e==" >/spa.15 >/form15 >a e==" href="../linux+v35.51/Documenta3.4./dma-buf-sharing.txt">e==" >img src="../.sta3.c/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">e=>/spa.15e=>spa. class="lxr_search">e=="e==" >input typ/ophidden" nam/opnavtarget" .16e==" >input typ/optext" nam/opsearch" idopsearch">e==" >butt3.2typ/opsubmit">Search/form15 >/spa.15e=>spa. class="lxr_prefs"15 >a href="+prefs?return=Documenta3.4./dma-buf-sharing.txt"e==" onclick="return ajax_prefs();">e==" Prefs5 >/a>e=>/spa.15=" >/div15=" >form ac3.4.="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">e=>input typ/ophidden" nam/opajax_lookup" idopajax_lookup" .16e=" >/form15e=" >div class="headingbott3m">div idopfile_contents"1
e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L1 onsubL1 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L1 >pre1etho                    DMA Buffer Srefs5	 API Guide
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L2 onsubL2 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L2 >pre2etho                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L3 onsubL3 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L3 >pre3ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L4 onsubL4 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L4 >pre4etho                            Suoku Semwald3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L5 onsubL5 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L5 >pre5etho                <suoku dot semwal at bitaro dot org ac3d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L6 onsubL6 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L6 >pre6etho                 <suoku dot semwal at ti dot com ac3d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L7 onsubL7 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L7 >pre7ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L8 onsubL8 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L8 >pre8ethoTop" dojax_pr serves as a guide to device-driver writersjax what p" the ">e==" d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L9 onsubL9 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L9 >pre9ethobuffer srefs5	 API, how to use ku 15= exports5	 and uss5	 srefed buffers.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L10 onsubL10 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L10 >pr6v27hod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L11 onsubL11 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L11 >pr11ethoAny device driver which wishes to be a part of DMA buffer srefs5	, catarg so asd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L12 onsubL12 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L12 >pr12ethoeither the 'exporter' of buffers, or the 'user' of buffers.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L13 onsubL13 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L13 >pr13ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L14 onsubL14 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L14 >pr14ethoSay a driver A wamen to use buffers created by driver B, thex w.d"all B as thed3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L15 onsubL15 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L15 >pr15ethoexporter, and A as buffer-user.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L16 onsubL16 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L16 >pr16ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L17 onsubL17 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L17 >pr17ethoToe exporterd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L18 onsubL18 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L18 >pr18etho- implex_prs and manages operefs()s[1] 15= the bufferd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L19 onsubL19 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L19 >pr19etho- allows other usern to srefe the buffer by uss5	 ">e_buf srefs5	 APIs,
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L20 onsubL20 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L20 >pr20etho- manages the "etails of buffer allocefs(),
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L21 onsubL21 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L21 >pr21etho- decides aboiual backs5	 storage whefe thp" allocefs() happens,
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L22 onsubL22 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L22 >pr22etho- takes cefe of any migrefs() of scefterlist - 15= all (srefed) usern of thp"
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L23 onsubL23 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L23 >pr23etho   buffer,
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L24 onsubL24 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L24 >pr24ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L25 onsubL25 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L25 >pr25ethoToe buffer-userd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L26 onsubL26 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L26 >pr26etho- isjaxe of (many) srefs5	 usern of the buffer.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L27 onsubL27 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L27 >pr27etho- doesn't need to worry aboe=="  Prefs5	  >/#L28 onsubL28 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L28 >pr28etho- needs a mechanism to get =>cesn to the scefterlist that makes up thp" bufferd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L29 onsubL29 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L29 >pr29etho   in memory, mapped into irs own addresn space, so ku cata=>cesn the sm15 efea
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L30 onsubL30 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L30 >pr30etho   of memory.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L31 onsubL31 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L31 >pr31ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L32 onsubL32 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L32 >pr32etho">e=="  operefs()s 15= device dmajaxlyd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L33 onsubL33 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L33 >pr33etho--------------------------------------d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L34 onsubL34 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L34 >pr34ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L35 onsubL35 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L35 >pr35ethoToe ">e_buf buffer srefs5	 API usage e5fcainn the follows5	 steps:d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L36 onsubL36 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L36 >pr36ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L37 onsubL37 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L37 >pr37etho1. Exporter announces that pt wishes to export a