuration
   5        bool
   6        default n
   8config PCI_MSI
   9        bool "Message Signaled Interrupts (MSI and MSI-X)"
  10        depends on PCI
  11        depends on ARCH_SUPPORTS_MSI
  12        help
  13           This allows device drivers to enable MSI (Message Signaled
  14           Interrupts).  Message Signaled Interrupts enable a device to
  15           generate an interrupt using an inbound Memory Write on its
  16           PCI bus instead of asserting a device IRQ pin.
  18           Use of PCI MSI interrupts can be disabled at kernel boot time
  19           by using the 'pci=nomsi' option.  This disables MSI for the
  20           entire system.
  22           If you don't know what to do here, say Y.
  24config PCI_DEBUG
  25        bool "PCI Debugging"
  26        depends on PCI && DEBUG_KERNEL
  27        help
  28          Say Y here if you want the PCI core to produce a bunch of debug
  29          messages to the system log.  Select this if you are having a
  30          problem with PCI support and want to see more of what is going on.
  32          When in doubt, say N.
  35        bool "Enable PCI resource re-allocation detection"
  36        depends on PCI
  37        help
  38          Say Y here if you want the PCI core to detect if PCI resource
  39          re-allocation needs to be enabled. You can always use pci=realloc=on
  40          or pci=realloc=off to override it.  Note this feature is a no-op
  41          unless PCI_IOV support is also enabled; in that case it will
  42          automatically re-allocate PCI resources if SR-IOV BARs have not
  43          been allocated by the BIOS.
  45          When in doubt, say N.
  47config PCI_STUB
  48        tristate "PCI Stub driver"
  49        depends on PCI
  50        help
  51          Say Y or M here if you want be able to reserve a PCI device
  52          when it is going to be assigned to a guest operating system.
  54          When in doubt, say N.
  57        tristate "Xen PCI Frontend"
  58        depends on PCI && X86 && XEN
  59        select HOTPLUG
  60        select PCI_XEN
  61        select XEN_XENBUS_FRONTEND
  62        default y
  63        help
  64          The PCI device frontend driver allows the kernel to import arbitrary
  65          PCI devices from a PCI backend to support PCI driver domains.
  67config HT_IRQ
  68        bool "Interrupts on hypertransport devices"
  69        default y
  70        depends on PCI && X86_LOCAL_APIC && X86_IO_APIC
  71        help
  72           This allows native hypertransport devices to use interrupts.
  74           If unsure say Y.
  76config PCI_ATS
  77        bool
  79config PCI_IOV
  80        bool "PCI IOV support"
  81        depends on PCI
  82        select PCI_ATS
  83        help
  84          I/O Virtualization is a PCI feature supported by some devices
  85          which allows them to create virtual devices which share their
  86          physical resources.
  88          If unsure, say N.
  90config PCI_PRI
  91        bool "PCI PRI support"
  92        depends on PCI
  93        select PCI_ATS
  94        help
  95          PRI is the PCI Page Request Interface. It allows PCI devices that are
  96          behind an IOMMU to recover from page faults.
  98          If unsure, say N.
 100config PCI_PASID
 101        bool "PCI PASID support"
 102        depends on PCI
 103        select PCI_ATS
 104        help
 105          Process Address Space Identifiers (PASIDs) can be used by PCI devices
 106          to access more than one IO address space at the same time. To make
 107          use of this feature an IOMMU is required which also supports PASIDs.
 108          Select this option if you have such an IOMMU and want to compile the
 109          driver for it into your kernel.
 111          If unsure, say N.
 113config PCI_IOAPIC
 114        tristate "PCI IO-APIC hotplug support" if X86
 115        depends on PCI
 116        depends on ACPI
 117        depends on HOTPLUG
 118        default !X86
 120config PCI_LABEL
 121        def_bool y if (DMI || ACPI)
 122        select NLS
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