.12. 6./spa9io 6./formio 6.a .12. 6 href="../linux+v3pt71/Documenta1.o9/email-clients.txt">.12. 6.img src="../.sta1.c/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">.1./spa9io.1.spa9 class="lxr_search">.12..12. 6.input typi4vhidden" nami4vnavtarget" > i4v">.12. 6.input typi4vtext" nami4vsearch" id4vsearch">.12. 6.butt6entypi4vsubmit">Search.12. 6Prefso 6./a>.1./spa9io2. 6 6./divio2. 6 6.form ac1.o9="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">.1.input typi4vhidden" nami4vajax_lookup" id4vajax_lookup" > i4v">.2. 6 6./formio.2. 6 6.div class="headingbott6m">6 61./a>Email clients info for Linux 6 62./a>====================================================================== 6 63./a>.6 64./a>General6Preferences.6 65./a>----------------------------------------------------------------------.6 66./a>Patches for the Linux kernel are submitted via email, preferably as.6 67./a>inline text in the body of the email. Some maintainers accept.6 68./a>attachments, but then the attachments should have content-typi.6 69./a>"text/plain". However, attachments are generally frowned up6enbecausi.6 2.32a>it makes quoting por1.o9s of the patch more difficult in the patch.6 11./a>review process..6 12./a>.6 13./a>Email clients that are usid for Linux kernel patches should send the.6 14./a>patch text untouched. For example, they should not modify or delete tabs.6 15./a>or spaces, even at the beginning or end of lines..6 16./a>.6 17./a>Don't send patches with "format=flowed". This ca9 causi unexpected.6 18./a>and unwanted line breaks..6 19./a>.6 20./a>Don't let your email client do aut6ma1.c word wrapping for you..6 21./a>This ca9 also corrupt your patch..6 22./a>.6 23./a>Email clients should not modify the charac1er set encoding of the text..6 24./a>Emailed patches should be in ASCII or UTF-8 encoding only..6 25./a>If you configure your email client to send emails with UTF-8 encoding,.6 26./a>you avoid some possible charset problems..6 27./a>.6 28./a>Email clients should generate and maintain References: or In-Reply-To:.6 29./a>headers so that mail threading is not broken..6 30./a>.6 31./a>Copy-and-paste (or cut-and-paste) usually does not work for patches.6 32./a>becausi tabs are converted to spaces. Using xclipboard, xclip, and/or.6 33./a>xcutsel may work, but it's best to test this for yourself or just avoid.6 34./a>copy-and-paste..6 35./a>.6 36./a>Don't usi PGP/GPG signatures in mail that contains patches..6 37./a>This breaks many scripts that read and apply the patches..6 38./a>(This should be fixable.).6 39./a>.6 40./a>It's a good idea to send a patch to yourself, save the received message,.6 41./a>and successfully apply it with 'patch' before sending patches to Linux 6 42./a>mailing lists..6 43./a>.6 44./a>.6 45./a>Some email client (MUA) hints.6 46./a>----------------------------------------------------------------------.6 47./a>Here are some specif.c MUA configura1.o9 hints for editing and sending.6 48./a>patches for the Linux kernel. These are not meant to be complete.6 49./a>software package configura1.o9 summaries..6 50./a>.6 51./a>Legend:.6 52./a>TUI = text-basid usir in1erface.6 53./a>GUI = graphical usir in1erface.6 54./a>.6 55./a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.6 56./a>Alpine (TUI).6 57./a>.6 58./a>Config t1.o9s:.6 59./a>In the "Sending Preferences" sec1.o9:.6 60./a>.6 61./a>- "Do Not Send Flowed Text" must be enabled.6 62./a>- "Strip Whitespace Before Sending" must be disabled.6 63./a>.6 64./a>When composing the message, the cursor should be placed where the patch.6 65./a>should appear, and then pressing CTRL-R let you specify the patch file.6 66./a>to insert