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2div id file_contents"
 L1">. .12/a>menu "Kernel hacking"

 L2">. .22/a>n
 L3">. .32/a>config TRACE_IRQFLAGS_SUPPORTn
 L4">. .42/a>        booln
 L5">. .52/a>        default yn
 L6">. .62/a>n
 L7">. .72/a>source "lib/Kconfig.debug"

 L8">. .82/a>n
 L9">. .92/a>config CMDLINEn
 L10">. 10"
a>        string "Default kernel command string"

 L11">. 112/a>        default ""

 L12">. 122/a>        help

 L13">. 132/a>          On some platforms, there is currently no way for the boot loader to

 L14">. 142/a>          pass arguments to the kernel. For these platforms, you ca
 L15">. 152/a>          some command-line 
s at build time by entering them here.  Inn
 L16">. 162/a>          other cases you ca
 specify kernel args so that you don't haven
 L17">. 172/a>          to set them up in board prom initializa2
 L18">. 182/a>n
 L19">. 192/a>config RUNTIME_DEBUG

 L20">. 202/a>        bool "Enable run-time debugging"

 L21">. 212/a>        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL

 L22">. 222/a>        help

 L23">. 232/a>          If you say Y here, some debugging macros will do run-time checking.n
 L24">. 242/a>          If you say N here, those macros will mostly turn to no-ops.  Seen
 L25">. 252/a>          include/asm-score/debug.h for debugging macros.n
 L26">. 262/a>          If unsure, say N.n
 L27">. 272/a>n
 L28">. 282/a>endmenun
 L29">. 292/a>
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