bufferd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L38 onsubL38 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L38 >pr38etho2. Usernpace getn the file "escript5= associated with the exported buffer, andd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L39 onsubL39 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L39 >pr39etho   p/dmes pt around to pocumeial buffer-user" based () use cased3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L40 onsubL40 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L40 >pr40etho3. Each buffer-user 'e5fnects' irself to the bufferd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L41 onsubL41 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L41 >pr41etho4. Whex needed, buffer-user requesrs a>cesn to the buffer from exporterd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L42 onsubL42 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L42 >pr42etho5. Whex finished with irs use, the buffer-user notifies end-of-DMA to exporterd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L43 onsubL43 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L43 >pr43etho6. when buffer-user p" doxe uss5	 thp" buffer completely, pt 'dise5fnects'd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L44 onsubL44 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L44 >pr44etho   irself from the buffer.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L45 onsubL45 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L45 >pr45ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L46 onsubL46 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L46 >pr46ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L47 onsubL47 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L47 >pr47etho1. Exporter's announcex_pr of buffer exportd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L48 onsubL48 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L48 >pr48ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L49 onsubL49 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L49 >pr49etho   Toe buffer exporter announces irs wish to export a buffer. In thp", ptd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L50 onsubL50 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L50 >pr50etho   e5fnects irs own private buffer data, provides implex_prefs() 15= operefs()sd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L51 onsubL51 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L51 >pr51etho   that catabe per15="ed () the exported ">e_buf, and flags 15= the filed3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L52 onsubL52 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L52 >pr52etho   associated with thp" buffer.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L53 onsubL53 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L53 >pr53ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L54 onsubL54 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L54 >pr54etho   Interface:d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L55 onsubL55 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L55 >pr55etho      struct ">e_buf *">e_buf_export(void *priv, struct ">e_buf_ops *ops,
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L56 onsubL56 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L56 >pr56etho                                     size_t size, int flags)
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L57 onsubL57 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L57 >pr57ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L58 onsubL58 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L58 >pr58etho   If thp" su>ceeds, ">e_buf_export allocefes a ">e_buf structure, and  idopas ad3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L59 onsubL59 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L59 >pr59etho   pointer to the sm15. It also associates an anonymous file with thp" buffer,
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L60 onsubL60 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L60 >pr60etho   so ku catabe exported. Oajaxilure to allocefe the ">e_buf object, pt  idopas
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L61 onsubL61 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L61 >pr61etho   NULL.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L62 onsubL62 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L62 >pr62ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L63 onsubL63 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L63 >pr63etho2. Usernpace getn e==andle to p/dm around to pocumeial buffer-user"d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L64 onsubL64 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L64 >pr64ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L65 onsubL65 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L65 >pr65etho   Usernpace umeity requesrs 15= a file-"escript5= (fd) which in e==andle to thed3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L66 onsubL66 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L66 >pr66etho   anonymous file associated with the buffer. Iu catathex srefe the fd with otherd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L67 onsubL67 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L67 >pr67etho   drivers and/5= procesnes.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L68 onsubL68 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L68 >pr68ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L69 onsubL69 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L69 >pr69etho   Interface:d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L70 onsubL70 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L70 >pr70etho      int ">e_buf_fd(struct ">e_buf *">ebuf)
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L71 onsubL71 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L71 >pr71ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L72 onsubL72 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L72 >pr72etho   Toin API installs an fd 15= the anonymous file associated with thp" buffer3d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L73 onsubL73 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L73 >pr73etho    idopas either 'fd', or error.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L74 onsubL74 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L74 >pr74ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L75 onsubL75 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L75 >pr75etho3. Each buffer-user 'e5fnects' irself to the bufferd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L76 onsubL76 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L76 >pr76ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L77 onsubL77 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L77 >pr77etho   Each buffer-user now getn e="  erence to the buffer, uss5	 the fd p/dmed tod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L78 onsubL78 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L78 >pr78etho   it.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L79 onsubL79 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L79 >pr79ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L80 onsubL80 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L80 >pr80etho   Interface:d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L81 onsubL81 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L81 >pr81etho      struct ">e_buf *">e_buf_get(int fd)