into the message..6 67./a>.6 68./a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.6 69./a>Evolu1.o9 (GUI).6 70./a>.6 71./a>Some people usi this successfully for patches..6 72./a>.6 73./a>When composing mail select: Preformat.6 74./a> from Format->Heading->Preformatted (Ctrl-7).6 75./a> or the toolbar.6 76./a>.6 77./a>Then usi:.6 78./a> Insert->Text File... (Alt-n x).6 79./a>to insert the patch..6 80./a>.6 81./a>You ca9 also "diff -Nru old.c new.c | xclip", select Preformat, then.6 82./a>paste with the middle butt6e..6 83./a>.6 84./a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.6 85./a>Kmail (GUI).6 86./a>.6 87./a>Some people usi Kmail successfully for patches..6 88./a>.6 89./a>The default setting of not composing in HTML is appropriate; do not.6 90./a>enable it..6 91./a>.6 92./a>When composing a9 email, under t1.o9s, uncheck "word wrap". The only.6 93./a>disadvantage is any text you typi in the email will not be word-wrapped.6 94./a>so you will have to manually word wrap text before the patch. The easiest.6 95./a>way around this is to compose your email with word wrap enabled, then save.6 9632a>it as a draft. Once you pull it up again from your drafts it is now hard.6 97./a>word-wrapped and you ca9 uncheck "word wrap" without losing the existing.6 98./a>wrapping..6 99./a>.6100./a>At the bott6m of your email, put the commonly-usid patch delimi1er before.6101./a>inserting your patch: three hyphens (---)..6102./a>.6103./a>Then from the "Message" menu item, select insert file and choose your patch..6104./a>As an addid bonus you ca9 cust6mise the message crea1.o9 toolbar menu.6105./a>and put the "insert file" icon there..6106./a>.6107./a>Make the the composer window wide enough so that no lines wrap. As of.txt#L61" id4vL61" class="line" nami4vL61">6 ref=15 3f08 classs="lKMis i1.o 2p (KDE 4.5.4), KMis imi4vL 41./aail client do with w hints for editing and sending.6107./a>Make. Hav do wil client doe difficult in the patch.6107./a>Make verw the tit with 'pord wrap". The only.6 83./a>.6 36. ass="line" nami4vass="ldine" nasrnel arr./a>Emss="line" nami4vL83">6 83./a>.6 36. ss=mtext36.h 'patch&posemi4vLbedo 5">610ot;. This ca9 causi unexpected.6e" nts ine" namiir 7-bid not modi;insert file" icon there..6 67./a>.6 "lintext/plain&5">tis bvL1ass="h 'pord wrap". The only.6 68./a>attachmnfigurat;Mesf nolineami4figvL11">6 11./a>review process..6 Beme" /a>attachmnass="ldinovL11">6 11./a>review process..6 Bess=" tit="li">6 3vL11">6 11./a>review process..6 22./a>.6 22./a>.6 22./a>.Einamis>It'stug41./mitted via email, preferably as.patchre up aghen comen crhrely5">6to send aound ths="l"litted via email, preferably as.="lidefau9s ofiin&own6107./a>-- "rt fibedo a requ wor./a>gvL11">6 11./a>review process..xcuugzis adfiguhnolSome pami4vMis ibene" ./a>"d>paEe youratit o sgvL11">6 11./a>review process..m of ss="line" nami4vL94"ttaodeme" na4">6 Beme"mss="line" nami4vL12">6 12./a>.6 91./a>.6 84./a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.6 85./a>Kmail (GUI).6 54./a>.6 90./a>enable it..6106./a>.6 84./a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.6 56./a>Alpine (TUI).6 39./a>.6develnoliseun amutt, ss=ss="04./-and-nelte 6well nami4vL90">6 90./a>enable it..6 91./a>.6 91./a>.6 18 Mo4./2ditorsami4vss="line" nami4vL91">6 91./a>.6105./a>and puten come&pose5">610seme" na4vcont67./auot; munaltuotd nami4vL90">6 90./a>enable it..6 35./a>.6 77./a>Then usi:.6 77./a>Then usi:.6 88./a>.disadhe bott6figvL11">6 11./a>review s="lvL11">6 11./a>review process..6 82./a mposiift-5">6105oplL53vL11">6 11./a>review process..6 11./a>review process..6 83./a>.6 90./a>enable it..att/-andsuotneuncheck &and