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< < < odiv id"vfilefcontents" w/sp class="done" id"v32/48/b6e0932816cf3398d51395b086abf63bc2a5_3/0" wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c#L1" id"vL1" class="line" nam="vL1">< <1o/a>ospa> class="comment">/*o/spa> wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c#L2" id"vL2" class="line" nam="vL2">< <2o/a>ospa> class="comment"> * drivers/pcmcia/> wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c#L3" id"vL3" class="line" nam="vL3">< <3o/a>ospa> class="comment"> *o/spa> wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c#L4" id"vL4" class="line" nam="vL4">< <4o/a>ospa> class="comment"> * PCMCIA implementaion vroutines for H3600o/spa> wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c#L5" id"vL5" class="line" nam="vL5">< <5o/a>ospa> class="comment"> *o/spa> wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c#L6" id"vL6" class="line" nam="vL6">< <6o/a>ospa> class="comment"> */o/spa> wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c#L7" id"vL7" class="line" nam="vL7">< <7o/a>#include <wa href="include/linux/module.h" class="fref">linux/module.ho/a>> wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c#L8" id"vL8" class="line" nam="vL8">< <8o/a>#include <wa href="include/linux/kernel.h" class="fref">linux/kernel.ho/a>> wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c#L9" id"vL9" class="line" nam="vL9">< <9o/a>#include <wa href="include/linux/device.h" class="fref">linux/device.ho/a>> wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c#L10" id"vL10" class="line" nam="vL10">< a>#include <wa href="include/linux/interrupt.h" class="fref">linux/interrupt.ho/a>> wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c#L11" id"vL11" class="line" nam="vL11">< 11 a>#include <wa href="include/linux/init.h" class="fref">linux/init.ho/a>> wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c#L12" id"vL12" class="line" nam="vL12">< 12o/a>#include <wa href="include/linux/delay.h" class="fref">linux/delay.ho/a>> wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c#L13" id"vL13" class="line" nam="vL13">< 1312">< 12o/a>#include <wa href="includgpio.h" class="fref">linux/de21.1" x f="fref">linux/device.ho/a>> wa hcia/salinux/de21.1" x f="fref">linux/device.ho/ia/salinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" > v2.6.17.1 151312">< 12o/a>#include <wa hrefmach/hardwarice.h" class="frefmach/hardwarice.1" x f="fref">linux/device.ho/a>> wa hcia/sali#L6" id"1vL6" class="line" nam="1vL6">161312">< 12o/a>#include <+ambig=;wa hrefasm-alpha/irq.h|;wa hrefasm-arm/irq.h|;wa hrefasm-avr"v3irq.h|;wa hrefasm-blackfin3irq.h|;wa hrefasm-cris3irq.h|;wa hrefasm-frv3irq.h|;wa hrefasm-generatiirq.h|;wa hrefasm-h8300iirq.h|;wa hrefasm-i386iirq.h|;wa hrefasm-ia64iirq.h|;wa hrefasm-m32riirq.h|;wa hrefasm-m68kiirq.h|;wa hrefasm-m68kn"couiirq.h|;wa hrefasm-mips3irq.h|;wa hrefasm-mips64iirq.h|;wa hrefasm-paristiirq.h|;wa hrefasm-powerptiirq.h|;wa hrefasm-pptiirq.h|;wa hrefasm-s390iirq.h|;wa hrefasm-shiirq.h|;wa hrefasm-sh64iirq.h|;wa hrefasm-o/srtiirq.h|;wa hrefasm-s/srt64iirq.h|;wa hrefasm-um/irq.h|;wa hrefasm-v850iirq.h|;wa hrefasm-x86iirq.h|;wa hrefasm-x86_64iirq.h|;wa hrefasm-xontsa/irq.h.h" class=" a">asm/irq.h.1" x f="fref">linux/device.ho/a>> wa hcia/sali#L7" id"1vL7" class="line" nam="1vL7">1 <7o/a>#include <wa href+ambig=;wa hrefasm-alpha/mach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-arm/mach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-avr"v3mach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-blackfin3mach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-cris3mach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-frv3mach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-generatimach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-h8300imach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-i386imach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-ia64imach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-m32rimach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-m68kimach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-m68kn"couimach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-mips3mach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-mips64imach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-paristimach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-powerptimach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-pptimach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-s390imach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-shimach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-sh64imach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-o/srtimach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-o/srt64imach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-um/mach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-v850imach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-x86imach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-x86_64imach-t