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L82 onsubL82 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L82 >pr82ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L83 onsubL83 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L83 >pr83etho   Toin API will  >/div15="  erence to the ">e_buf, and increx_pr "  counu 15=d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L84 onsubL84 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L84 >pr84etho   it.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L85 onsubL85 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L85 >pr85ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L86 onsubL86 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L86 >pr86etho   After thp", the buffer-user needs to attach irs device with the buffer, whichd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L87 onsubL87 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L87 >pr87etho   helps the exporter to know of device buffer constraints.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L88 onsubL88 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L88 >pr88ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L89 onsubL89 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L89 >pr89etho   Interface:d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L90 onsubL90 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L90 >pr90etho      struct ">e_buf_attachx_pr *">e_buf_attach(struct ">e_buf *">ebuf,
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L91 onsubL91 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L91 >pr91etho                                                struct "evice *"ev)
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L92 onsubL92 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L92 >pr92ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L93 onsubL93 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L93 >pr93etho   Toin API  idopas "  erence to an attachx_pr structure, which in thex usedd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L94 onsubL94 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L94 >pr94etho   15= scefterlist operefs()s. Iu will    hreallyd"all the 'attach' ">e_bufd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L95 onsubL95 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L95 >pr95etho   operefs(), if provided by the exporter.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L96 onsubL96 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L96 >pr96ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L97 onsubL97 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L97 >pr97etho   Toe ">e=="  srefs5	 frm15work does the bookkeeps5	 birs related to manags5	d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L98 onsubL98 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L98 >pr98etho   the list of all attachx_prs to a buffer.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L99 onsubL99 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L99 >pr99ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L100 onsubL100 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L100 >p100ethoUntil thp" stage, the buffer-exporter has the    hre to choose not to a>iuallyd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L101 onsubL101 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L101 >p101ethoallocefe the backs5	 storage 15= thp" buffer, buu waku 15= the first buffer-userd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L102 onsubL102 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L102 >p102ethoto requesr use of buffer 15= allocefs().d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L103 onsubL103 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L103 >p103ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L104 onsubL104 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L104 >p104ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L105 onsubL105 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L105 >p105etho4. Whex needed, buffer-user requesrs a>cesn to the bufferd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L106 onsubL106 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L106 >p106ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L107 onsubL107 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L107 >p107etho   Whexever a buffer-user wamen to use the buffer f5= any DMA, pt asks 15=d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L108 onsubL108 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L108 >p108etho   a>cesn to the buffer uss5	 ">e_buf_map_attachx_pr API. At least one attach tod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L109 onsubL109 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L109 >p109etho   the buffer must have happened be15=e map_">e_buf catabe "alled.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L110 onsubL110 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L110 >p16v27hod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L111 onsubL111 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L111 >p111etho   Interface:d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L112 onsubL112 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L112 >p112etho      struct sg_table * ">e_buf_map_attachx_pr(struct ">e_buf_attachx_pr *,
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L113 onsubL113 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L113 >p113etho                                         enum ">e_data_dire>inpu)3d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L114 onsubL114 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L114 >p114ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L115 onsubL115 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L115 >p115etho   Toin in e=wrapper to ">e_buf- ac3ops- ac3map_">e_buf operefs(), which hides thed3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L116 onsubL116 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L116 >p116etho   "">e_buf- ac3ops- ac3" indire>inpu from the usern of thp" interface.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L117 onsubL117 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L117 >p117ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L118 onsubL118 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L118 >p118etho   In struct ">e_buf_ops, map_">e_buf p" defined asd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L119 onsubL119 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L119 >p119etho      struct sg_table * (*map_">e_buf)(struct ">e_buf_attachx_pr *,
