1# IOMMU_API always gets selected by whoever wants it.
   2config IOMMU_API
   3        bool
   5menuconfig IOMMU_SUPPORT
   6        bool "IOMMU Hardware Support"
   7        default y
   8        ---help---
   9          Say Y here if you want to compile device drivers for IO Memory
  10          Management Units into the kernel. These devices usually allow to
  11          remap DMA requests and/or remap interrupts from other devices on the
  12          system.
  16config OF_IOMMU
  17       def_bool y
  18       depends on OF
  20# MSM IOMMU support
  21config MSM_IOMMU
  22        bool "MSM IOMMU Support"
  23        depends on ARCH_MSM8X60 || ARCH_MSM8960
  24        select IOMMU_API
  25        help
  26          Support for the IOMMUs found on certain Qualcomm SOCs.
  27          These IOMMUs allow virtualization of the address space used by most
  28          cores within the multimedia subsystem.
  30          If unsure, say N here.
  32config IOMMU_PGTABLES_L2
  33        def_bool y
  34        depends on MSM_IOMMU && MMU && SMP && CPU_DCACHE_DISABLE=n
  36# AMD IOMMU support
  37config AMD_IOMMU
  38        bool "AMD IOMMU support"
  39        select SWIOTLB
  40        select PCI_MSI
  41        select PCI_ATS
  42        select PCI_PRI
  43        select PCI_PASID
  44        select IOMMU_API
  45        depends on X86_64 && PCI && ACPI
  46        ---help---
  47          With this option you can enable support for AMD IOMMU hardware in
  48          your system. An IOMMU is a hardware component which provides
  49          remapping of DMA memory accesses from devices. With an AMD IOMMU you
  50          can isolate the DMA memory of different devices and protect the
  51          system from misbehaving device drivers or hardware.
  53          You can find out if your system has an AMD IOMMU if you look into
  54          your BIOS for an option to enable it or if you have an IVRS ACPI
  55          table.
  57config AMD_IOMMU_STATS
  58        bool "Export AMD IOMMU statistics to debugfs"
  59        depends on AMD_IOMMU
  60        select DEBUG_FS
  61        ---help---
  62          This option enables code in the AMD IOMMU driver to collect various
  63          statistics about whats happening in the driver and exports that
  64          information to userspace via debugfs.
  65          If unsure, say N.
  67config AMD_IOMMU_V2
  68        tristate "AMD IOMMU Version 2 driver (EXPERIMENTAL)"
  69        depends on AMD_IOMMU && PROFILING && EXPERIMENTAL
  70        select MMU_NOTIFIER
  71        ---help---
  72          This option enables support for the AMD IOMMUv2 features of the IOMMU
  73          hardware. Select this option if you want to use devices that support
  74          the PCI PRI and PASID interface.
  76# Intel IOMMU support
  77config DMAR_TABLE
  78        bool
  80config INTEL_IOMMU
  81        bool "Support for Intel IOMMU using DMA Remapping Devices"
  82        depends on PCI_MSI && ACPI && (X86 || IA64_GENERIC)
  83        select IOMMU_API
  84        select DMAR_TABLE
  85        help
  86          DMA remapping (DMAR) devices support enables independent address
  87          translations for Direct Memory Access (DMA) from devices.
  88          These DMA remapping devices are reported via ACPI tables
  89          and include PCI device scope covered by these DMA
  90          remapping devices.
  93        def_bool y
  94        prompt "Enable Intel DMA Remapping Devices by default"
  95        depends on INTEL_IOMMU
  96        help
  97          Selecting this option will enable a DMAR device at boot time if
  98          one is found. If this option is not selected, DMAR support can
  99          be enabled by passing intel_iommu=on to the kernel.
 102        bool "Workaround broken graphics drivers (going away soon)"
 103        depends on INTEL_IOMMU && BROKEN && X86
 104        ---help---
 105          Current Graphics drivers tend to use physical address
 106          for DMA and avoid using DMA APIs. Setting this config
 107          option permits the IOMMU driver to set a unity map for
 108          all the OS-visible memory. Hence the driver can continue
 109          to use physical addresses for DMA, at least until this
 110          option is removed in the 2.6.32 kernel.
 113        def_bool y
 114        depends on INTEL_IOMMU && X86
 115        ---help---
 116          Floppy disk drivers are known to bypass DMA API calls
 117          thereby failing to work when IOMMU is enabled. This
 118          workaround will setup a 1:1 mapping for the first
 119          16MiB to make floppy (an ISA device) work.
 121config IRQ_REMAP
 122        bool "Support for Interrupt Remapping (EXPERIMENTAL)"
 123        depends on X86_64 && X86_IO_APIC && PCI_MSI && ACPI && EXPERIMENTAL
 124        select DMAR_TABLE
 125        ---help---
 126          Supports Interrupt remapping for IO-APIC and MSI devices.
 127          To use x2apic mode in the CPU's which support x2APIC enhancements or
 128          to support platforms with CPU's having > 8 bit APIC ID, say Y.
 130# OMAP IOMMU support
 131config OMAP_IOMMU
 132        bool "OMAP IOMMU Support"
 133        depends on ARCH_OMAP
 134        select IOMMU_API
 136config OMAP_IOVMM
 137        tristate "OMAP IO Virtual Memory Manager Support"
 138        depends on OMAP_IOMMU
 141       tristate "Export OMAP IOMMU/IOVMM internals in DebugFS"
 142       depends on OMAP_IOVMM && DEBUG_FS
 143       help
 144         Select this to see extensive information about
 145         the internal state of OMAP IOMMU/IOVMM in debugfs.
 147         Say N unless you know you need this.
 150        bool "Tegra GART IOMMU Support"
 151        depends on ARCH_TEGRA_2x_SOC
 152        select IOMMU_API
 153        help
 154          Enables support for remapping discontiguous physical memory
 155          shared with the operating system into contiguous I/O virtual
 156          space through the GART (Graphics Address Relocation Table)
 157          hardware included on Tegra SoCs.
 160        bool "Tegra SMMU IOMMU Support"
 161        depends on ARCH_TEGRA_3x_SOC && TEGRA_AHB
 162        select IOMMU_API
 163        help
 164          Enables support for remapping discontiguous physical memory
 165          shared with the operating system into contiguous I/O virtual
 166          space through the SMMU (System Memory Management Unit)
 167          hardware included on Tegra SoCs.
 169config EXYNOS_IOMMU
 170        bool "Exynos IOMMU Support"
 171        depends on ARCH_EXYNOS && EXYNOS_DEV_SYSMMU
 172        select IOMMU_API
 173        help
 174          Support for the IOMMU(System MMU) of Samsung Exynos application
 175          processor family. This enables H/W multimedia accellerators to see
 176          non-linear physical memory chunks as a linear memory in their
 177          address spaces
 179          If unsure, say N here.
 182        bool "Debugging log for Exynos IOMMU"
 183        depends on EXYNOS_IOMMU
 184        help
 185          Select this to see the detailed log message that shows what
 186          happens in the IOMMU driver
 188          Say N unless you need kernel log message for IOMMU debugging
 190endif # IOMMU_SUPPORT
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