tys.h|;wa hrefasm-xontsa/mach-t tys.h.h" class=" a">asm/mach-t tys.h.1" x f="fref">linux/device.ho/a>> wa hcia/sali#L8" id"1vL8" class="line" nam="1vL8">1 <8o/a>#include <wa href="includmach/h3xxxce.h" class="frefmach/h3xxxce.1" x f="fref">linux/device.ho/a>> wa hcia/sali#L9" id"1vL9" class="line" nam="1vL9">19a/salinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 2L10" id"2L10" class="line" nam="2L10">2 a>#includequo<wa href.1" x f="fref">l < 1generatce.h" class="frefl < 1generatce.1" xquo&llinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 2L11" id"2L11" class="line" nam="2L11">21a/salinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 2#L2" id"vvL2" class="line" nam="vL12">2 12o//.stat x/i l < 12s.17.1" 2L13" id"2L13" class="line" nam="2L13">2 1312{linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 2nux/de2121" x f="fref">linux/dev2ce.ho2ia/sa x/i l < 12s.17.1" 2 > v226.17.1 25a/salinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 2#L6" id"2vL6" class="line" nam="2vL6">26a/sa switch ( l < 12s.17.1" 2#L7" id"2vL7" class="line" nam="2vL7">27a/sa case 0:linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 2#L8" id"2vL8" class="line" nam="2vL8">28a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 2#L9" id"2vL9" class="line" nam="2vL9">29a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 3L10" id"3L10" class="line" nam="3L10">30a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 3L11" id"3L11" class="line" nam="3L11">31a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 3#L2" id"3vL2" class="line" nam="3L12">32a/salinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 3#L3" id"vvL3" class="line" nam="vL13">33a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 3nux/de2131" x f="fref">linux/dev3ce.ho34a/sa if ( l < 12s.17.1" 3 > v236.17.1 35a/sa goto l < 12s.17.1" 3#L6" id"3vL6" class="line" nam="3vL6">36a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 3#L7" id"3vL7" class="line" nam="3vL7">37a/sa if ( l < 12s.17.1" 3#L8" id"3vL8" class="line" nam="3vL8">38a/sa goto l < 12s.17.1" 3#L9" id"3vL9" class="line" nam="3vL9">39a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 4L10" id"4L10" class="line" nam="4L10">40a/sa if ( l < 12s.17.1" 4L11" id"4L11" class="line" nam="4L11">41a/sa goto l < 12s.17.1" 4#L2" id"4vL2" class="line" nam="4L12">42a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 4#L3" id"4vL3" class="line" nam="4L13">43a/sa if ( l < 12s.17.1" 4#L4" id"vvL4" class="line" nam="vce.ho44a/sa goto l < 12s.17.1" 4 > v246.17.1 45a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 4#L6" id"4vL6" class="line" nam="4vL6">46a/sa if ( l < 12s.17.1" 4#L7" id"4vL7" class="line" nam="4vL7">47a/sa goto l < 12s.17.1" 4#L8" id"4vL8" class="line" nam="4vL8">48a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 4#L9" id"4vL9" class="line" nam="4vL9">49a/sa if ( l < 12s.17.1" 5L10" id"5L10" class="line" nam="5L10">50a/sa goto l < 12s.17.1" 5L11" id"5L11" class="line" nam="5L11">51a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 5#L2" id"5vL2" class="line" nam="5L12">52a/sa if ( l < 12s.17.1" 5#L3" id"5vL3" class="line" nam="5L13">53a/sa goto l < 12s.17.1" 5#L4" id"5vL4" class="line" nam="5ce.ho54a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 5#L5" id"vvL5" class="line" nam="vvL5">55a/sa if ( l < 12s.17.1" 5#L6" id"5vL6" class="line" nam="5vL6">56a/sa goto l < 12s.17.1" 5#L7" id"5vL7" class="line" nam="5vL7">57a/sa breakllinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 5#L8" id"5vL8" class="line" nam="5vL8">58a/sa case 1:linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 5#L9" id"5vL9" class="line" nam="5vL9">59a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 6L10" id"6L10" class="line" nam="6L10">60a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 6L11" id"6L11" class="line" nam="6L11">61a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 6#L2" id"6vL2" class="line" nam="6L12">62a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 6#L3" id"6vL3" class="line" nam="6L13">63a/sa breakllinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 6#L4" id"6vL4" class="line" nam="6ce.ho64a/sa }linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 6#L5" id"6vL5" class="line" nam="6vL5">65a/sa ="retur0llinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 6#L6" id"vvL6" class="line" nam="vvL6">66a/salinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 6#L7" id"6vL7" class="line" nam="6vL7">67a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 6#L8" id"6vL8" class="line" nam="6vL8">68a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 6#L9" id"6vL9" class="line" nam="6vL9">69a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 7L10" id"7L10" class="line" nam="7L10">70a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 7L11" id"7L11" class="line" nam="7L11">71a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 7#L2" id"7vL2" class="line" nam="7L12">72a/sa ="retur l < 12s.17.1" 