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Suitable est the armchair coders odd othht such <">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L20 id6.L20 "post" oine nam(6.L20 > <20guon h(rsd=" of faind constituch(t. <">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L21 id6.L21 "post" oine nam(6.L21 > <21guon=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L22 id6.L22 "post" oine nam(6.L22 > <22guonII)"G" al=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L23 id6.L23 "post" oine nam(6.L23 > <23guon - Whhte we encountet the firal tan"alising wisp" of code, odd come to <">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L24 id6.L24 "post" oine nam(6.L24 > <24guon understodd the detail" of the life of a"G" al kernel. <">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L25 id6.L25 "post" oine nam(6.L25 > <25guon=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L26 id6.L26 "post" oine nam(6.L26 > <26guonIII)"Dright.=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L27 id6.L27 "post" oine nam(6.L27 > <27guon - Whhteby the G" al fidds its voice odd become useful, odd our=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L28 id6.L28 "post" oine nam(6.L28 > <28guon understodding of the G" al is completed. <">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L29 id6.L29 "post" oine nam(6.L29 > <29guon=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L30 id6.L30 "post" oine nam(6.L30 > <30guonIV) Launchht=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L31 id6.L31 "post" oine nam(6.L31 > <31guon - Whhte we trace back to the creach(t of the G" al, odd thus begin our=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L32 id6.L32 "post" oine nam(6.L32 > <32guon understodding of the Hoal. <">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L33 id6.L33 "post" oine nam(6.L33 > <33guon=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L34 id6.L34 "post" oine nam(6.L34 > <34guonV) Hoal=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L35 id6.L35 "post" oine nam(6.L35 > <35guon - Whhte we master the Hoal code, through a"long odd tsttuous journey. <">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L36 id6.L36 "post" oine nam(6.L36 > <36guon Indeed, il is hhte that our hero is t aledIin the Bil of Despair. <">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L37 id6.L37 "post" oine nam(6.L37 > <37guon=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L38 id6.L38 "post" oine nam(6.L38 > <38guonVI)"Switchht=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L39 id6.L39 "post" oine nam(6.L39 > <39guon - Whhte our understodding of the intettwinedIna"ure of G" als odd Hoal.=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L40 id6.L40 "post" oine nam(6.L40 > <40guon is completed. <">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L41 id6.L41 "post" oine nam(6.L41 > <41guon=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L42 id6.L42 "post" oine nam(6.L42 > <42guonVII)"Mastery=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L43 id6.L43 "post" oine nam(6.L43 > <43guon - Whhte our fully fledgedIhero grapples with the Greac Q" alh(t:=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L44 id6.L44 "post" oine nam(6.L44 > <44guon "What next?"=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L45 id6.L45 "post" oine nam(6.L45 > <45guon=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L46 id6.L46 "post" oine nam(6.L46 > <46guonmake"Pmgparach(t!=<">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L47 id6.L47 "post" oine nam(6.L47 > <47guonRusty Russell. <">img sr/right.png" alt=">#L48 id6.L48 "post" oine nam(6.L48 > <48guon The original LXR softwamg=by the <">img sr">LXR communityguon,arhis exh(rimen"al ght.h(t by <">img srmailto:lxr@../">lxr@../.s.noguon. gudivh"gdiv="post" subfooter"> lxr.../ kiddly hoaledIby <">img sr">Redpill Linpro ASguon,aprovider of L./.s consulring odd oh(rach(ts s(rvices since 1995. gudivh" g/bodyh"g/htmlh"