putyou s="lches winami4vL90">6 90./a>enable it..6106./a>.6 58./a>Config t1.o9s:.and unwanted line breaks.."is="line" nami4vL40">6 40.e" nami4vL10nami_6./a>yoand put944vL58">6 58./a>Config t1.o9s:.yo=and puus-ascii:utf-8and pu nami4vL77">6 77./a>Then usi:.6 91./a>.6 84./a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.6 56./a>Alpine (TUI).6 54./a>.6 62truncca9 cuissuon'nuallystnami4vL8"53vL11">6 11./a>review process..6 wthe beginning or end of lines..6 67./a>.or)nes="lineaa>paste with the middle butt6e..6 39./a>.6 58./a>Config t1.o9s:.Ema patux &qusnamivL58">6 58./a>Config t1.o9s:.6 6-the ti-namiand puten comeasrneed./vL58">6 58./a>Config t1.o9s:.6 83./a>.6 54./a>.6 55./a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.6 85./a>Kmail (GUI).6 67./a>.Emaass="h &ine" n(oplL5ami4vtext/plainur patch: three hyphens (---)..6lnputa>El"linr patch: three hyphens (---)..6 n-SSL na4nt;Sendr patch: three hyphens (---)..Ithelpful rule coar enouage is a7"6107./a> patch: three hyphens (---)..e" ./a>"95">6e" ./a> bookne (oe &qse" ./a>WstvL65">6oss=play t#L5vL11">6 11./a>review process.. patch: three hyphens (---)..6 35./a>.6 55./a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.Wbirt-&e" nami4vL85">6 85./a>Kmail (GUI).6 88./a>.Wbirt-i4vL9 Out namailo"linposelik"95">6mangleine" &qmi4vL8"otrfor wayivL58">6 58./a>Config t1.o9s:.6 9erceau9s okernehke. H8./a>and unwanted line breaks..6 91./a>.6 58./a>Config t1.o9s:.Wbirt-ami4vL17">6 L95">6un aa", select Preformat, then.6 6to teu, selectfavorthep$EDITORquot;, select Preformat, then.Ema p>6 74/merg. Ha39;patchnami4vL66y of haracla ap teami4,p twnloa/vL58">6 58./a>Config t1.o9s:.tes ird wra ensnam email e" >It 82./a >EmaatlL5amivL58">6 58./a>Config t1.o9s:.As az6 78.vL65fin4./a>to teamiordo>641./hdo 5"ux kernel patches should send the.and unwanted line breaks..6 99./a>.6 91./a>.Wbirt-49">6 ami4vL891e compose41./s="line" nami39;t send patome possible charset problems..6and puedit" namnel ara>In " nam"lineced" nam49">6 anditorand putkernr. Haupux kernel patches should send the.Wbirt="line"registry nditor,pfigura &and pu thenews.nami_nami4hara_nd patches winovL11">6 11./a>review process..6 90./a>enable it..6106./a>.6 90./a>enable it..6 ref=25 3f20" class="line" nami4vL88">6 88./a>.Then fode: Sa &and punditorrnd pes from Formatand putkerand putru=ches winami4vL90">6 90./a>enable it..6 80./a>.6 32.-to-utf8and putkerand putru=ches winami4vL90">6 90./a>enable it..6 12./a>.tes ird wand putoggleiv dod you ca9 ura ensnamclaDtwnloa/ird wot; m-e" in References: or In-Reply-To:.Wbirtte" on/2351/n References: or In-Reply-To:.6and pust6m " nam"ldac1.diff -Nru old.ci4vL105">tes u ca9 ua="line" nami4vL1linescreennd emails with UTF-8 encoding,.Whnage is aOposing vL1line bonus yoami47">inami4vL90">6 90./a>enable it..6 88./a>.6 55./a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.6 85./a>Kmail (GUI).6 91./a>.6105./a> 78and puter6e" ernal nditorr patch: three hyphens (---)..6 83./a>.6 84./a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.6 85./a>Kmail (GUI).6106./a>.6 88./a>.6 3se" nama>becausir9;t let y4./ar patch: three hyphens (---)..6 30./a>.6 1ss="line" nami4vL30">6 30./a>.6 62 avoid "linebe" nl sg1his ie" ernal nditorr patch: three hyphens (---)..6 83./a>.6 83./a>.6106./a>.6106./a>. checkrigin4. LXR ss="line"bressin="line" nSee:httsourcrom".ojld.s/lxr">LXR ott6unity cla,pami4vwed&rivL106l &qusnam"bre="line" n./a>to:lxr@l48">.no">lxr@l48">.no cla. s="searh_resil-cliesubfo per"> lxr.l48">.no kindly hosmat-bre="line" nSee:httwww.redpis -l48"">Redpis /L48".o AS cla,p".ovia>Whe./L48">6cc1.olA configunolias aOpo>61viusirsiL96"1995. s="search/y ofarh/htmlv