1struct scsi_cmnd;
   2struct scsi_lun;
   3struct Scsi_Host;
   4struct task_struct;
   6/* tmp - will replace with SCSI logging stuff */
   7#define eprintk(fmt, args...)                                   \
   8do {                                                            \
   9        printk("%s(%d) " fmt, __func__, __LINE__, ##args);      \
  10} while (0)
  12#define dprintk(fmt, args...)
  13/* #define dprintk eprintk */
  15extern void scsi_tgt_if_exit(void);
  16extern int scsi_tgt_if_init(void);
  18extern int scsi_tgt_uspace_send_cmd(struct scsi_cmnd *cmd, u64 it_nexus_id,
  19                                    struct scsi_lun *lun, u64 tag);
  20extern int scsi_tgt_uspace_send_status(struct scsi_cmnd *cmd, u64 it_nexus_id,
  21                                       u64 tag);
  22extern int scsi_tgt_kspace_exec(int host_no, u64 it_nexus_id, int result, u64 tag,
  23                                unsigned long uaddr, u32 len,
  24                                unsigned long sense_uaddr, u32 sense_len, u8 rw);
  25extern int scsi_tgt_uspace_send_tsk_mgmt(int host_no, u64 it_nexus_id,
  26                                         int function, u64 tag,
  27                                         struct scsi_lun *scsilun, void *data);
  28extern int scsi_tgt_kspace_tsk_mgmt(int host_no, u64 it_nexus_id,
  29                                    u64 mid, int result);
  30extern int scsi_tgt_uspace_send_it_nexus_request(int host_no, u64 it_nexus_id,
  31                                                 int function, char *initiator);
  32extern int scsi_tgt_kspace_it_nexus_rsp(int host_no, u64 it_nexus_id, int result);
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