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o o1p/a>pspa
  o o2p/a>pspa
 class="comment"> * Workqueue for crypto subsystemp/spa
  o o3p/a>pspa
 class="comment"> *p/spa
  o o4p/a>pspa
 class="comment"> * Copyright (c) 2009 Intel Corp.p/spa
  o o5p/a>pspa
 class="comment"> *   Author: Huang Ying <>p/spa
  o o6p/a>pspa
 class="comment"> *p/spa
  o o7p/a>pspa
 class="comment"> * This program is free software; you ca
 redistribute it and/or modify itp/spa
  o o8p/a>pspa
 class="comment"> * under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Freep/spa
  o o9p/a>pspa
 class="comment"> * Software Foundaon>
; either versn va2 of the License, or (at your tion>
  o 2.6.a>pspa
 class="comment"> * any later versn v.p/spa
  o 11p/a>pspa
 class="comment"> *p/spa
  o 12p/a>pspa
 class="comment"> */p/spa
  o 13p/a> o 14p/a>#include <linux/workqueue.hp/a>> o 15p/a>#include <linux/module.hp/a>> o 16p/a>#include <crypto/algapi.hp/a>> o 17p/a>#include <crypto/crypto_wq.hp/a>> o 18p/a> o 19p/a>structopa href="+code=workqueue_struct" class="sref">workqueue_structp/a> *pa href="+code=kcrypto_wq" class="sref">kcrypto_wqp/a>; o 2.6.a>pa href="+code=EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL" class="sref">EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL6.a>(pa href="+code=kcrypto_wq" class="sref">kcrypto_wqp/a>); o 21p/a> o 22p/a>static intopa href="+code=__init" class="sref">__initp/a> pa href="+code=crypto_wq_init" class="sref">crypto_wq_init6.a>(void) o 23p/a>{ o 24p/a>        pa href="+code=kcrypto_wq" class="sref">kcrypto_wqp/a> = pa href="+code=alloc_workqueue" class="sref">alloc_workqueue6.a>(pspa
 , o 25p/a>                                     pa href="+code=WQ_MEM_RECLAIM" class="sref">WQ_MEM_RECLAIMp/a> | pa href="+code=WQ_CPU_INTENSIVE" class="sref">WQ_CPU_INTENSIVEp/a>, 1); o 26p/a>        if (pa href="+code=unlikely" class="sref">unlikely6.a>(!pa href="+code=kcrypto_wq" class="sref">kcrypto_wqp/a>)) o 27p/a>                return -pa href="+code=ENOMEM" class="sref">ENOMEMp/a>; o 28p/a>        return 0; o 29p/a>} o 30p/a> o 31p/a>static voidopa href="+code=__exit" class="sref">__exitp/a> pa href="+code=crypto_wq_exit" class="sref">crypto_wq_exit6.a>(void) o 32p/a>{ o 33p/a>        pa href="+code=destroy_workqueue" class="sref">destroy_workqueue6.a>(pa href="+code=kcrypto_wq" class="sref">kcrypto_wqp/a>); o 34p/a>} o 35p/a> o 366.a>pa href="+code=module_init" class="sref">module_init6.a>(pa href="+code=crypto_wq_init" class="sref">crypto_wq_init6.a>); o 376.a>pa href="+code=module_exit" class="sref">module_exit6.a>(pa href="+code=crypto_wq_exit" class="sref">crypto_wq_exit6.a>); o 38p/a> o 396.a>pa href="+code=MODULE_LICENSE" class="sref">MODULE_LICENSE6.a>(pspa
 ); o 4.6.a>pa href="+code=MODULE_DESCRIPTION" class="sref">MODULE_DESCRIPTION6.a>(pspa
 class="string">"Workqueue for crypto subsystem"p/spa
 ); o 41p/a>p/pre>
The original LXR software by the LXR communityp/a>, this experimental versn vaby lxr@linux.nop/a>. p/div pdiv class="subfooter"> kindly hostedaby Redpill Linpro ASp/a>, provider of Linux consulting and operaon> s services since 1995. p/div p/body p/html