1config NFSD
   2        tristate "NFS server support"
   3        depends on INET
   4        depends on FILE_LOCKING
   5        select LOCKD
   6        select SUNRPC
   7        select EXPORTFS
   8        select NFS_ACL_SUPPORT if NFSD_V2_ACL
   9        help
  10          Choose Y here if you want to allow other computers to access
  11          files residing on this system using Sun's Network File System
  12          protocol.  To compile the NFS server support as a module,
  13          choose M here: the module will be called nfsd.
  15          You may choose to use a user-space NFS server instead, in which
  16          case you can choose N here.
  18          To export local file systems using NFS, you also need to install
  19          user space programs which can be found in the Linux nfs-utils
  20          package, available from  More detail about
  21          the Linux NFS server implementation is available via the
  22          exports(5) man page.
  24          Below you can choose which versions of the NFS protocol are
  25          available to clients mounting the NFS server on this system.
  26          Support for NFS version 2 (RFC 1094) is always available when
  27          CONFIG_NFSD is selected.
  29          If unsure, say N.
  31config NFSD_V2_ACL
  32        bool
  33        depends on NFSD
  35config NFSD_V3
  36        bool "NFS server support for NFS version 3"
  37        depends on NFSD
  38        help
  39          This option enables support in your system's NFS server for
  40          version 3 of the NFS protocol (RFC 1813).
  42          If unsure, say Y.
  44config NFSD_V3_ACL
  45        bool "NFS server support for the NFSv3 ACL protocol extension"
  46        depends on NFSD_V3
  47        select NFSD_V2_ACL
  48        help
  49          Solaris NFS servers support an auxiliary NFSv3 ACL protocol that
  50          never became an official part of the NFS version 3 protocol.
  51          This protocol extension allows applications on NFS clients to
  52          manipulate POSIX Access Control Lists on files residing on NFS
  53          servers.  NFS servers enforce POSIX ACLs on local files whether
  54          this protocol is available or not.
  56          This option enables support in your system's NFS server for the
  57          NFSv3 ACL protocol extension allowing NFS clients to manipulate
  58          POSIX ACLs on files exported by your system's NFS server.  NFS
  59          clients which support the Solaris NFSv3 ACL protocol can then
  60          access and modify ACLs on your NFS server.
  62          To store ACLs on your NFS server, you also need to enable ACL-
  63          related CONFIG options for your local file systems of choice.
  65          If unsure, say N.
  67config NFSD_V4
  68        bool "NFS server support for NFS version 4 (EXPERIMENTAL)"
  69        depends on NFSD && PROC_FS && EXPERIMENTAL
  70        select NFSD_V3
  71        select FS_POSIX_ACL
  72        select SUNRPC_GSS
  73        select CRYPTO
  74        help
  75          This option enables support in your system's NFS server for
  76          version 4 of the NFS protocol (RFC 3530).
  78          To export files using NFSv4, you need to install additional user
  79          space programs which can be found in the Linux nfs-utils package,
  80          available from
  82          If unsure, say N.
  85        bool "NFS server manual fault injection"
  86        depends on NFSD_V4 && DEBUG_KERNEL
  87        help
  88          This option enables support for manually injecting faults
  89          into the NFS server.  This is intended to be used for
  90          testing error recovery on the NFS client.
  92          If unsure, say N.
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