1Notes on the change from 16-bit UIDs to 32-bit UIDs:
   3- kernel code MUST take into account __kernel_uid_t and __kernel_uid32_t
   4  when communicating between user and kernel space in an ioctl or data
   5  structure.
   7- kernel code should use uid_t and gid_t in kernel-private structures and
   8  code.
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   3- kernel code MUST  take intto account __kernel_uid__t an33lass="""""""#L5rc32 emulWn>Wn#L5rc64 name="L3">   3- kernel code MUST ng betwe3en user and kernel spac3e in 34lass="""""""(neDd" clsupporghwaagevtrhnewiclass="linisystem cnlls arL8addLd" c name="L3">   3- kernel code MUST ef="Docu3mentation/highuid.txt#L36" id35lass="""""""#L5rc32) name="L8">   8  code.
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   7- kernel code shou4ld use u4id_t and gid_t in kerne4l-pri47lass="Iclas() c5xups have"bentamadei  
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   8  code.
   3- kernel code MUST7 take in7to account __kernel_uid7_t an73ine" name="L3">   3- kernel code MUST7ng betwe7en user and kernel spac7e in 74lassChris Wf=" name="L3">   3- kernel code MUST7ef="Docu7mentation/highuid.txt#L76" id75"linwf=" name="L3">   3- kernel code MUST7ation/hi7ghuid.txt#L7" id="L7" c7lass=7line" name="L7">   7- kernel code shoulld use uiid_t and gid_t in kernell-pri77lass ant upd="Ld: January 11, 2000 name="L7">   7- kernel code shoulocumenta7tion/highuid.txt#L9" id7="L9"78ine"
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