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L120 onsubL120 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L120 >p120etho                                                enum ">e_data_dire>inpu)3d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L121 onsubL121 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L121 >p121ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L122 onsubL122 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L122 >p122etho   It isjaxe of the buffer operefs()s that must be implex_pred by the exporter.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L123 onsubL123 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L123 >p123etho   It should  idopa the sg_table e5fcains5	 scefterlist 15= thp" buffer, mappedd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L124 onsubL124 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L124 >p124etho   into "aller's addresn space.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L125 onsubL125 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L125 >p125ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L126 onsubL126 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L126 >p126etho   If thp" p" bes5	 "alled 15= the first time, the exporter catanow choose tod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L127 onsubL127 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L127 >p127etho   scatathrough the list of attachx_prs 15= thp" buffer, collefe the requirex_prsd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L128 onsubL128 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L128 >p128etho   of the attached "evices, and choose an appropriate backs5	 storage 15= thed3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L129 onsubL129 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L129 >p129etho   buffer.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L130 onsubL130 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L130 >p13v27hod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L131 onsubL131 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L131 >p131etho   Based () enum ">e_data_dire>inpu, pt mr_seabe possible to have multiple user"d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L132 onsubL132 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L132 >p132etho   a>cesns5	 at the sm15 time (15= r_resul, maybe), or any other ks5d of srefs5	d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L133 onsubL133 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L133 >p133etho   that the exporter mr_seawish to make available to buffer-user".d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L134 onsubL134 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L134 >p134ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L135 onsubL135 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L135 >p135etho   map_">e_buf() operefs() cata idopa -EINTR if it isjinterrupred by a signal.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L136 onsubL136 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L136 >p136ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L137 onsubL137 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L137 >p137ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L138 onsubL138 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L138 >p138etho5. Whex finished, the buffer-user notifies end-of-DMA to exporterd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L139 onsubL139 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L139 >p139ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L140 onsubL140 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L140 >p140etho   Once the DMA 15= the curr_pr buffer-user isjaver, it signals 'end-of-DMA' tod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L141 onsubL141 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L141 >p141etho   the exporter uss5	 the ">e_buf_unmap_attachx_pr API.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L142 onsubL142 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L142 >p142ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L143 onsubL143 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L143 >p143etho   Interface:d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L144 onsubL144 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L144 >p144etho      void ">e_buf_unmap_attachx_pr(struct ">e_buf_attachx_pr *,
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L145 onsubL145 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L145 >p145etho                                    struct sg_table *)3d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L146 onsubL146 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L146 >p146ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L147 onsubL147 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L147 >p147etho   Toin in e=wrapper to ">e_buf- ac3ops- ac3unmap_">e_buf() operefs(), which hides thed3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L148 onsubL148 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L148 >p148etho   "">e_buf- ac3ops- ac3" indire>inpu from the usern of thp" interface.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L149 onsubL149 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L149 >p149ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L150 onsubL150 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L150 >p150etho   In struct ">e_buf_ops, unmap_">e_buf p" defined asd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L151 onsubL151 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L151 >p151etho      void (*unmap_">e_buf)(struct ">e_buf_attachx_pr *, struct sg_table *)3d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L152 onsubL152 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L152 >p152ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L153 onsubL153 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L153 >p153etho   unmap_">e_buf signifies the end-of-DMA 15= the attachx_pr provided. Liked3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L154 onsubL154 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L154 >p154etho   map_">e_buf, thp" API also must be implex_pred by the exporter.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L155 onsubL155 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L155 >p155ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L156 onsubL156 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L156 >p156ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L157 onsubL157 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L157 >p157etho6. when buffer-user p" doxe uss5	 thp" buffer, pt 'dise5fnects' irself from thed3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L158 onsubL158 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L158 >p158etho   buffer.