2# Generic thermal sysfs drivers configuration
   5menuconfig THERMAL
   6        tristate "Generic Thermal sysfs driver"
   7        help
   8          Generic Thermal Sysfs driver offers a generic mechanism for
   9          thermal management. Usually it's made up of one or more thermal
  10          zone and cooling device.
  11          Each thermal zone contains its own temperature, trip points,
  12          cooling devices.
  13          All platforms with ACPI thermal support can use this driver.
  14          If you want this support, you should say Y or M here.
  16config THERMAL_HWMON
  17        bool
  18        depends on THERMAL
  19        depends on HWMON=y || HWMON=THERMAL
  20        default y
  22config SPEAR_THERMAL
  23        bool "SPEAr thermal sensor driver"
  24        depends on THERMAL
  25        depends on PLAT_SPEAR
  26        depends on OF
  27        help
  28          Enable this to plug the SPEAr thermal sensor driver into the Linux
  29          thermal framework
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