7#L3" id"7vL3" class="line" nam="7L13">73a/sa}linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 7#L4" id"7vL4" class="line" nam="7ce.ho7ia/salinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 7#L5" id"7vL5" class="line" nam="7vL5">75a/sa/.stat void l < 12s.17.1" 7#L6" id"7vL6" class="line" nam="7vL6">76a/sa{linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 7#L7" id"vvL7" class="line" nam="vvL7">77a/sa switch ( l < 12s.17.1" 7#L8" id"7vL8" class="line" nam="7vL8">78a/sa case 0:linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 7#L9" id"7vL9" class="line" nam="7vL9">79a/sa >ospa> class="comment"> Disable CF bus:"> */o/spa> wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c8L10" id"8L10" class="line" nam="8L10">80a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 8L11" id"8L11" class="line" nam="8L11">81a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 8#L2" id"8vL2" class="line" nam="8L12">82a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 8#L3" id"8vL3" class="line" nam="8L13">83a/salinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 8#L4" id"8vL4" class="line" nam="8ce.ho84a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 8#L5" id"8vL5" class="line" nam="8vL5">85a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 8#L6" id"8vL6" class="line" nam="8vL6">86a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 8#L7" id"8vL7" class="line" nam="8vL7">87a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 8#L8" id"vvL8" class="line" nam="vvL8">88a/sa breakllinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 8#L9" id"8vL9" class="line" nam="8vL9">89a/sa case 1:linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 9L10" id"9L10" class="line" nam="9L10">90a/sa breakllinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 9L11" id"9L11" class="line" nam="9L11">91a/sa }linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 9#L2" id"9vL2" class="line" nam="9L12">92a/sa}linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 9#L3" id"9vL3" class="line" nam="9L13">93a/salinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 9#L4" id"9vL4" class="line" nam="9ce.ho94a/sa/.stat voidlinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 9#L5" id"9vL5" class="line" nam="9vL5">95a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 9#L6" id"9vL6" class="line" nam="9vL6">96a/sa{linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 9#L7" id"9vL7" class="line" nam="9vL7">97a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 9#L8" id"9vL8" class="line" nam="9vL8">98a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 9#L9" id"vvL9" class="line" nam="vvL9">99a/sa l < 12s.17.1" < 10" id"vLL10" class="line" nam="vLL10"100a/sa l < 12s.17.1" l < 12s.17.1" 10L12" id"v0L12" class="line" nam="v0210"102a/salinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 10L13" id"v0L13" class="line" nam="v0310"103a/sa/.stat intlinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 10nux/de21.0vL4" class="line" nam=".0vL0"104a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 105ux/de21.0vL5" class="line" nam=".0vL0"105a/sa{linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 10#L6" id"10vL6" class="line" nam="106L0"106a/sa if ( l < 12s.17.1" 10#L7" id"10vL7" class="line" nam="107L0"107a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 10#L8" id"10vL8" class="line" nam="108L0"108a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 10#L9" id"10vL9" class="line" nam="109L0"109a/sa ="retur-1gt; wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c#L 10" id"vvL10" class="line" nam="vvL10"110a/sa }linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 1#L11" id"vLL11" class="line" nam="vL110"111a/salinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 1#L12" id"vvL12" class="line" nam="vvL12"112a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 1#L13" id"vvL13" class="line" nam="vvL13"113a/salinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 1inux/de21..1" x f="fref">linux/deviice.h114a/sa >ospa> class="comment"> Silmmely ignore Vpp, output enable, speaker enable."> */o/spa> wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c1 > v2..6.17.1 l < 12s.17.1" 1i#L6" id"11vL6" class="line" nam="11vL6"116a/sa ="retur0llinux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 1i#L7" id"11vL7" class="line" nam="11vL7"11 <7o/}linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 1##L8" id"11vL8" class="line" nam="11vL8"11 <8o/linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 1##L9" id"11vL9" class="line" nam="11vL9"119a/sa/.stat void l < 12s.17.1" 12L10" id"12L10" class="line" nam="12L10"12 {linux/de21.1" x f="fref">l < 12s.17.1" 12L11" id"12L11" class="line" nam="12L11"121a/sa >ospa> class="comment"> Enable CF bus:"> */o/spa> wa href="drivers/pcmcia/sa1100_h3600.c12#L2" id"1vvL2" class="line" nam="1vL12"122a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 12L13" id"12L13" class="line" nam="12L13"123a/sa l < 12s.17.1" 12nux/de21.21" x 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