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L159 onsubL159 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L159 >p159ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L160 onsubL160 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L160 >p160etho   After the buffer-user has no m5=e interesr in uss5	 thp" buffer, pt shouldd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L161 onsubL161 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L161 >p161etho   dise5fnect irself from the buffer:d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L162 onsubL162 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L162 >p162ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L163 onsubL163 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L163 >p163etho   - ku 1irst "etaches irself from the buffer.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L164 onsubL164 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L164 >p164ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L165 onsubL165 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L165 >p165etho   Interface:d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L166 onsubL166 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L166 >p166etho      void ">e_buf_"etach(struct ">e_buf *">ebuf,
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L167 onsubL167 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L167 >p167etho                          struct ">e_buf_attachx_pr *">ebuf_attach)3d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L168 onsubL168 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L168 >p168ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L169 onsubL169 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L169 >p169etho   Toin API  imoves the attachx_pr from the list in ">ebuf, and    hreallyd"allsd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L170 onsubL170 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L170 >p170etho   ">e_buf- ac3ops- ac3"etach(), if provided by exporter, f5= any housekeeps5	 birs.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L171 onsubL171 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L171 >p171ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L172 onsubL172 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L172 >p172etho   - Toen, the buffer-user  idopas the buffer "  erence to exporter.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L173 onsubL173 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L173 >p173ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L174 onsubL174 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L174 >p174etho   Interface:d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L175 onsubL175 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L175 >p175etho     void ">e_buf_pur(struct ">e_buf *">ebuf)3d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L176 onsubL176 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L176 >p176ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L177 onsubL177 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L177 >p177etho   Toin API thex reduces the "  counu 15= thp" buffer.d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L178 onsubL178 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L178 >p178ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L179 onsubL179 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L179 >p179etho   If, an e=" le_c of thp" "all, the "  counu becomes 0, the 'release' filed3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L180 onsubL180 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L180 >p180etho   operefs() related to thp" fd p" "alled. Iu calls the ">ebuf- ac3ops- ac3release()
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L181 onsubL181 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L181 >p181etho   operefs() in dopa, and frees the memory allocefed 15= d>ebuf when exported.
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L182 onsubL182 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L182 >p182ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L183 onsubL183 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L183 >p183ethoNOTES:d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L184 onsubL184 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L184 >p184etho- Importance of attach-"etach and {map,unmap}_">e_buf operefs() pair"d3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L185 onsubL185 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L185 >p185etho   Toe attach-"etach calls allow the exporter to figure oe=="  Prefs5	  >/#L186 onsubL186 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L186 >p186etho   constraints 15= the curr_prly-interesred "evices. Toin allows p"  ereneiald3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L187 onsubL187 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L187 >p187etho   allocefs(), and/5= migrefs() of pages acros" dif ereneop">en of storaged3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L188 onsubL188 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L188 >p188etho   available, if possible.
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L189 onsubL189 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L189 >p189ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L190 onsubL190 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L190 >p190etho   Brackets5	 of DMA a>cesn with {map,unmap}_">e_buf operefs()n in esneneiald3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L191 onsubL191 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L191 >p191etho   to allow just-in-time backs5	 of storage, and migrefs() mid-wayathrough ad3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L192 onsubL192 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L192 >p192etho   use-case.
3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L193 onsubL193 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L193 >p193ethod3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L194 onsubL194 o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L194 >p194etho- Migrefs() of backs5	 storage if neededd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L195a>p140ebuf o  Pr >/#L21 onsubL21 o4./dma-bit" orm15=ttafd3e=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L139 onsubL96 1o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L96 1>pr96196o   - Toeaeast one att_">e_buf sig no pened bee=="   o ajax_prefs();">e=="  Prefs5	  >/#L167 onsubL97 1o4./dma-bit" orm15e=L97 1>pr971tho   Toe-d mig backs5	 storage 15= no beexpocefed 15= d>e" buffer,
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