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 L1">1 114/a>obj-$(CONFIG_RDS) += rds.o

 L2">1 124/a>rds-y :=        af_rds.o bind.o cong.o connec	  >.o info.o message.o   \

 L3">1 134/a>                        recv.o send.o stats.o sysctl.o threads.o transport.o \

 L4">1 144/a>                        loop.o page.o rdma.o

 L5">1 154/a>t
 L6">1 164/a>obj-$(CONFIG_RDS_RDMA) += rds_rdma.o

 L7">1 174/a>rds_rdma-y :=   rdma_transport.o \

 L8">1 184/a>                        ib.o ib_cm.o ib_recv.o ib_ring.o ib_send.o ib_stats.o \

 L9">1 194/a>                        ib_sysctl.o ib_rdma.o \

 L10">1 .8.1a>                        iw.o iw_cm.o iw_recv.o iw_ring.o iw_send.o iw_stats.o \

 L11">1 11.1a>                        iw_sysctl.o iw_rdma.o

 L12">1 124/a>t
 L13">1 134/a>t
 L14">1 144/a>obj-$(CONFIG_RDS_TCP) += rds_tcp.o

 L15">1 154/a>rds_tcp-y :=            tcp.o tcp_connec	.o tcp_listen.o tcp_recv.o \

 L16">1 16.1a>                        tcp_send.o tcp_stats.o

 L17">1 174/a>t
 L18">1 184/a>ccflags-$(CONFIG_RDS_DEBUG)     :=      -DDEBUGt
 L19">1 194/a>t
 L20">1 28.1a>
The original LXR software by the14a href=" s/lxr">LXR community.1a>, this experimental>. 4/div 4div class="subfooter"> kindly hostedpby 4a href="">Redpill Linpro AS.1a>, provider of Linux consulting and opera >s services since 1995. 4/div 4/body 4/html